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KDE Gear 24.05.2 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 24.05.2 from the git repositories.

  • Add missing change notification for initial calendar loading. Commit.
  • Tests: Comment out test that fails to pass. Commit.
  • ListHeader: Fix item width on mobile. Commit.
  • ShareMenu: Fix layout on mobile. Commit.
  • Fix FileMetadataItemCountTest::testItemCount. Commit.
  • Add missing GENERATE_MOC to kconfig_add_kcfg_files. Commit.
  • ContextView: allow scrolling lyrics with the mouse wheel again. Commit. Fixes bug #481994.
  • Fix warning "QObject::disconnect: Unexpected nullptr parameter" on startup. Commit.
  • Craft: enable appx building. Commit.
  • Force hicolor to contain at least one icon. Commit.
  • Don't register KContacts QML types with KF >= 6.3. Commit.
  • Fix reading/writing of all-day events to/from the Android system calendar. Commit.
  • Fix corrupted release notes. Commit.
  • Use the same branch for PIM dependencies. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated KMime API. Commit.
  • Build APKs against release branch dependencies. Commit.
  • Also request calendar read permissions when requesting write permissions. Commit.
  • Hide barcode area in pkpasses entirely if there is none. Commit.
  • Fix version number. Commit.
  • Bug 488488: Fix crash after editing new alarm if spell checking is enabled. Commit.
  • Add support for decimal numbers without integer part. Commit. Fixes bug #487659.
  • Chain result upon equal clicked. Commit. Fixes bug #487566.
  • Show result while editing input. Commit. Fixes bug #480607.
  • Add locale to round functionality. Commit.
  • Fix guides categories not correctly saved in document. Commit. Fixes bug #489079.
  • Fix adding record track adds a normal audio track. Commit. Fixes bug #489080.
  • Fix rendering with aspect ratio change always renders with proxies. Commit.
  • Fix compilation on Windows with KF 6.3.0. Commit.
  • Fix timeline duration not correctly updated, resulting in audio/video freeze in timeline after 5 min. Commit.
  • Fix Windows build without DBUS. Commit.
  • Fix crash on spacer tool with subtitles. Commit.
  • Add default destructor to TransferJob. Commit.
  • Do not try to subscribe to an empty list of folders. Commit. See bug #485799.
  • Fix a memory leak in TransferJob. Commit. See bug #486861.
  • Google: explicitly request scope in authentication. Commit.
  • 🍒 Fix missing TOTP health indicator. Commit.
  • Add developer tag to appdata. Commit.
  • Add extractor for Georgian Railway (საქართველოს რკინიგზა). Commit.
  • If country name resolution failed, use the coordinate based lookup. Commit.
  • Normalize whitespaces before doing anything with the country name. Commit.
  • Add extractor for TCDD Taşımacılık (Turkish Railways). Commit.
  • Ignore creation date for PDFsharp PDFs. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for Iberia reservation PDFs. Commit.
  • Create airports as places rather than simple objects in the flight template. Commit.
  • Add RCT2 IRT detection pattern for Snälltâget. Commit.
  • Deal with Snälltâget having a typo in the U_TLAY type field. Commit.
  • Accommodate TCDD's barcode padding. Commit.
  • Make the 12go extractor more robust and handle more variants. Commit.
  • Add basic fallback extractors for emails without data. Commit.
  • Add a sanity check for company capital notes in the price extractor. Commit.
  • Extract RegioJet pkpass bus tickets. Commit.
  • Add event ticket extractor script. Commit.
  • We want to save the logs as plain text without special Unicode characters. Commit.
  • Add obviously missing '!' in if() statement. Commit.
  • Check for errors when mmap'ing tile files. Commit. See bug #488664.
  • DateTimeState: Use locale for firstDayOfWeek. Commit.
  • MonthView: Update Basic grid when changing months. Commit. Fixes bug #477161.
  • Fix cliping in Schedule view. Commit.
