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KDE Powers You - You Can Power KDE, Too!

Technology and software developed by KDE powers devices and empowers people all around the world. By donating to our end-of-year fundraiser, you will play a part in recharging KDE!

As you probably already know, KDE software is free for everyone to use and modify. We would like to keep it that way.
Help us build a world in which everyone has control over their digital life and enjoys freedom and privacy.

If you support our campaign, you will directly impact the future of KDE. Donations are also a great way to show gratitude to your favorite developers.
And if you‘ve always wanted to contribute to FOSS, but never had the time, a donation also counts as a contribution!

But wait...what are we going to do with your money?

Power community growth and KDE promotion
You will contribute to the organization of Akademy, our biggest community event. Thanks to you, our community members will be able to travel to conferences and give talks about KDE software, or set up booths at tech events around the globe to present our technology.

Empower people by teaching and mentoring them
Your donations will make it easier for us to organize events like Season of KDE, where we mentor students and new FOSS contributors.

Boost our developers to make even better software
Is Plasma your favorite desktop environment? What about other software developed by KDE - do you use Marble Maps, Kdenlive, Dolphin, digiKam, or KMail? Your donations will help us make that software better. We'll be able to work on it together during our developer sprints, such as Randa Meetings.

Power our websites and infrastructure
With your help, we will be able to pay for hosting and administration expenses, as well as finish the redesign project of our main KDE website.

  • PayPal is the default transaction method for this fundraiser. If you prefer to use international bank transfers please see this page.

  • If there are any problems with your donation, or if you have any additional questions, contact us at kde-ev-campaign@kde.org. Put "KDE End of Year 2017 Fundraiser" in the subject of your email.

  • Your donation can be anonymous. You can set this in the Donate dialog by answering "No" to "Show my name on the donors list".

  • Multiple donations from the same account will be listed and treated as separate donations.


of 20.000€
Raised: 22,486 €

2017 Retrospective

List of Donations

Thank you for powering the KDE Community! Your support makes a difference.

