KDE 3.1 New Feature Guide (cont'd)

More Information / Some KDE Stats

More Information

A more complete KDE 3.1 "new feature" list is available from the KDE 3.1 ChangeLog page.

Looking toward the future, in addition to a few items of note described earlier, more information about planned KDE 3.2 features is available here.

Some KDE Stats

The KDE CVS source code repository consists of roughly 2.6 million lines of code (LOC). By comparison, the Linux kernel (version 2.5.29) consists of about 3.1 million lines of code. The KDE Project consists of hundreds of active contributors, with 300 of them translating KDE into over 70 languages (KDE 3.0.4 shipped in 51 languages). In May 2002 over 11,014 CVS commits were executed. The KDE website has 24 official mirrors in 16 countries and the KDE FTP site has 71 official mirrors in 30 countries.

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Written by Andreas "Dre" Pour for the KDE League, Inc.

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