Plasma 5.0.2 Source Information Page

This is a bugfix release of Plasma, featuring Plasma Desktop and other essential software for your desktop computer. Details in the Plasma 5.0.2 announcement.

For new features read the initial release Plasma 5.0 announcement.

Security Issues

Please report possible problems to Security issues are listed on the KDE Security Advisories page.


5.0 Errata wiki page lists the most important known problems.

Please check the bug database before filing any bug reports. Also check for possible updates on this page that might describe or fix your problem.

Install Packages

The easiest way to install and get started developing with KDE Frameworks is to install pre-built packages. For details of Linux distributions which do so see the Plasma Binary Packages wiki page.

Source Install and Use

You can compile Plasma yourself if you are a software developer. See the Build instructions on our developer wiki.

Download Source Code

The complete source code for Plasma 5.0.2 is available for download:

Location Size Sha1 Sum
baloo-5.0.2 217kB a1f64a5dc6dee73d94ede51424e0378966257533
breeze-5.0.2 15MB 3bdaaabcab3f665a637f2d61bdeb9320374ed20c
kde-cli-tools-5.0.2 454kB f366fca1d172af5ebe033aaff32df444ff88e16c
kfilemetadata-5.0.2 83kB f9063274b41c378293bee9fa15f11a474c7eba4d
khelpcenter-5.0.2 1.9MB d0ed4ecb77d7a1b13c326df1a5a856dc7a1a356d
khotkeys-5.0.2 724kB 4ad2e2207046d170701cfb805b0dae3acc925262
kinfocenter-5.0.2 1.0MB 233f8d65f88318619eca89e6cffe2f4430f4b696
kio-extras-5.0.2 561kB 9b685a962e438500b05832ac0323c6d8a8b798c0
kmenuedit-5.0.2 333kB eb15dbde391e8c7dfba1df1022e42f789fc235b6
ksysguard-5.0.2 430kB 1d704cfb261407668c7cfbf4c8637d409bc3fe89
kwin-5.0.2 3.6MB 74a86f05403435bdc659a965fecdb3d4ec60d381
kwrited-5.0.2 18kB 57168adaf758781fa726f4e136130bd8bfb97a94
libkscreen-5.0.93 55kB 7ce7c7d1305936cfb60ca59d3bcdafb3fa74b0b7
libksysguard-5.0.2 539kB 110dc10497bc937399149945064c0b3574eda03a
libmm-qt-5.0.93 73kB f24ddcc527ab2cb6d9e78f0cba1fc1314e6ac0fd
libnm-qt-5.0.93 138kB 14461a80eabf75bc52213276a0e9d0d3022d3754
milou-5.0.2 37kB 5567b640ffbcfa8bd48d8ecb14e11c28ade2f40e
oxygen-5.0.2 2.8MB 6b65503657da5bc30d21b5b2b2e3b0a874a493b0
oxygen-fonts-0.4.2 530kB 917559c9f286799e1c998c3640f337b0f2748d25
plasma-desktop-5.0.2 5.7MB 29c11ace43feb0951f6819335fa0d270b7170f56
plasma-nm-5.0.2 468kB cc768a710f1bc2ba2914efa5539ab714070928a8
plasma-workspace-5.0.2 5.9MB 62f63c3b981ee0952a3cf9ed61c5ebd89f665ce0
plasma-workspace-wallpapers-5.0.2 27MB 06d4fba8eb520d7c1119b739f4461649f85733f3
powerdevil-5.0.2 407kB 9848c26aa7f175ddd2b4d5a5012475ceb89becff
systemsettings-5.0.2 131kB d7c492b3fcecf447d70661f3542fb44fa7f067f8

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