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KDE publica a versión 19.04.0 das aplicacións de KDE

Thursday, 18 April 2019

The KDE community is happy to announce the release of KDE Applications 19.04.

Our community continuously works on improving the software included in our KDE Application series. Along with new features, we improve the design, usability and stability of all our utilities, games, and creativity tools. Our aim is to make your life easier by making KDE software more enjoyable to use. We hope you like all the new enhancements and bug fixes you'll find in 19.04!

What's new in KDE Applications 19.04

Resolvéronse máis de 150 fallos. Estas correccións recuperan funcionalidades desactivadas, normalizan os atallos, e resolven quebras, facendo as aplicacións de KDE máis fáciles de usar e permitíndolle ser máis produtivo.

Xestión de ficheiros

Dolphin is KDE's file manager. It also connects to network services, such as SSH, FTP, and Samba servers, and comes with advanced tools to find and organize your data.

Novas funcionalidades:

Entre as correccións de fallo están:

The AudioCD-KIO allows other KDE applications to read audio from CDs and automatically convert it into other formats.

Edición de vídeo

This is a landmark version for KDE's video editor. Kdenlive has gone through an extensive re-write of its core code as more than 60%% of its internals has changed, improving its overall architecture.

Entre as melloras están:


Okular is KDE's multipurpose document viewer. Ideal for reading and annotating PDFs, it can also open ODF files (as used by LibreOffice and OpenOffice), ebooks published as ePub files, most common comic book files, PostScript files, and many more.

Entre as melloras están:

KMail is KDE's privacy-protecting email client. Part of the Kontact groupware suite, KMail supports all email systems and allows you to organize your messages into a shared virtual inbox or into separate accounts (your choice). It supports all kinds of message encryption and signing, and lets you share data such as contacts, meeting dates, and travel information with other Kontact applications.

Entre as melloras están:

KOrganizer is Kontact's calendar component, managing all your events.

Kitinerary is Kontact's brand new travel assistant that will help you get to your location and advise you on your way.


Kate is KDE's full-featured text editor, ideal for programming thanks to features such as tabs, split-view mode, syntax highlighting, a built-in terminal panel, word completion, regular expressions search and substitution, and many more via the flexible plugin infrastructure.

Entre as melloras están:

Konsole is KDE's terminal emulator. It supports tabs, translucent backgrounds, split-view mode, customizable color schemes and keyboard shortcuts, directory and SSH bookmarking, and many other features.

Entre as melloras están:

Lokalize is a computer-aided translation system that focuses on productivity and quality assurance. It is targeted at software translation, but also integrates external conversion tools for translating office documents.

Entre as melloras están:


Gwenview is an advanced image viewer and organizer with intuitive and easy-to-use editing tools.

Entre as melloras están:

Spectacle is Plasma's screenshot application. You can grab full desktops spanning several screens, individual screens, windows, sections of windows, or custom regions using the rectangle selection feature.

Entre as melloras están:

Xogos e educación

Our application series includes numerous games and educational applications.

KmPlot is a mathematical function plotter. It has a powerful built-in parser. The graphs can be colorized and the view is scalable, allowing you to zoom to the level you need. Users can plot different functions simultaneously and combine them to build new functions.

Kolf is a miniature golf game.

You can find the full list of changes here.

Spread the Word

Non-technical contributors are an important part of KDE’s success. While proprietary software companies have huge advertising budgets for new software releases, KDE depends on people talking with other people. Even for those who are not software developers, there are many ways to support the KDE Applications release. Report bugs. Encourage others to join the KDE Community. Or support the nonprofit organization behind the KDE community

Please spread the word on the Social Web. Submit stories to news sites, use channels like delicious, digg, reddit, and twitter. Upload screenshots of your new set-up to services like Facebook, Flickr, ipernity and Picasa, and post them to appropriate groups. Create screencasts and upload them to YouTube,, and Vimeo. Please tag posts and uploaded materials with 'KDE'. This makes them easy to find, and gives the KDE Promo Team a way to analyze coverage for this KDE Applications release.

Installing KDE Applications Binary Packages


Some Linux/UNIX OS vendors have kindly provided binary packages of KDE Applications for some versions of their distribution, and in other cases community volunteers have done so. Additional binary packages, as well as updates to the packages now available, may become available over the coming weeks.

Package Locations

For a current list of available binary packages of which the KDE Project has been informed, please visit the Community Wiki.

Compiling KDE Applications

The complete source code for KDE Applications may be freely downloaded. Instructions on compiling and installing are available from the KDE Applications 19.04.0 Info Page.

Supporting KDE

KDE is a Free Software community that exists and grows only because of the help of many volunteers that donate their time and effort. KDE is always looking for new volunteers and contributions, whether it is help with coding, bug fixing or reporting, writing documentation, translations, promotion, money, etc. All contributions are gratefully appreciated and eagerly accepted. Please read through the Supporting KDE page for further information or become a KDE e.V. supporting member through our Join the Game initiative.

About KDE

KDE is an international technology team that creates free and open source software for desktop and portable computing. Among KDE's products are a modern desktop system for Linux and UNIX platforms, comprehensive office productivity and groupware suites and hundreds of software titles in many categories including Internet and web applications, multimedia, entertainment, educational, graphics and software development. KDE software is translated into more than 60 languages and is built with ease of use and modern accessibility principles in mind. KDE's full-featured applications run natively on Linux, BSD, Windows, Haiku, and macOS.

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