2001. december 17. hétfő

KOffice 1.1.1 Release Announcement

Currently KOffice has functionality well-suited for home and SOHO users, who generally write letters, faxes, memos and similar documents. KOffice 1.1.1 is a minor update release for KOffice 1.1. Bővebben
2001. november 21. szerda

KDE 2.2.2 Release Announcement

This page tries to present as much as possible of the very nummerous problem corrections and feature additions occurred in KDE between version 1.1 and the current, 1.1.1. The changes descriptions were kept brief. The main characteristic of the present release is stability, rock solid stability. Thanks to all involved. Thanks to the users for their great moral support Bővebben
2001. október 5. péntek

KDE 3.0-alpha1 Release Announcement

As a result of our porting efforts we're happy to release 3.0 Alpha1 to the public as the first preview of KDE 3 for interested developers and users. Alpha 1 is the first release based on the excellent toolkit Qt v3.0 and will continue to be improved and evolved in the near future to a first stable release of KDE 3.0, which is planned for February 2002. Bővebben
2001. szeptember 19. szerda

KDE 2.2.1 Release Announcement

In response to customer demand, we have made KDE the default desktop environment in the latest release of our Turbolinux Workstation product," said Dino Brusco, VP of Marketing at Turbolinux Inc. "Our customers really appreciate the features and stability that KDE provides and we will be offering this latest version of KDE in an upcoming release of our Turbolinux Server product. Bővebben
2001. augusztus 28. kedd

KOffice 1.1 Release Announcement

Currently KOffice has functionality well-suited for home and SOHO users, who generally write letters, faxes, memos and similar documents. As the import filters for proprietary document formats continue to improve and the suite's features continue to evolve, we expect that in the near future KOffice will be ready to meet the needs of all but the most demanding areas of the enterprise. Bővebben
2001. augusztus 15. szerda

KDE 2.2 Released

Thanks to the high quality of the KDE 2 development framework and the invaluable feedback of our users we are delivering a more polished, better integrated and more feature-rich desktop experience in a relative short time. Bővebben
2001. július 4. szerda

KDE 2.2-beta1 Release Announcement

KDE 2.2 Beta1 is a user and developer preview of KDE 2.2 incorporating major improvements, enhancements and fixes over KDE 2.1.2. "KDE 2.2beta1 completely integrates the XFree anti-aliased font extensions and can provide a fully anti-aliased font-enabled desktop." Bővebben
2001. április 30. hétfő

KDE 2.1.2 Release Announcement

The KDE Project today announced the release of kdelibs 2.1.2, a security and bugfix release of the core KDE libraries. The other core KDE packages, including kdebase, have not been updated. Bővebben
2001. március 27. kedd

KDE 2.1.1 Release Announcement

The primary goals of the 2.1.1 release are to improve documentation and provide additional language translations for the user interface, although the release includes a few bugfixes, and improvements to the HTML rendering engine Bővebben
2001. február 26. hétfő

KDE 2.1 Release Announcement

KDE Ships Leading Desktop with Advanced Web Browser for GNU/Linux and Other UNIXes. [...] This release marks a leap forward in GNU/Linux desktop stability, usability and maturity and is suitable for enterprise deployment. Bővebben