  • HourlyView: Use Calendar.DateTimeState. Commit.
  • GlobalMenu: remove shortcut for QuickSwitcher. Commit. Fixes bug #488212.
  • Fix global menu. Commit.
  • Fix crash on certain pdf actions. Commit.
  • Fixed crash caused by clicking remove mount point button. Commit. Fixes bug #432103.
  • Add developer name to appdata. Commit.
  • History: fix strict-aliasing warnings by using std::ranges. Commit.
  • Rename 24.02.0-change_placeholder_format script ID to 24.05.2-change_placeholder_format. Commit. Fixes bug #484211.
  • Prevent TextTool TextEdit shortcuts from being used by the window while TextTool is focused. Commit. Fixes bug #487740.
  • AnnotationDocument: Preserve image metadata. Commit.
  • ExportManager: Even more handling for empty. <a href="">Commit</a>.</li> <li>ExportManager: remove duplicate dir separators. <a href="">Commit</a>.</li> <li>ExportManager: keep dir separators near <title>. <a href="">Commit</a>. Fixes bug <a href="">#445084</a>.</li> <li>FilenameTest: use a map and for loops for testing titles instead of copy/pasting strings. <a href="">Commit</a>.</li> <li>Use new placeholder format for the keep_old_filename_templates script. <a href="">Commit</a>.</li> <li>Lock temp dirs while still in use. <a href="">Commit</a>.</li> <li>ConfigUtils: rename continueUpdate to isFileOlderThanDateTime. <a href="">Commit</a>.</li> <li>Fixed warning. <a href="">Commit</a>.</li> <li>Removed unused members. <a href="">Commit</a>.</li> <li>Traits: make getImage a const reference. <a href="">Commit</a>.</li> </ul> </details> <details open="true" id="tokodon"> <summary class="h4">tokodon</summary><ul> <li>Fix the private post notice messing with the post width in odd ways. <a href="">Commit</a>.</li> <li>Disable hidden post menu entries. <a href="">Commit</a>.</li> <li>Fix the loading indicator not showing up initially on the timeline. <a href="">Commit</a>. See bug <a href="">#488412</a>.</li> <li>Let users be able to clear content warning. <a href="">Commit</a>. Fixes bug <a href="">#488631</a>.</li> <li>Actually propagate the spoiler text to the composer when editing a post. <a href="">Commit</a>. Fixes bug <a href="">#488631</a>.</li> <li>Prevent notes field on profiles from stopping keyboard navigation. <a href="">Commit</a>. Fixes bug <a href="">#488236</a>.</li> </ul> </details> </p> </main> </div> <footer id="kFooter" class="footer"> <section id="kPatrons" class="container kPatrons"> <h3>KDE Patrons</h3> <div class="d-flex flex-wrap flex-md-nowrap justify-content-center align-items-center"> <span><img class="canonical" alt='Canonical' loading="lazy"></span> <span><img class="google" alt='Google' loading="lazy"></span> <span><img class="suse" alt='SUSE' loading="lazy"></span> <span><img class="qt" alt='The Qt Company' loading="lazy"></span> <span><img class="blue-systems" src="" alt='Blue System' loading="lazy"></span> <span><img class="slimbook" src="" alt='Slimbook' loading="lazy"></span> <span><img class="tuxedo" src="" alt='TUXEDO Computers' loading="lazy"></span> <span><img class="kfocus" alt='' loading="lazy"></span> <span><img class="gnupg" alt='GnuPG' loading="lazy"></span> <span><img class="mbition" alt='Mbition' loading="lazy"></span> </div> </section> <section id="kFooterIncome" class="container"> <div id="kDonateForm"> <div class="center"> <h2 class="h5 mt-2 mb-3">Donate to KDE <a href="" target="_blank">Why Donate?</a></h2> <form action="" method="post" onsubmit='return amount.value >= 2 || window.confirm("Your donation is smaller than 2€. 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