KDE 3.1 New Feature Guide (cont'd)

Multimedia / Graphics


Video System. The multimedia framework (kdemultimedia) has a new video decoder based on Xine. Xine is a video framework which provides support for various video formats, such as AVI, DivX, Cinepak, Sorenson Video, MPEG 1/2 and 4, QuickTime / MOV, ASF and others. In addition, a video thumbnail generator has been integrated into the file manager.

Recording. The KDE multimedia system (aRts) provides a number of new recording facilities, including a new CD ripper and audio encoder frontend (KAudioCreator).

Media Player. The media player (Noatun) now provides a lyrics applet for searching lyrics in the current song.


Image viewing. The image viwer (KView) has a plugin-architecture for slideshows. Moreover, a number of other improvements, such as complete mouse wheel support, automatic resizing and enhanced printing solidify the capabilties of this desktop component.

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