KDE 3.1.1 Info Page

KDE 3.1.1 was released on March 20th, 2003. Read the official announcement. A KDE 3.1.1a update for the kdelibs, kdebase and kdegraphics packages was released on April 9th, 2003

This page is no longer maintained. Currently, only KDE 4.2.0 and newer are maintained. Please have a look at the KDE 4.4.0 Info Page instead.

Security Issues

Please report possible problems to

  • Several problems with KDE's use of Ghostscript where discovered that allow the execution of arbitrary commands contained in PostScript (PS) or PDF files with the privileges of the victim. Read the detailed advisory. KDE 3.1.1a, consisting of updated kdelibs, kdebase and kdegraphics packages, has been released to address this problem. It is strongly recommended to update to KDE 3.1.1a
  • A HTTP authentication credentials leak via the a "Referrer" was discovered by George Staikos in Konqueror. If the HTTP authentication credentials were part of the URL they would be possibly sent in the referer header to a 3rd party web site. Read the detailed advisory. KDE 3.1.3 and newer are not vulnerable.


This is a list of grave bugs and common pitfalls fixed after the release date:

Please check the bugs database before filing any bug reports. Also check for possible updates on this page that might describe or fix your problem.


See the KDE FAQ for any specific questions you may have. Questions about Konqueror should be directed to the Konqueror FAQ and sound related questions are answered in the FAQ of the aRts Project

Download and Installation

Library Requirements. KDE 3.1 requires or benefits from the given list of libraries, most of which should be already installed on your system or available from your OS CD or your vendor's website.

The complete source code for KDE 3.1.1 is available for download:

Location Size MD5 Sum
arts-1.1.1 953KB 67be8c2a84d6b928f407947138a77982
kde-i18n-3.1.1 139MB 48fecc178eb02dbf96c1009e2d9a3ae9
kdeaddons-3.1.1 1.1MB d52ec39b0ea4005c48b22481d50bcc29
kdeadmin-3.1.1 1.5MB 755deaf26d0841ed16eddd7596701004
kdeartwork-3.1.1 14MB aaf6a2a8736f448766cd190685606d6a
kdebase-3.1.1a 15MB 66069257f56c7e8b931c853029e2b093
kdebindings-3.1.1 5.9MB 1615ba2776120541d884e9a10fe2cffa
kdeedu-3.1.1 20MB 6520da39109c5919437ac3c914342658
kdegames-3.1.1 8.0MB c7af6a8961bf94257d2d8a319e464693
kdegraphics-3.1.1a 4.4MB b67f64c1623d9d08473bcdbb73351d36
kdelibs-3.1.1a 9.9MB 77cc0b44b43ea239cb3f8e37d7814f1a
kdemultimedia-3.1.1 5.7MB bdd53d23d13adf2419554e995417178e
kdenetwork-3.1.1 4.8MB d981fa1114d06256230bed4a4b948766
kdepim-3.1.1 3.1MB 482a24da0eae33a053ec656f9e50083e
kdesdk-3.1.1 2.1MB 5420cbc818466f79ee19142cb30324bb
kdetoys-3.1.1 1.8MB cb234ac58f12d1fbf88bc38c94f9616e
kdeutils-3.1.1 1.4MB fd2fef424ffb3de13e4fc8d55b995b73
quanta-3.1.1 2.8MB b910e5da826edac61a324452adbab9fb

The Konstruct build toolset can help you downloading and installing these tarballs.

Binary packages

Some Linux/UNIX OS vendors have kindly provided binary packages of KDE 3.1.1 for some versions of their distribution, and in other cases community volunteers have done so. Some of these binary packages are available for free download from KDE's http or FTP mirrors. Additional binary packages, as well as updates to the packages now available, may become available over the coming weeks.

At the time of this release, pre-compiled packages are available for:

Additional binary packages might become available in the coming weeks, as well as updates to the current packages.

Developer Info

If you need help porting your application to KDE 3.x see the porting guide or subscribe to the KDE Devel Mailinglist to ask specific questions about porting your applications.

There is also info on the architecture and the programming interface of KDE 3.1.

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