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KDE 2.2 Info Page

KDE 2.2 was released on August 15, 2001. Read the official announcement.

For a list of changes since KDE 2.1, see the list of changes

For a high-level overview of the features of KDE, see the KDE info page

For a graphical tutorial on using KDE 2, see this tutorial page from Linux Mandrake

This page will be updated to reflect changes in the status of 2.2 so check back for new information.


See the KDE FAQ for any specific questions you may have. Questions about Konqueror should be directed to the Konqueror FAQ and sound related questions are answered in the Arts FAQ

Download and Installation

See the links listed in the announcement. The KDE Installation FAQ provides generic instruction about installation issues.

If you want to compile from sources we offer instructions and help for common problems in the Compilation FAQ.


KDE 2.2.1 has been released as of September 19th, 2001 -- see the official KDE 2.2.1 announcement for details. Users are encouraged to upgrade.
This page will no longer be updated.

Security Issues

NOTE:This section is no longer maintained. Please refer to the 2.2.2 Info page instead.


This is a list of grave bugs and common pitfalls surfacing after the release date:

  • Bug: Renaming text files on the Desktop using KDesktop (the right mouse button menu) will destroy the contents of the file. Workaround: Use anything but KDesktop to rename text files on the Desktop (fixed for KDE 2.2.1)
  • Bug: Form submission in KHTML (Konqueror) is broken. No known work around. (fixed for KDE 2.2.1)
  • Bug: KPersonalizer may turn on the window manager option "Unshade on hover" by mistake. You can turn this off again in the Control Center under Look&Feel -> Window Behavior -> Advanced -> Shading -> Enable Hover.
  • Package problem: KDE and/or Konqueror may fail to start due to problems with FAM on RedHat. Solution: make sure to have fam-2.6.4-10.i386.rpm and xinetd-2.3.0-1.71.i386.rpm or a later version.
  • Package problem: KDE packages seem to depend on rpm-4.0.3-0.91 (RedHat?) however, this version of rpm is reported to break "Red-Carpet". Workaround: leave rpm-4.0.2-8 installed; that is rpm -ivh rpm-4.0.3-0.91 to permit two rpms on your system.
  • Package problem: SuSE packages labeled "experimental-i686" make KHTML (Konqueror) crash when javascript is enabled. To solve this problem, uninstall these packages. The affected packages have been removed from our ftp-site.
  • See the KMail homepage for information about a problem with compacting folders.

Please check the bug database before filing any bug reports. Also check for possible updates that might fix your problem.

Developer Info

If you need help porting your application to KDE 2.x see the porting guide. We suggest to port to KDE 3.x instead.

There is also info on the architecture and the programming interface of KDE 2.2.