KDE 3.1 New Feature Guide (cont'd)



Inter-Process Communication. KDE's IPC mechanism (DCOP) continues to expand its capabilties with this release. An improved command-line client grants access to the widely-used DCOP interface to non-GUI applications, which is particularly useful for desktop scripting using shell scripts, cron jobs and system processes. Furthermore, IPC scalability has grown with the ability to send concurrent messages to multiple users and/or sessions concurrently. This enables, by example, a system administrator to send messages to all users via a dialog or suitable application.

Console. KDE's terminal emulator (Konsole) has undergone improvement in a wide range of areas:

  • New sessions can be started at a bookmarked URL, including URLs such as ssh://user@host and telnet://host URLs;
  • The initial or current directory is saved as part of the session management.
  • Session views can be detached from the main window.
  • Profile saving and management has improved.
  • Added support for Unix98 ptty devices.
  • History searching has improved, including regular expression support.
  • Integrated the file browser's / file dialog's bookmarks.
  • A Copy menu entry for copying to the second clipboard has been added.
  • Keyboard and schema selection has improved.
  • Added graphical shortcut configuration as well as new shortcuts.
  • Disabled control flow (scroll lock) via the Ctrl-s and Cntrl-q control keys by default.
  • Extended the drag'n'drop popup menu with the cp, ln and mv command entries.

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