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Support & Information

On this page, you can find different ways to find user support for KDE software provided by the community.



Program documentation for many KDE applications

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KDE for System Administrators

The KDE for System Administrators document provides system administrators who are deploying KDE software in their organisation with all the information they need concerning KDE software.

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KDE Userbase

Information on many KDE applications and products. Userbase is the home for KDE users and enthusiasts. It provides information for end users on how to use KDE applications.

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Community Support

These tips on asking questions should help you get useful answers.

KDE Discuss

Chat with KDE developers and users who may be able to help. KDE Discuss replaces the old KDE Forums.

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Chat Channels

Community support is available in the KDE Matrix Room. See the List of KDE Matrix Rooms for more specific channels.

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Mailing Lists

Often a direct way to get in touch with the development community

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International Pages

If you are interested in viewing the KDE Home page and other attached pages in a language other than English, you can choose from the list at KDE International.

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Security and Bug Reporting

Report an Issue or Bug

Developers work best fixing bugs if accurate and detailed information is provided

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Security Advisories

Information for users and administrators with important security information. It is highly advised you keep your software up-to-date.

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KDE e.V. Trusted IT Consulting Firms

In KDE we take pride in being a free software community and having an open, free and fair development process.

However, we also understand that sometimes companies and institutions main priority is not learning the processes of our community and they just want issue solved or a feature implemented.

For this reason, we are offering a list of consultants that have expertise in dealing with the KDE Community and we know will help get your project landed in KDE as best as possible.

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