Make the World a Better Place! - KDE End of Year 2016 Fundraising

€ 17 739 raised

The KDE End of Year 2016 Fundraiser has finished. Thank you everybody who supported us in this fundraiser. Please visit the KDE donation page if you would like to support us further.

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As we approach the end of the year, we begin the season of giving. What would suit the holidays better than giving to the entire world?

Here is a unique way to give back to KDE, allowing us to keep giving free software to humankind.

KDE is committed to improving technology and software to make the world a better place. We produce great quality free software that everyone is free to use or modify without any cost or restriction.

We want to bring the solutions we are offering to the next level. By participating in this fundraiser, you'll be part of the improvements we'll put into our products, for example our educational software, so kids can have better tools for school; our productivity applications, so you have the best tools for the workplace; and our desktop so we can all have a fun and productive experience when interacting with our computers.

Donating to KDE is not for you, it is for the entire world.

As a way to say thank you, starting with € 30 we will send a KDE-themed postcard, designed by our community of artists, to an address of your choice. You will get an extra card for every additional € 10 donation. Get cards for yourself and for your family and friends to show them you care for freedom. It's the perfect way to spread the festive cheer and donate to your favorite project at the same time.

Postcard Design #1 Postcard Design #2
Postcard Design #3 Postcard Design #4

In addition we would like to give a special thank you to our highest donors. We are giving away 9 unique art prints in size A4. At our last conference, QtCon, we asked 46 prominent current and former KDE contributors (including core developers from Plasma, KDE Edu and Qt, board members, designers, community organizers, translators and more) to sign artwork created for KDE's 20th birthday. This is a one-time chance to get a nice and unique KDE print for your wall.

Art Sample #1 Art Sample #2

The top 9 donors are calculated aggregating by paypal address, make sure you use the same account if you donate multiple times.

This campaign will end on December 31st 2016 at 23:59 UTC.

Where Your Donations Go

Last year KDE spent about € 50 000 on travel and accomodation of more than 100 contributors for various sprints throughout the year.

Sprints are in person meetings and are really important for a team of hard-working volunteers around the world to focus their efforts and discuss technical matters around the project. The amount of output we get from the sprints is really worthwhile for all users of the software.

Remaining money gets spent on our infrastructure, we have a large portfolio of servers hosting websites, code, continuous integration and a lot more. A full breakdown can be seen in our quarterly reports.


If you prefer to use international bank transfers please see this page.
Please write us an email so we can add you to the list of donors manually.

Top 9 donors

Total AmountDonor Name
1€ 4,000.00Dimitri Nüscheler
2€ 1,000.00Darin Miller
3€ 500.00Oliver Sennhauser
4€ 257.00Anonymous donation
5€ 256.00Fabian Roth
6€ 250.00Andreas Lauser
7€ 222.22Anonymous donation
8€ 200.00Wade Olson
8€ 200.00Laurent Pinchart

