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KDE에서 KDE 프로그램 17.12.0 출시

2017년 12월 14일. KDE 프로그램 17.12.0을 출시했습니다.

KDE 프로그램 릴리스에 포함된 소프트웨어를 지속적으로 개선하고 있으며, 새로운 개선 사항과 버그 수정을 즐겁게 사용하십시오!

What's new in KDE Applications 17.12


Dolphin, our file manager, can now save searches and limit the search only to folders. Renaming files is now easier; simply double click on the file name. More file information is now at your hands, as the modification date and origin URL of downloaded files are now displayed in the information panel. Additionally, new Genre, Bitrate, and Release Year columns have been introduced.


Our powerful document viewer Okular gained support for HiDPI displays and Markdown language, and the rendering of documents that are slow to load is now shown progressively. An option is now available to share a document via email.

Gwenview image viewer can now open and highlight images in the file manager, zooming is smoother, keyboard navigation has been improved, and it now supports the FITS and Truevision TGA formats. Images are now protected from being accidentally removed by the Delete key when they are not selected.


Kdenlive now uses less memory when handling video projects which include many images, default proxy profiles have been refined, and an annoying bug related to jumping one second forward when playing backward has been fixed.


Ark's zip support in the libzip backend has been improved. Kate has a new Preview plugin that allows you to see a live preview of the text document in the final format, applying any available KParts plugins (e.g. for Markdown, SVG, Dot graph, Qt UI, or patches). This plugin also works in KDevelop.


Kompare now provides a context menu in the diff area, allowing for quicker access to navigation or modification actions. If you are a developer, you might find KUIViewers' new in-pane preview of UI object described by Qt UI files (widgets, dialogs, etc) useful. It now also supports KParts streaming API.

사무용 도구

The Kontact team has been hard at work improving and refining. Much of the work has been modernizing the code, but users will notice that encrypted messages display has been improved and support has been added for text/pgp and Apple® Wallet Pass. There is now an option to select IMAP folder during vacation configuration, a new warning in KMail when a mail gets reopened and identity/mailtransport is not the same, new support for Microsoft® Exchange™, support for Nylas Mail and improved Geary import in the akonadi-import-wizard, along with various other bug-fixes and general improvements.


KTuberling can now reach a wider audience, as it has been ported to Android. Kolf, KsirK, and Palapeli complete the porting of KDE games to Frameworks 5.

KDE 프레임워크 5로 추가 이식

Even more applications which were based on kdelibs4 have now been ported to KDE Frameworks 5. These include the music player JuK, the download manager KGet, KMix, utilities such as Sweeper and KMouth, and KImageMapEditor and Zeroconf-ioslave. Many thanks to the hard-working developers who volunteered their time and work to make this happen!

자체 릴리스 일정으로 전환한 프로그램

KStars now has its own release schedule; check this developer's blog for announcements. It is worth noting that several applications such as Kopete and Blogilo are no longer shipped with the Application series, as they have not yet been ported to KDE Frameworks 5, or are not actively maintained at the moment.

버그 수정

Kontact 제품군, Ark, Dolphin, Gwenview, K3b, Kate, Kdenlive, Konsole, Okular, Umbrello 등 프로그램에서 110개 이상의 버그가 수정되었습니다!

전체 변경 기록

If you would like to read more about the changes in this release, head over to the complete changelog. Although a bit intimidating due to its breadth, the changelog can be an excellent way to learn about KDE's internal workings and discover apps and features you never knew you had.

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