# Date Amount Donor Name
59011th January 2018€15.00Anonymous donation
5899th January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5887th January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5877th January 2018€20.00Jonathan Verner
5867th January 2018€10.00Georg Friedrich Zachl
5857th January 2018€10.00Frank Dornheim
5847th January 2018€20.00pierluigi andreoli
5837th January 2018€10.00Shantanu Tushar
5827th January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
5816th January 2018€20.00Christian Briones Oliveros
5806th January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5796th January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
5786th January 2018€25.00Aptus Leadership Consulting
5776th January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
5766th January 2018€10.00Vadzim Parafianiuk
5756th January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5746th January 2018€10.00Andreas Winter
5736th January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5726th January 2018€200.00Anonymous donation
5716th January 2018€30.00Matthieu Gallien
5706th January 2018€50.00Daniel Medina Velazquez
5696th January 2018€30.00Patrick Stangl
5686th January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
5676th January 2018€50.00Tim Buckley
5666th January 2018€20.00Ryan Dalzell
5656th January 2018€5.00Daniel McGuire
5645th January 2018€30.00Joshua Lefler
5635th January 2018€50.00Daniel Lin
5625th January 2018€5.00Hans-Peter Lehmann
5615th January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
5605th January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
5595th January 2018€33.00Anonymous donation
5585th January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5575th January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
5565th January 2018€9.00Anonymous donation
5555th January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
5545th January 2018€7.00Hamish Maku Palmer-Merritt
5535th January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
5525th January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
5515th January 2018€25.00Anonymous donation
5505th January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5495th January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
5485th January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
5475th January 2018€50.00Steven Shupe
5465th January 2018€5.00PV Coetzee
5455th January 2018€10.00Andrzej Kornaszewski
5445th January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5435th January 2018€20.00Jan Wiele
5425th January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
5415th January 2018€2.50Szymon Kasza
5405th January 2018€25.00Anonymous donation
5395th January 2018€50.00André Vitor de Lima Matos
5385th January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
5375th January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
5365th January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
5355th January 2018€80.00Janne Pulkkinen
5345th January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
5335th January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
5325th January 2018€100.00Anonymous donation
5315th January 2018€4.00Anonymous donation
5305th January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
5295th January 2018€1,000.00Wade Olson
5285th January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
5275th January 2018€33.00Paul Gooderham-Belanger
5265th January 2018€17.00Anonymous donation
5255th January 2018€17.00Anonymous donation
5244th January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
5234th January 2018€35.00Anonymous donation
5224th January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5214th January 2018€100.00Anonymous donation
5204th January 2018€50.00Ricardo Sanz
5194th January 2018€20.00Wiktor Sztwiertnia
5184th January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
5174th January 2018€10.00Rokas Kupstys
5164th January 2018€50.00Aario
5154th January 2018€5.00Rafael Bachmann
5144th January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5134th January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5124th January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
5114th January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
5104th January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
5094th January 2018€3.00Anonymous donation
5084th January 2018€200.00Anonymous donation
5074th January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5063rd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5053rd January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
5043rd January 2018€30.00Anonymous donation
5033rd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
5023rd January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
5013rd January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
5003rd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4993rd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4983rd January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
4973rd January 2018€50.00David Roth
4963rd January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
4953rd January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
4943rd January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
4933rd January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
4923rd January 2018€6.00Anonymous donation
4913rd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4903rd January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
4893rd January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
4883rd January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
4873rd January 2018€750.00Anonymous donation
4863rd January 2018€100.00Anonymous donation
4853rd January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
4843rd January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
4833rd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4823rd January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
4812nd January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
4802nd January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
4792nd January 2018€13.37Michael Koppmann
4782nd January 2018€30.00Régis FABRE
4772nd January 2018€5.00Marcell Bernát
4762nd January 2018€25.00Anonymous donation
4752nd January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
4742nd January 2018€50.00Jean-Christophe BAPTISTE
4732nd January 2018€25.00mika rantanen
4722nd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4712nd January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
4702nd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4692nd January 2018€30.00Anonymous donation
4682nd January 2018€15.00Anonymous donation
4672nd January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
4662nd January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
4652nd January 2018€10.00Dominik Schreiber
4642nd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4632nd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4622nd January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
4612nd January 2018€20.00Peter Hofmann
4602nd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4592nd January 2018€10.00Vitor Andrade
4582nd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4572nd January 2018€30.00Vincent Ramos
4562nd January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
4552nd January 2018€30.00Giuseppe Cancelliere
4542nd January 2018€50.00Carlo Jeffery
4532nd January 2018€5.00Witold Sosnowski
4522nd January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
4512nd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4502nd January 2018€50.00Samwise Hansen
4492nd January 2018€10.00Don Laws
4482nd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4472nd January 2018€100.00sean mccully
4462nd January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
4452nd January 2018€30.00Kevin Sillerud
4442nd January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
4432nd January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
4422nd January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
4412nd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4402nd January 2018€200.00Anonymous donation
4392nd January 2018€250.00Anonymous donation
4382nd January 2018€100.00Anonymous donation
4372nd January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
4362nd January 2018€30.00Anonymous donation
4352nd January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
4342nd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4332nd January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4322nd January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
4311st January 2018€5.00Joseph Lobosco
4301st January 2018€50.00Michael Bennett
4291st January 2018€24.33Frederick Klinser
4281st January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
4271st January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
4261st January 2018€25.00Anonymous donation
4251st January 2018€30.00Václav Hausenblas
4241st January 2018€50.00Vincent Riquer
4231st January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4221st January 2018€5.00Anonymous donation
4211st January 2018€29.83Dominik Waurenschk
4201st January 2018€20.00Anonymous donation
4191st January 2018€10.00Nils Ziermann
4181st January 2018€50.00Anonymous donation
4171st January 2018€30.00Peter Nordin
4161st January 2018€50.00Nicolas Frattaroli
4151st January 2018€20.00Eike Neumann
4141st January 2018€25.00Anonymous donation
4131st January 2018€1,000.00Anonymous donation
4121st January 2018€10.00Anonymous donation
4111st January 2018€625.00Anonymous donation
4101st January 2018€160.00Anonymous donation
4091st January 2018€42.00Anonymous donation
4081st January 2018€15.00Anonymous donation
40731st December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