List of donations

DateAmountDonor Name
36931st December 2016€ 40.00Paul Vixie
36831st December 2016€ 50.00Brad Durbin
36731st December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
36631st December 2016€ 10.00Cord Horeis
36531st December 2016€ 15.00Alexander Gurenko
36431st December 2016€ 50.00Victor Bouvier-Deleau
36331st December 2016€ 40.00Mauro Bellaspica
36231st December 2016€ 5.00Anonymous donation
36131st December 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
36031st December 2016€ 47.51Michael Bennett
35931st December 2016€ 5.00Josep Febrer Salord
35831st December 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
35731st December 2016€ 10.00Daniel Callejas Sevilla
35631st December 2016€ 10.00Rodolfo Baeza
35531st December 2016€ 50.00Anonymous donation
35431st December 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
35331st December 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
35231st December 2016€ 80.00Nicholas Sanders
35131st December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
35031st December 2016€ 60.00Jim Arvan
34931st December 2016€ 20.00Mikko Auvinen
34831st December 2016€ 40.00Ivan Pessotto
34731st December 2016€ 40.00Lorenzo Bettini
34630th December 2016€ 0.30Josué Aquino Barrera
34530th December 2016€ 50.00Anonymous donation
34430th December 2016€ 10.00Daniel Möller
34330th December 2016€ 3.00CESAR DAVID VELAZQUEZ ROSAS
34230th December 2016€ 100.00Xavier Vello
34130th December 2016€ 50.00Dominic Tubach
34030th December 2016€ 20.00Joan Maspons
33930th December 2016€ 10.00Valentin Rothberg
33830th December 2016€ 50.00Anonymous donation
33730th December 2016€ 20.00Javier Itoiz Lizarraga
33630th December 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
33530th December 2016€ 5.00Armandos Stylianakis
33429th December 2016€ 40.00Lamarque Souza
33329th December 2016€ 15.00Francisco Fernandes Jr
33229th December 2016€ 250.00Andreas Lauser
33129th December 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
33029th December 2016€ 200.00Wade Olson
32929th December 2016€ 100.00Marcin Biernat
32829th December 2016€ 10.00Maik Haack
32728th December 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
32628th December 2016€ 147.00Anonymous donation
32528th December 2016€ 3,000.00Dimitri Nüscheler
32428th December 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
32328th December 2016€ 40.00Quentin Gallissot
32228th December 2016€ 50.00Michal Klaus
32128th December 2016€ 10.00Quentin Denis
32028th December 2016€ 7.00Mehrad Mahmoudian
31928th December 2016€ 30.00Raphael Kubo Da Costa
31828th December 2016€ 50.00Anonymous donation
31728th December 2016€ 100.00Tobias Fischbach
31628th December 2016€ 40.00Gamaliel Lamboy
31527th December 2016€ 5.00Lukáš Karas
31427th December 2016€ 25.00Anonymous donation
31327th December 2016€ 5.00Carles Oriol
31227th December 2016€ 10.00Dean Jagels
31127th December 2016€ 10.00Carlos González Cortés
31027th December 2016€ 50.00Peer Frank
30926th December 2016€ 10.00Christof Groschke
30826th December 2016€ 50.00Anonymous donation
30725th December 2016€ 1,000.00Dimitri Nüscheler
30625th December 2016€ 15.00tristan villers
30525th December 2016€ 15.00Anonymous donation
30425th December 2016€ 50.00Anonymous donation
30325th December 2016€ 10.00Ju Ping Chan
30224th December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
30124th December 2016€ 1.00Le site de Serge Muscat
30023rd December 2016€ 100.00Iñigo Salvador Azurmendi
29923rd December 2016€ 200.00Laurent Pinchart
29823rd December 2016€ 5.00Anonymous donation
29722nd December 2016€ 40.00Roger Larsson
29622nd December 2016€ 80.00Till Seifert
29522nd December 2016€ 20.00Bernd Lachner
29422nd December 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
29322nd December 2016€ 1.00Le site de Serge Muscat
29222nd December 2016€ 40.00Matthias Springstein
29122nd December 2016€ 35.00Peter Nordin
29022nd December 2016€ 30.00Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
28922nd December 2016€ 20.00Coorey Michael
28821st December 2016€ 222.22Anonymous donation
28721st December 2016€ 50.00Joan S Ardid Ramirez
28621st December 2016€ 15.00Adrián González Blanco
28521st December 2016€ 40.00Victor Romero Blanco
28421st December 2016€ 25.00Anonymous donation
28321st December 2016€ 70.00Markus Valtin
28221st December 2016€ 150.00Lawrence Technology Services
28120th December 2016€ 50.00Michal Hlavac
28020th December 2016€ 50.00Thomas Mattke
27920th December 2016€ 40.00Philipp Kälin
27820th December 2016€ 20.00Harold Asmis
27720th December 2016€ 20.00Steven Shupe
27620th December 2016€ 32.00Martin Bednar
27520th December 2016€ 50.00Thomas Schyschka
27420th December 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
27320th December 2016€ 30.00Wolfgang Mader
27220th December 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
27120th December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
27020th December 2016€ 5.00David Martinz
