KDE 3.1 New Feature Guide (cont'd)

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration

Lock-Down. KDE 3.1 gives birth to the new lock-down framework, which is essentially a permissions-based system for managing application configuration options. Enterprises, Internet cafes and similar users will appreciate enhancements to the KDE "Kiosk" framework, which provides a simple way to disable certain features within KDE to create a more controlled environment. For example, a system administrator can preclude users from modifying desktop wallpapers or changing the start menu entries. Implementing this framework currently requires modifying some simple text files, though KDE 3.2 is scheduled to provide a user-friendly GUI to manage these tasks.

Basic support for this feature already exists in KDE. Based on feedback received, the plan is to complete this framework in KDE 3.2.

Desktop sharing Desktop Sharing. For those who switch work stations frequently, KDE offers a new VNC-compatible desktop sharing framework (KRfb, KRdc). For KDE 3.1 it is mainly intended for remote technical support or showing off your desktop to other users, with the ability of the remote user to see as well as control the desktop; but with KDE 3.2 it will empower KDE users to share their desktop across multiple machines on a heterogneous network (screenshot).*

Panel Customizations. In addition, the panel (Kicker) now supports fully customized menus.

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