KDE 3.1.5 Info Page

KDE 3.1.5 was released on January 14, 2004. Read the official announcement.

This page is no longer maintained. Currently, only KDE 4.2.0 and newer are maintained. Please have a look at the KDE 4.4.0 Info Page instead.

Security Issues

Please report possible problems to

  • KDE 3.1.5 corrects a buffer overflow vulnerability in the .VCF file information reader. Read the detailed advisory.
  • The telnet, rlogin, ssh and mailto URI handlers in KDE do not check for '-' at the beginning of the hostname passed, which makes it possible to pass an option to the programs started by the handlers. Read the detailed advisory. All versions of KDE up to KDE 3.2.2 are affected.


This is a list of grave bugs and common pitfalls fixed after the release date:

  • Currently none known

Please check the bugs database before filing any bug reports. Also check for possible updates on this page that might describe or fix your problem.


See the KDE FAQ for any specific questions you may have. Questions about Konqueror should be directed to the Konqueror FAQ and sound related questions are answered in the FAQ of the aRts Project

Download and Installation

Library Requirements. KDE 3.1 requires or benefits from the given list of libraries, most of which should be already installed on your system or available from your OS CD or your vendor's website.

The complete source code for KDE 3.1.5 is available for download:

Location Size MD5 Sum
arts-1.1.5 969KB 1d34348e805715559fcd0d978272f031
kdeaddons-3.1.5 1.1MB 789f4ff2037a9ce1ae0219f7e2fc4db6
kdeadmin-3.1.5 1.5MB abaa80f34c3b4cbeac18c598cbfe79de
kdeartwork-3.1.5 14MB 3d58cd50865714e8b489802d3c5968b6
kdebase-3.1.5 15MB 88c94a1a6b3381c67164e1051b2e070e
kdebindings-3.1.5 6.0MB 8bfe1598db8112eab9f2d09af57a4237
kdeedu-3.1.5 20MB 093b3ca0ad0401935671611189c4e461
kdegames-3.1.5 8.2MB 6611d73c37dbd648f556e1370ba00031
kdegraphics-3.1.5 4.4MB ba16a4a71381d57928325bc55ce7fe4c
kde-i18n-3.1.5 143MB cca8b1090a8c0e30dcf18d752bae8482
kdelibs-3.1.5 11MB 6e33c0f7c124e77d807da0ddb537b369
kdemultimedia-3.1.5 5.7MB f588d3aeb6f25387dee74befa096de0b
kdenetwork-3.1.5 4.8MB d202929df2d5d88dca187c3d09f6ab44
kdepim-3.1.5 3.2MB a3bc4986bd6e2a635f9c0ca67e2c8bb9
kdesdk-3.1.5 2.1MB 7b7bdc08b774c98e99ce185e0612dd77
kdetoys-3.1.5 1.8MB ef9ad9c79647a8c72aa72285810c50d8
kdeutils-3.1.5 1.4MB a9e8c413f332448b547d12d15cf5707c
quanta-3.1.5 2.8MB 4998f3159bf9f5986a6b86ba7a9b2be7

The Konstruct build toolset can help you downloading and installing these tarballs.

Binary packages

Some Linux/UNIX OS vendors have kindly provided binary packages of KDE 3.1.5 for some versions of their distribution, and in other cases community volunteers have done so. Some of these binary packages are available for free download from KDE's Additional binary packages, as well as updates to the packages now available, may become available over the coming weeks.

At the time of this writing, pre-compiled packages are available for:

Additional binary packages might become available in the coming weeks, as well as updates to the current packages.

Developer Info

If you need help porting your application to KDE 3.x see the porting guide or subscribe to the KDE Devel Mailinglist to ask specific questions about porting your applications.

There is also info on the architecture and the programming interface of KDE 3.1.

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