KDE 3.1 New Feature Guide (cont'd)

Development / Internationalization

Quanta Plus


Quanta Plus. For the first time ever KDE ships with a a rapid web development platform (Quanta Plus). Its many features include:

  • Full HTML 4.0, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript (EMCAScript) support, including DTD management.
  • PHP integration for dynamic web content, including a PHP debugger, syntax highlighter, name-completion and variable / function lists.
  • Templates for files, code and images and drag'n'drop template creation.
  • File and directory uploading and CVS integration.
  • Great customizability and extendability.

Kiosk Mode. As noted above, KDE 3.1 features a greatly enhanced Kiosk framework for managing the configuration options available to users. Included with this framework is a simple application API which applications can query to test authorization for certain operations.


Editor. The developer's editor (Kate) provides improved XML support. Besides improvements to the XML completion plugin, the editor features a new XML checker based on xmllint.

Multimedia. A new library interface (KMediaPlayer) enables application developers to incorporate the mini-media player (Kaboodle) into their application easily.


Translation Tool. The translation tool (KBabel) has improved in a great many respects, principal among these being XML validation and highlighting, a tag structure tool, a rough translation assistant, and multi-file spell checking.

Dates and Times. Date selection now conforms to the ISO 8601 standard for week number display and selection. The first day of the week can now be set to any arbitrary day. And, as noted earlier, the panel supports multiple clocks to enable monitoring multiple timezones.

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