KDE 3.1 New Feature Guide (cont'd)

Edutainment / Games


This release includes the new "Edutainment" package, maintained by the KDE Edutainment Project. A number of additions to this education-oriented package (kdeedu) make their first appearance in KDE.

  • Vocabulary: a vocabulary training tool for studying languages or terminology (FlashKard) as well as the classical hangman game, in which the pupil tries to guess a word letter by letter (KHangman).
  • Languages: a Japanese learning / reference tool (Kiten), a tool for studying Spanish verb forms (KVerbos) and a new language learning tool for children or adults, with an emphasis on learning the alphabet and very first sounds of a new language (currently Danish, Dutch and French) (KLettres).
  • Chemistry: a tool to help students learn the Periodic Table of Elements (Kalzium).
  • Mathematics: a mathematical function plotter with a powerful built-in function parser (KmPlot), and a simple math application that will aid pupils in improving their skills in calculating percentages (KPercentage).


Golf game For the playful among us, KDE 3.1 will offer a number of new games in the optional but fun-filled games package (kdegames).

Golf. Kolf is a golf game making its debut with KDE 3.1 (screenshot).

Atlantik Atlantik. Inspired by the famous boardwalk in Atlantik City, New Jersey, the Monopoly-type game Atlantik, has joined the games package. Featuring network play and original board themes, it is sure to provide hours of entertainment when you cannot meet in person.

Misc. Also new in KDE 3.1 is the Blackjack game (Megami). and a Same-like game Klickety.

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