KDE 3.1 New Feature Guide (cont'd)



Tabbed browsing Tabbed Browsing. The many fans of tabbed browsing will be delighted by this latest enhancement to the KDE web browser (Konqueror) (screenshot).

Session Management. For the occassions when a browsing session ends abruptly, a new session recovery plugin will help restore the complete session upon recovery.

Download Manager. Download manager To simplify downloading a large number of files, a new download manager (KGET) has joined the network package (kdenetwork). Similar to GetRight and Go!Zilla, it manages any number of downloads in one window. Transfers can be added, removed, paused, resumed, queued or scheduled, and transfer lists can be imported / exported. A dialog displays transfer status, including progress, size, speed and estimated time to completion. Best of all, it integrates fully into the KDE web browser and file manager.

Secure Remote File Access. Building on KDE's powerful network-transparent data access architecture (KIO), KDE 3.1 provides a new tool (kio_fish) to access remote file systems using the industry-standard secure shell technology. This addition means that every KDE-compliant application can, with the proper authentication, securely and transparently access and modify files located on a remote machine, absent the need to install any special software on the remote machine.

Looking Ahead. Much attention has recently been showered on the KDE HTML rendering engine due to its adoption by Apple in its Safari browser. While some of the efforts of the Safari developers have found their way into KDE 3.1, the vast majority of the Apple developers' performance, rendering and JavaScript improvements which will be incorporated into KHTML are scheduled for release with KDE 3.2.

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