40631st December 2017€50.00Sebastian Kuhne
40531st December 2017€30.00Matthew Fiedler
40431st December 2017€25.00Alexander Bikadorov
40331st December 2017€20.00Franz Senftl
40231st December 2017€20.00Jose Millan Soto
40131st December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
40031st December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
39931st December 2017€20.00Bartosz Mikucewicz
39831st December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
39731st December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
39631st December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
39531st December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
39431st December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
39331st December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
39231st December 2017€15.00Anonymous donation
39131st December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
39031st December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
38930th December 2017€35.00Anonymous donation
38830th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
38730th December 2017€50.00Michele Mazza
38630th December 2017€50.00Daniel Meer
38530th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
38430th December 2017€25.00Sandro Santos Andrade
38330th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
38230th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
38130th December 2017€100.00Rolf Gottschling
38030th December 2017€50.00John Ramsden
37930th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
37830th December 2017€15.00Anonymous donation
37730th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
37630th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
37530th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
37430th December 2017€100.00Anonymous donation
37330th December 2017€15.00Anonymous donation
37230th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
37129th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
37029th December 2017€50.00Ashley Dean
36929th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
36829th December 2017€250.00Brad Israel
36729th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
36629th December 2017€100.00Anonymous donation
36529th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
36429th December 2017€50.00Kevin Ott
36329th December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
36229th December 2017€250.00Anonymous donation
36129th December 2017€1.00Anonymous donation
36029th December 2017€10.00Javier Itoiz Lizarraga
35929th December 2017€50.00Øystein Sture
35829th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
35729th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
35629th December 2017€200.00Anonymous donation
35529th December 2017€150.00Anonymous donation
35429th December 2017€100.00Anonymous donation
35329th December 2017€84.30Anonymous donation
35229th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
35129th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
35029th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
34929th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
34829th December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
34729th December 2017€500.00Anonymous donation
34629th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
34529th December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
34429th December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
34329th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
34229th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
34129th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
34028th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
33928th December 2017€10.00Andrew Blackshaw
33828th December 2017€5.00Russell Streitz
33728th December 2017€41.88Anonymous donation
33628th December 2017€20.00Lamarque Souza
33528th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
33428th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
33328th December 2017€2.00Anonymous donation
33228th December 2017€50.00Yuen Hoe Lim
33128th December 2017€200.00Anonymous donation
33028th December 2017€140.00Anonymous donation
32928th December 2017€73.00Anonymous donation
32828th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
32728th December 2017€42.00Anonymous donation
32628th December 2017€6.66Anonymous donation
32528th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
32428th December 2017€200.00Anonymous donation
32328th December 2017€35.00Anonymous donation
32228th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
32128th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
32028th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
31927th December 2017€20.00J Janz
31827th December 2017€50.00Michal Hlavac
31727th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
31627th December 2017€60.00Lisardo Sobrino Fernández
31527th December 2017€75.00Eduard Wulff
31427th December 2017€2.00Anonymous donation
31327th December 2017€50.00Johann Lang
31227th December 2017€300.00Anonymous donation
31127th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
31027th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
30927th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
30827th December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
30727th December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
30627th December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
30527th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
30427th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
30327th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
30227th December 2017€8.00Anonymous donation
30127th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
30027th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
29927th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
29826th December 2017€5.00Robin Mirow
29726th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
29626th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
29526th December 2017€10.00Alexandru Calcatinge
29426th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
29326th December 2017€30.00Adrian Neira Pereiro
29226th December 2017€20.00Stefano Crocco
29126th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
29026th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
28926th December 2017€15.00Anonymous donation
28826th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
28726th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
28626th December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
28526th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
28426th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
28325th December 2017€10.00Linus Shoravi
28225th December 2017€100.00Daniel Vrátil
28125th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
28025th December 2017€50.00Roman Stoffel
27925th December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
27825th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
27724th December 2017€50.00Martin Weigl
27624th December 2017€50.00ORLANDO MONEDERO MONES
27524th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
27424th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
27324th December 2017€50.00Martin Rüßler
27224th December 2017€5.00Paulo Miguel Dias
27124th December 2017€10.00Alexandru Calcatinge
27024th December 2017€20.00Matthew Marshall
26924th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
26824th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
26724th December 2017€26.00Anonymous donation
26624th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
26524th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
26424th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
26324th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
26223rd December 2017€50.00Ingo Schubert
26123rd December 2017€50.00Frank Schedel
26023rd December 2017€40.00Xavier Corredor Llano
25923rd December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
25823rd December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
25723rd December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
25623rd December 2017€20.00Ruairi Hickey
25523rd December 2017€15.00Anonymous donation
25423rd December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
25323rd December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
25223rd December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
25123rd December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
25022nd December 2017€40.00Anonymous donation
24922nd December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
24822nd December 2017€50.00Christoph Fleischmann
24722nd December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
24622nd December 2017€25.00Carson Underwood
24522nd December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
24422nd December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
24322nd December 2017€15.00So Kei Hong
24222nd December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
24122nd December 2017€20.00Ruben Müller
24022nd December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
23922nd December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
23822nd December 2017€15.00Anonymous donation
23722nd December 2017€50.00Cristian Adam
23622nd December 2017€65.00Anonymous donation
23522nd December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
23422nd December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
23322nd December 2017€25.00Parijatha p
23222nd December 2017€25.00Patrick Rifici
23122nd December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
23022nd December 2017€20.00Dore Kleinstern
22922nd December 2017€100.00Anonymous donation
22822nd December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
22722nd December 2017€40.00Anonymous donation
