KDE 3.1 New Feature Guide (cont'd)

Under the Hood

Under the Hood

Stability. Of course work under the hood continues for KDE 3.1 as well. On the performance front it provides a number of welcome improvements, such as on-demand icon loading for reduced application startu-up times, reduced Konqueror start-up delays, and smarter thumbnail generation. On the stability and consistencey front, the development teams have squashed over 1,000 critters since the much-heralded KDE 3.0 release.

Security. The KDE Project's dedication to providing the latest technologies does not play second fiddle to its dedication to a secure desktop framework. KDE 3.1 fixes all known security problems, having undergone a thorough security review prior to release. The KDE project encourages anyone who discovers security vulnerabilities to report them promptly to the diligent and responsive KDE security team.

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