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KDE выпускает KDE Applications 17.04.0

April 20, 2017. KDE Applications 17.04 is here. On the whole, we have worked to make both the applications and the underlying libraries more stable and easier to use. By ironing out wrinkles and listening to your feedback, we have made the KDE Applications suite less prone to glitches and much friendlier.

Enjoy your new apps!


The developers of KAlgebra are on their own particular road to convergence, having ported the mobile version of the comprehensive educational program to Kirigami 2.0 -- the preferred framework for integrating KDE applications on desktop and mobile platforms.

Furthermore, the desktop version has also migrated the 3D back-end to GLES, the software that allows the program to render 3D functions both on the desktop and on mobile devices. This makes the code simpler and easier to maintain.


KDE's video editor is becoming more stable and more full-featured with every new version. This time, the developers have redesigned the profile selection dialog to make it easier to set screen size, framerate, and other parameters of your film.

Now you can also play your video directly from the notification when rendering is finished. Some crashes that happened when moving clips around on the timeline have been corrected, and the DVD Wizard has been improved.


Our favorite file explorer and portal to everything (except maybe the underworld) has had several makeovers and usability improvements to make it even more powerful.

The context menus in the Places panel (by default on the left of the main viewing area) have been cleaned up, and it is now possible to interact with the metadata widgets in the tooltips. The tooltips, by the way, now also work on Wayland.


The popular graphical app for creating, decompressing and managing compressed archives for files and folders now comes with a Search function to help you find files in crowded archives.

It also allows you to enable and disable plugins directly from the Configure dialog. Talking of plugins, the new Libzip plugin improves Zip archive support.


If you are teaching or learning to play music, you have to check out Minuet. The new version offers more scales exercises and ear-training tasks for bebop, harmonic minor/major, pentatonic, and symmetric scales.

You can also set or take tests using the new Test mode for answering exercises. You can monitor your progress by running a sequence of 10 exercises and you'll get hit ratio statistics when finished.

And more!

Okular, KDE's document viewer, has had at least half a dozen changes that add features and crank up its usability on touchscreens. Akonadi and several other apps that make up Kontact (KDE's email/calendar/groupware suite) have been revised, debugged and optimized to help you become more productive.

Kajongg, KCachegrind and more (Release Notes) have now been ported to KDE Frameworks 5. We look forward to your feedback and insight into the newest features introduced with this release.

K3b has joined the KDE Applications release.

Сведения об ошибках

More than 95 bugs have been resolved in applications including Kopete, KWalletManager, Marble, Spectacle and more!

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KDE is an international technology team that creates free and open source software for desktop and portable computing. Among KDE's products are a modern desktop system for Linux and UNIX platforms, comprehensive office productivity and groupware suites and hundreds of software titles in many categories including Internet and web applications, multimedia, entertainment, educational, graphics and software development. KDE software is translated into more than 60 languages and is built with ease of use and modern accessibility principles in mind. KDE's full-featured applications run natively on Linux, BSD, Windows, Haiku, and macOS.

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