22622nd December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
22522nd December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
22422nd December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
22322nd December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
22222nd December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
22122nd December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
22021st December 2017€20.00Torsten Giebl
21921st December 2017€100.00Anonymous donation
21821st December 2017€23.00Gerhard Dittes
21721st December 2017€3.00Marko Klingner
21621st December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
21521st December 2017€3.00Sunder Dasika
21421st December 2017€3.00Sunder Dasika
21321st December 2017€10.00William Jeschke
21221st December 2017€10.00Christoph Maciejewski
21121st December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
21021st December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
20921st December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
20821st December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
20721st December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
20621st December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
20521st December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
20421st December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
20321st December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
20221st December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
20121st December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
20021st December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
19921st December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
19821st December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
19720th December 2017€30.00翁 佳驥
19620th December 2017€50.00Emanuel Wegh
19520th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
19420th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
19320th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
19220th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
19120th December 2017€50.00René Mantyk
19020th December 2017€20.00Gauthier Guerin
18920th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
18820th December 2017€50.00Oliver Bolm
18720th December 2017€5.00Alfons Georg Schuck
18620th December 2017€5.00Lars Pontoppidan
18520th December 2017€50.00Josef Filzmaier
18420th December 2017€20.00Michael Bittner
18320th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
18220th December 2017€25.00Michael Seifert
18120th December 2017€20.00Fabrizio Pelosi
18020th December 2017€5.00Ruivaldo Azevedo Lobão Neto
17920th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
17820th December 2017€15.00Alexander Gurenko
17720th December 2017€10.00Bartosz Debski
17620th December 2017€10.00Frank Schmuck
17520th December 2017€7.12Anonymous donation
17420th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
17320th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
17220th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
17120th December 2017€20.00Johannes Tiemer
17020th December 2017€20.00Gaston Martini
16920th December 2017€50.00Matthew Penney
16820th December 2017€200.00Anonymous donation
16720th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
16620th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
16520th December 2017€12.74Anonymous donation
16420th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
16320th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
16220th December 2017€100.00Anonymous donation
16120th December 2017€100.00Anonymous donation
16020th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
15920th December 2017€100.00Anonymous donation
15819th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
15719th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
15619th December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
15519th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
15419th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
15319th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
15219th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
15119th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
15019th December 2017€15.00Tommy Beauclair-Mariotti
14919th December 2017€30.00Andreas Paul
14819th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
14719th December 2017€50.00Damian Kaczmarek
14619th December 2017€10.00David Manca
14519th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
14419th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
14319th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
14219th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
14119th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
14019th December 2017€25.00Martin Oemus
13919th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
13819th December 2017€50.00Mahendra Tallur
13719th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
13619th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
13519th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
13419th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
13319th December 2017€20.00Hubert Krause
13219th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
13119th December 2017€3.00Anonymous donation
13019th December 2017€50.00Luciano Montanaro
12919th December 2017€15.00Anonymous donation
12819th December 2017€4.69Anonymous donation
12719th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
12619th December 2017€38.00Dawid Wolnik
12519th December 2017€20.00Michael Schulz
12419th December 2017€20.00D. Roland Böhme
12319th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
12219th December 2017€50.00Lars Maria Schlaphof
12119th December 2017€10.00Alexandru Calcatinge
12019th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
11919th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
11819th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
11719th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
11619th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
11519th December 2017€10.00Pedro Gomes
11419th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
11319th December 2017€50.00Etienne Biardeaud
11219th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
11119th December 2017€50.00Xuetian Weng
11019th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
10919th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
10819th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
10719th December 2017€10.00Joan Pou Nogueras
10619th December 2017€200.00Anonymous donation
10519th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
10419th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
10319th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
10219th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
10119th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
10019th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
9919th December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
9819th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
9719th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
9619th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
9519th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
9419th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
9318th December 2017€20.00Patrick Csikos
9218th December 2017€15.00Anonymous donation
9118th December 2017€5.00Marcin Sągol
9018th December 2017€10.00Pietro Bonanno
8918th December 2017€38.00Anonymous donation
8818th December 2017€10.00Kiril Vladimirov
8718th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
8618th December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
8518th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
8418th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
8318th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
8218th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
8118th December 2017€30.00Anonymous donation
8017th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
7917th December 2017€50.00Josep Ma Ferrer
7817th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
7717th December 2017€10.00Josh Aitken
7617th December 2017€5.00Minh Pham
7517th December 2017€15.00Anonymous donation
7417th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
7317th December 2017€200.00Anonymous donation
7217th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
7117th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
7017th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
6916th December 2017€5.00Iță Adrian
6816th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
6716th December 2017€50.00Michael Groer
6616th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
6516th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
6416th December 2017€30.00Christof Groschke
6316th December 2017€25.00Alessio Eberl
6216th December 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
6116th December 2017€4.62Anonymous donation
6016th December 2017€100.00Anonymous donation
5916th December 2017€5.00Brandon Merrill
5816th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
5716th December 2017€20.00Eric Fontaine Jazz
5616th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
5516th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
5416th December 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
5316th December 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
5216th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
5115th December 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
5015th December 2017€50.00Kenneth Keating
4915th December 2017€7.00Anonymous donation
4815th December 2017€10.00Tobias Roth
4715th December 2017€7.00Anonymous donation
4615th December 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
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