KDE 3.1 New Feature Guide (cont'd)

Personal Information Management

Personal Information Management

Email Security. On the PIM front, the email client (KMail) EMail Composer has gained several important privacy and security enhancements - namely S/MIME, PGP/MIME and X.509v3 support. This work has been done in successful collaboration with the Ägypten project, an IT security project being developed under contract by the German government (screenshot). Moreover, OpenPGP support has been enhanced, such as enabling encrypting with a different key for each addressee.

Calendar Exchange Integration. The calendar / scheduling application (KOrganizer) features a number of compatibility and feature improvements:

  • A new plugin for accessing calendar data from an Exchange 2000 server,
  • Support for iMIP, an industry standard used by Outlook, Lotus Notes and Evolution) integration, including group-scheduling functions for todos and events.
  • Improved support for the industry-standard iCalendar calendaring and scheduling protocol.
  • Improved KDE address book integration (screenshot).
  • Customizable templates for events and todos and alarms for todos.

Address Book Standards with LDAP and vCard. The address book library (libkabc), used throughout KDE, has a number of important improvements:

  • A new control module for configuring multiple resources, including the industry-standard LDAP resources.
  • An LDAP-aware email address input field.
  • Complete support for the industry-standard vCard, as well as new vCard 2.1 import.
  • A new versatile plugin mechanism.
  • An optional binary database format for quick access to large address books.


The principal address book application (KAddressbook) has gained the ability to fetch contact information from one or more LDAP servers, print contact information, access multiple address books, and import / export of industry-standard vCards (screenshot). In addition, the user interface has received a number of usability enhancements, such as a "jump bar" for quick alphabetized access to entries and entry categories.

Palm Integration. The Palm OS-based PDA integration (KPilot) provides a number of new conduits, including Time, AvantGo and new KDE address book (KAddressBook) conduits.

Looking Ahead. While not included in the 3.1 release, Kontact the next quantum jump in KDE's email / groupware architecture is scheduled for KDE 3.2, when a completely copy-lefted, integrated groupware system is scheduled to ship with KDE. Named Kontact (screenshot), the project will integrate the major KDE PIM applications, and also incorporate the achievements of the Kroupware project. Kroupware, which is being developed under contract with an agency of the German government, aims "to provide a Free Software groupware solution accessible with Windows running Outlook and GNU/Linux running KDE clients." More about this project, and some additional screenshots, can be found on dotsy, the KDE news site.

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