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KDE Security Advisories


Please send all security concerns and findings to

If you are under active threat of interception, and the information you desire to transmit is exceedingly sensitive, you may send it to one of individual team members listed below using PGP, who may then choose to forward the message to other team members or take other appropriate action, as determined by the security team recipient. However, due to time constraints, you are far more likely to receive a prompt response by contacting

NameEmailPGP Key
David Faurefaure@kde.org53E6B47B45CEA3E0D5B7457758D0EE648A48B3BB
Albert Astals Cidaacid@kde.org8692A42FB1A8B666C51053919D17D97FD8224750
Jason A. Donenfeldjdonenfeld@kde.org3C16CDE0E58B28C80A5A361DC3BD4FF850130054

Reported security problems are handled according to the KDE Security Policy.


The KDE Security Advisories are crosslinked in the KDE Information Pages of the KDE versions to which they apply to. The listing below is in chronological order.