Plasma 5.0.1 Source Information Page

This is a bugfix release of Plasma, featuring Plasma Desktop and other essential software for your desktop computer. Details in the Plasma 5.0.1 announcement.

For new features read the initial release Plasma 5.0 announcement.

Security Issues

Please report possible problems to Security issues are listed on the KDE Security Advisories page.


5.0 Errata wiki page lists the most important known problems.

Please check the bug database before filing any bug reports. Also check for possible updates on this page that might describe or fix your problem.

Install Packages

The easiest way to install and get started developing with KDE Frameworks is to install pre-built packages. For details of Linux distributions which do so see the Plasma Binary Packages wiki page.

Source Install and Use

You can compile Plasma yourself if you are a software developer. See the Build instructions on our developer wiki.

Download Source Code

The complete source code for Plasma 5.0.1 is available for download:

Location Size Sha1 Sum
baloo-5.0.1 214kB 6cae868ea553935a67883f4c6b39880bfa48b49a
breeze-5.0.1 15MB a37726fc81aedb7c4c8b8173b4f35616273e55fd
kde-cli-tools-5.0.1 456kB 1dc6e02498eefd980978653ffb76d2575c8f62d9
kfilemetadata-5.0.1 83kB 7edc6a0e69358a7fe0a5e428938dce893876bce3
khelpcenter-5.0.1 1.9MB e9e8c0aba9a333414dbc7672395a97dd20c1e0cc
khotkeys-5.0.1 726kB 55e5e80e767c6d55e5782af9b626b4af8b8f0467
kinfocenter-5.0.1 1.0MB 520b125a7d3548611b1a435f0a2e8f2ece5abb71
kio-extras-5.0.1 562kB bd84f1ccc2d5ed26e991e9ab485384199f0b96e4
kmenuedit-5.0.1 334kB 178cbfde4af6ac7b6bd663ca74988776995673a4
ksysguard-5.0.1 430kB b106790fb8283cf9ee70a802ed33c46beb0a2b6e
kwin-5.0.1 3.6MB 18cd0403508f8ec2fffd10e129d077ee5817e6fe
kwrited-5.0.1 18kB ee07372be3573a8d67a1e7762f9352c973d6c3da
libkscreen-5.0.92 55kB d7b6d375e3f6bf25c5150b05d31320063ab70f75
libksysguard-5.0.1 537kB d9f723f09bd4d49abfa28a4f109f5abe7de2aef3
libmm-qt-5.0.92 73kB f942a784b403d5c738263969cd701428e274384c
libnm-qt-5.0.92 138kB 3465343a9b4f16d6f75d0405af6ce2e873815f28
milou-5.0.1 36kB b02e2d732949f8bc7308598e2954a43b6b6ab39d
oxygen-5.0.1 2.8MB 36dba7ac2d9bcc680a9e725baf15ae2f91e774cb
oxygen-fonts- 477kB 37276f6640d08eb9ff0d5da81a1c22819bbb6632
plasma-desktop-5.0.1 5.7MB 834d03eb97d55b47dbb94b40e7245094312fbcc2
plasma-nm-5.0.1 446kB 48effdde2a72af7081e431c382a13262774df6ba
plasma-workspace-5.0.1 5.8MB ba87ef993fa7e7bfe194cbf80f4efad748de5d89
plasma-workspace-wallpapers-5.0.1 27MB 668511826328ca1d621b09440097b2916be41a08
powerdevil-5.0.1 406kB 57d787934c67b43d1444de6727382939e237ed90
systemsettings-5.0.1 133kB fc90e5a8964923b95a7175fcd7c2804836a3af3f

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