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Posodobitev aplikacij za KDE februar 2020

Četrtek, 6. februar 2020

This month sees a plethora of bugfix releases. While we all might like new features, we know that people love when mistakes and crashes get tidied up and solved too!

Nove izdaje

KDevelop 5.5

The big release this month comes from KDevelop 5.5, the IDE that makes writing programs in C++, Python and PHP easier. We have fixed a bunch of bugs and tidied up a lot of KDevelop’s code. We added Lambda init captures in C++, configurable predefined checkset selections are now in for Clazy-tidy and Clang, and look-ahead completion now tries harder. PHP gets PHP 7.4’s typed properties and support was added for array of type and class constant visibility. In Python, support has now been added for Python 3.8.

KDevelop je na voljo v vaši distribuciji Linuxa ali kot AppImage.


Zanshin 0.5.71

Zanshin is our TODO list tracker which integrates with Kontact. Recent releases of Kontact had broken Zanshin and users were left not knowing what tasks to carry out next. But this month, a release was made to get it working again. We can now all easily find the tasks that we need to get on with!


Latte-dock 0.9.8

Latte Dock

RKWard 0.7.1


Okteta 0.26.3

Okteta, KDE’s Hex editor, had a bugfix release and includes a new feature: a CRC-64 algorithm for the checksum tool. Okteta also updates the code for new Qt and KDE Frameworks.


KMyMoney 5.0.8

KMyMoney, the KDE app that helps you manage your finances, included several bugfixes and an enhancement that added support for check forms with split protocol



Keysmith is a two-factor code generator for Plasma Mobile and Plasma Desktop that uses oath-toolkit. The user interface is written in the Kirigami, making it slick on any size of screen. Expect releases soon.



Ghocolatey je upravitelj paketov za operacijski sistem Windows. Čokolada se ukvarja z nameščanjem in posodabljanjem vse programske opreme na sistemu in lahko poskrbi, da bo življenje bolj gladko za uporabnike sistema Windows.

KDE has an account on Chocolatey and you can install Digikam, Krita, KDevelop and Kate through it. Installation is very easy: All you have to do is choco install kdevelop and Chocolatey will do the rest. Chocolatey maintainers have high standards so you can be sure the packages are tested and secure.

If you are a KDE app maintainer, do consider getting your app added, and if you’re a large Windows rollout manager, do consider this for your installs.

Posodobitve spletnega mesta

Our web team continues to update our online presence and has recently refreshed the KMyMoney website.

Izdaje 19.12.2

Some of our projects release on their own timescale and some get released en-masse. The 19.12.2 bundle of projects was released today and should be available through app stores and distros soon. See the 19.12.2 releases page for details. This bundle was previously called KDE Applications but has been de-branded to become a release service to avoid confusion with all the other applications by KDE and because there are dozens of different products rather than a single whole.

Nekateri popravki, vključeni v to izdajo, so:

  • The Elisa music player now handles files that do not contain any metadata
  • Attachments saved in the Draft folder no longer disappear when reopening a message for editing in KMail
  • A timing issue that could cause the Okular document viewer to stop rendering has been fixed
  • The Umbrello UML designer now comes with an improved Java import

19.12.2 release notesPackage download wiki page19.12.2 source info page19.12.2 full changelog