2001. január 31. szerda

KDE 2.1-beta2 Release Announcement

New Beta Version of Leading GNU/Linux Desktop Offers New Theme Manager, Image Viewer and IDE Bővebben
2000. december 16. szombat

KDE 2.1-beta1 Release Announcement

KDE 2.1 will be the second major release of the KDE 2 series, the next generation of the award-winning K Desktop Environment. Bővebben
2000. december 5. kedd

KDE 2.0.1 Release Announcement

The KDE Team today announced the release of KDE 2.0.1, KDE's powerful, modular, Internet-enabled desktop. KDE 2.0.1 is a translation, documentation and bug-fix release and follows six weeks after the release of KDE 2.0 Bővebben
2000. október 23. hétfő

KDE 2.0 Release Announcement

The KDE Team today announced the release of KDE 2.0, KDE's powerful, modular, Internet-enabled desktop. This highly anticipated release constitutes the next generation of the award-winning KDE 1 series, which culminated in the release of KDE 1.1.2 just over a year ago. KDE 2.0 is the work product of hundreds of dedicated developers originating from over 30 countries. Bővebben
2000. október 10. kedd

KDE 2.0 Release Announcement

Final Release Candidate of Leading Desktop for Linux® and Other UNIXes® October 10, 2000 (The INTERNET). Bővebben
2000. október 2. hétfő

Linux Congress Documentation and Localization Workshop

The first meeting of KDE translation and documentation teams has been a success. (...) This success demonstrates that there are strong energies willing to bring Unix Operating Systems and Free Software to the citizen with a documented, easy-to-use graphical interface, in their own language. This is an approach that proprietary operating systems are unable to sustain consistently. Now that computers have come to everyday life, this is putting a threat on cultural independance of many countries with respect to American language. On the contrary, all the people attending the workshop are committed to making computers - even using powerful Operating Systems like GNU/Linux - more easy to use for everyone. Bővebben
2000. szeptember 15. péntek

KDE 1.94 Release Announcement

The KDE Team today announced the release of KDE 1.94, the fifth and final beta preview of KDE 2.0, KDE's next-generation, powerful, modular desktop. Following the release of KDE 1.93 on August 23, 2000, the release, code-named "Kandidat", is based on Trolltech's Qt 2.2.0 and will include the core KDE libraries, the core desktop environment, the KOffice suite, as well as the over 100 applications from the other core KDE packages: Administration, Games, Graphics, Multimedia, Network, Personal Information Management (PIM), Toys and Utilities. The release is targeted at users who would like to help the KDE team make usability, speed and feature enhancements and fix the remaining set of bugs before the release of KDE 2.0, scheduled for early-fourth quarter 2000. Bővebben
2000. szeptember 5. kedd

KDE Official Response to Stallman Editorial

KDE Response to Stallman Editorial In a recent editorial on Linux Today, Richard Stallman claimed that KDE is still in violation of the GPL even though Qt is now covered under the GPL and all KDE code is compatible with the GPL. His rather absurd reasoning is that since KDE once violated the GPL, it will always be in violation unless the individual copyright holders "grant forgiveness. Bővebben
2000. augusztus 31. csütörtök

KDE Official Response to GNOME Foundation

The recent announcements regarding the formation of a GNOME Foundation coupled with the Sun/Hewlett Packard decision to use GNOME as their standard desktop has resulted in a deluge of requests to the KDE Core Team asking what our "position" is. Well, this is it. We offer this position paper in the hope that we can put this behind us and get back to coding Bővebben
2000. augusztus 23. szerda

KDE 1.93 Release Announcement

Fourth Beta Preview of Leading Desktop for Linux® and Other UNIXes® August 23, 2000 (The INTERNET). Bővebben