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Plasma 5.21

We made something pretty

A Plasma 5.21 a Plasma megjelenésének és használhatóságának fejlesztéséről szól.

2021. február 16. kedd

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Új alkalmazásindító

Keresse, érje el és indítsa gyorsabban és egyszerűbben alkalmazásait a Plasma új alkalmazásindítójával.

The new launcher features two panes to make it simple to locate your programs and comes with improved keyboard, mouse, and touch input, boosting accessibility across the board.

Support for languages with right-to-left writing (such as Japanese and Arabic) has also improved. We have also included an alphabetical "All Applications" view, a grid view for your favorite tools, and placed all the power actions ("Sleep", "Restart", "Shut Down", etc.) at the bottom of the launcher pop-up so they are always visible and available.

Végül, de nem utoljára, javítottuk a felhasználók által jelzett hibák többségét, hogy simábban hozzáférjen az összes dolgához.

If you prefer the old Kickoff app launcher however, it is only few clicks away in KDE's software store.

Az alkalmazástéma fejlesztései

Continuing with improvements to the look and feel, applications using Plasma's default theme now have a refreshed color scheme and sport a brand new unified headerbar style with a clean, cool new look.

Breeze Twilight

empty laptop with an overlay
A Breeze Twilightot bemutató képernyőkép, sötét panellel és világos alkalmazásokkal

Meet Breeze Twilight: a combination of a dark theme for Plasma and a light theme for applications, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Find it in the Global Theme section of your Settings

A Rendszermonitor logója

Plasma rendszermonitor

A Plasma rendszermonitor egy vadonatúj alkalmazás a rendszer erőforrásainak monitorozásához és mostantól a Plasma szerves része.

Plasma System Monitor provides a wide variety of different views, offering an overview page with information on important core resources, such as memory, disk space, network and CPU usage. It also provides a quick view of the applications consuming the most resources. This lets you easily locate and zap applications or processes that are slowing your computer down.

If you need more details, the Applications page shows you all the running applications along with detailed statistics and graphs. A process page is also available for per-process information, and History shows the evolution of the use of your machine's resources over time.

Finally, you can also create your own new customized pages using the page editor. This lets you tailor the information you get from your system to your needs.

Áttekintés oldal
Előzmények oldal
Alkalmazások erőforráshasználatának áttekintése
Új oldal szerkesztő

KWin és Wayland

KDE is pushing to have first class support for Wayland, and Plasma 5.21 makes massive progress towards reaching that goal.

We have extensively refactored the compositing code in KWin and the changes should reduce latency throughout all compositing operations. We have also added a control in the compositing settings so you can choose whether you prefer lower latency or smoother animations.

In addition, we have also added support for mixed-refresh-rate display setups on Wayland, e.g. you can have one screen refreshing at 144Hz and another at 60Hz, which is ideal for improving work-stations with multiple monitors. Preliminary support for multiple GPUs was also added on Wayland.

A virtuális billentyűzet is fejlődött a Waylandben, és most már támogatja a GTK alkalmazásokat is a „text-input-v3” protokoll használatával. A rajztáblák támogatása is fejlődött, mostantól az előző verzióból hiányzó összes vezérlőt tartalmazza, mint például választókörök és választógombok.

Apart from the numerous improvements in stability, there are quite a few Plasma components that are getting much better support in Wayland. KRunner, for example, is now able to list all open windows in Wayland, a new component in the panel's system tray informs you of the keyboard layout, and we now support features required for GTK 4, so all GTK 4 applications will now work.



Plasma 5.21 brings a new page to System Settings: the Plasma Firewall settings. This configuration module lets you set up and configure a firewall for your system.

A firewall can help you protect your system from intrusion from outside or block information you want to keep private from leaving your machine. Plasma 5.21 provides a simplified way of configuring both UFW and firewalld, two of the most used firewall systems in Linux.

Több, már meglévő beállítóoldal teljesen újra lett írva, letisztultabb és egyszerűbben használható lett. Ez történt a Kezelési segítség, az Asztali munkamenet és a Bejelentkező képernyő (SDDM) modulokkal.

Új kezelési segítség beállítómodul
Asztali munkamenet beállítómodul
Új SDDM beállítómodul
Új tűzfalbeállító-modul


The Media Player widget's layout has been improved and now includes the list of applications currently playing music in the header as a tab bar. Another upgrade is that the album cover now takes up the whole width of the widget.

Media Player Applets

Plasma Mobile

Plasma Mobile

Plasma has always been designed to adapt to all types of screens. It can work on a desktop but it's also easily adaptable to work on a mobile, tablet or anything in between. In Plasma 5.21 we are adding two new components for mobile in the official release.

  • The Plasma Phone Components contains the mobile shell but also specific Plasma widgets adapted for Plasma Mobile.
  • A QCQ2 Breeze stílus egy tisztán Qt Quick Control 2-ben írt stílus. Vizuálisan illeszkedik az elemalapú asztali Breeze témába, és alacsony memória- és videokártya használatra optimalizálták.

Egyéb frissítések


Beavatkozás nélküli frissítések támogatása


A KRunner kitűzése (nem zárul be automatikusan)

Digitális óra

Jobb időzóna-támogatás

Hang kisalkalmazás

A hang kisalkalmazás mostantól megjeleníti az élő mikrofon hangerejét

If you would like to learn more, check out the the full changelog for Plasma 5.21.

In Memoriam Gustavo Carneiro

Gustavo Carneiro

Gustavo doing what he liked to do best: tinkering with tech.

Plasma 5.21 is dedicated to Gustavo Carneiro, a KDE contributor from Brazil that left us in January victim of COVID-19.

KDE was Gustavo's first free software experience, and he embraced it. Although he did not start out as a C++ developer, he worked hard to learn and improve the systems that he was using.

Among many other things, Gustavo became a major contributor to KDE's terminal emulator, Konsole, and went on to develop technologies some of which are so new, they have not even been released yet.

Now his legacy lives on within Konsole.

Gustavo, thank you for your help.

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