KDE 3.1 New Feature Guide (cont'd)

Eye Candy

Eye Candy

The artistically-inclined KDE contributors have showered us with a bounty of new eye candy.

Keramik style Keramik Style. KDE 3.1 provides users with a new, completely original widget style. From buttons to lists and window decorations, Keramik adds a fresh new look to KDE, highlighting the tremendous progress under the hood and in the rapidly-expanding application mix ready to serve KDE users.

Icon style Crystal Icons (SVG). As shown in this screenshot, KDE 3.1 will ship with the contemporary Crystal icon set as the default icon theme. Although for this release these icons have been pre-rendered as PNG images, this very original and stunning icon set is implemented using the cutting-edge Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) technology. This technology will enable rendering these icons at any arbitrary size and color combinations in future releases. Of course a number of alternative icon sets, including the prior default hicolor theme, are available in the expanded KDE artwork package (kdeartwork) and from the KDE Look website.

Theme manager. To help manage these new stunning and contemporary themes, KDE will provide a new theme manager with improved theme style and color decoration previews (screenshot).

Miscellaneous. For those with CPU cycles to burn, a variety of new features add to the interactiveness and overall beauty of the desktop. Menus, for instance, can be configured to use attractive drop shadows, as shown in the screenshot above. And panel icons now support mouse-over animations.

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