26919th December 2016€ 30.00Luca Weiss
26819th December 2016€ 100.00Julio Foulquie
26719th December 2016€ 40.00Gregor Walter
26619th December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
26518th December 2016€ 40.00Xuetian Weng
26418th December 2016€ 50.00Joachim Burchgart
26318th December 2016€ 100.00Frank Hemmerling
26218th December 2016€ 100.00Dr. Winfried Hofmann
26118th December 2016€ 20.00Michele Tessaro
26018th December 2016€ 10.00Jaufré Aligé
25917th December 2016€ 40.00Johannes Wünsch
25816th December 2016€ 10.00Alonso Morilla Meneses
25716th December 2016€ 20.00Florian Wiesweg
25616th December 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
25515th December 2016€ 40.00Guidon Aurélie
25415th December 2016€ 25.00Sander Knopper
25315th December 2016€ 27.00Maria Bonilla-Torres
25214th December 2016€ 40.00René Röser-Buchkremer
25114th December 2016€ 35.00Marco Manngatter
25014th December 2016€ 40.00Kamil Foltin
24914th December 2016€ 100.00Martin Zahnd
24814th December 2016€ 4.00Jacques-Michel Dieudonne
24713th December 2016€ 6.66Dominik Waurenschk
24613th December 2016€ 1.00Le site de Serge Muscat
24513th December 2016€ 10.00Mikel Rubio Crespo
24413th December 2016€ 31.00Daniele Scasciafratte
24313th December 2016€ 10.00Patrick Csikos
24213th December 2016€ 5.00Silviu Marin-Caea
24113th December 2016€ 25.00Sergey Shulgan
24013th December 2016€ 5.00Zixing Liu
23913th December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
23812th December 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
23712th December 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
23612th December 2016€ 10.00Jahn Kohlhas
23512th December 2016€ 10.00Alexandre Amorim
23412th December 2016€ 40.00Tengxin Li
23311th December 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
23211th December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
23111th December 2016€ 128.00Martin Pule
23011th December 2016€ 2.00Anonymous donation
22911th December 2016€ 20.00soenke jensen
22811th December 2016€ 40.00Yuen Hoe Lim
22711th December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
22611th December 2016€ 50.00Ludwig Boom
22511th December 2016€ 100.00Anonymous donation
22411th December 2016€ 0.85Anonymous donation
22310th December 2016€ 40.00Jaroslav Reznik
22210th December 2016€ 50.00Daniel Vrátil
22110th December 2016€ 35.00Anonymous donation
22010th December 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
21910th December 2016€ 120.00Philipp Slusallek
21810th December 2016€ 40.00Francesco Montesano
21710th December 2016€ 256.00Fabian Roth
21610th December 2016€ 40.00Jérémy Goussé
2159th December 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
2149th December 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
2139th December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
2129th December 2016€ 50.00ARNAUD LHOTELLERIE
2119th December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
2109th December 2016€ 30.00Anonymous donation
2099th December 2016€ 5.00Ingo Meißner
2089th December 2016€ 40.00Piotr Belniak
2078th December 2016€ 20.00Norbert Fugmann
2068th December 2016€ 35.00Christian Schlasza
2058th December 2016€ 30.00John Cooper
2048th December 2016€ 10.00Aracele Lima Torres
2038th December 2016€ 35.00Dawid Wolnik
2028th December 2016€ 20.00Tino Löffler
2018th December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
2007th December 2016€ 20.00Martin Roßbach
1997th December 2016€ 40.00Emanuele Peviani
1987th December 2016€ 10.00Luca Borsato
1977th December 2016€ 20.00Carl Mannino
1966th December 2016€ 40.00Martin Peres
1956th December 2016€ 50.00Jairo Alonso Benitez Cardona
1946th December 2016€ 5.00Anonymous donation
1936th December 2016€ 15.00Birgit Matthiessen
1926th December 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
1916th December 2016€ 10.00marc serra fontfreda
1905th December 2016€ 50.00Henning Kurre
1895th December 2016€ 50.00Olivier Churlaud
1885th December 2016€ 1.00Le site de Serge Muscat
1875th December 2016€ 25.00Michael Kirsten
1865th December 2016€ 3.00Ericksystem
1855th December 2016€ 40.00Dominic Lyons
1844th December 2016€ 50.00Anonymous donation
1834th December 2016€ 20.00Jose Antonio Apio Lopez
1824th December 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
1814th December 2016€ 40.00Emanuel Wegh
1804th December 2016€ 125.00Helftone Ltd
1794th December 2016€ 25.00Mary Tomich
1784th December 2016€ 20.00Carl-Christian Gallon
1774th December 2016€ 40.00Jakub Benda
1764th December 2016€ 10.00Hagen Juds
1754th December 2016€ 30.00Anonymous donation
1743rd December 2016€ 35.00Björn Voigt
1733rd December 2016€ 20.00Saad Saad
1723rd December 2016€ 10.00Martin Zöllner
1713rd December 2016€ 30.00Pablo Amen
1703rd December 2016€ 50.00Marko Lehmann
1693rd December 2016€ 50.00Anonymous donation
1683rd December 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
1673rd December 2016€ 20.00Edouard Duliege
1663rd December 2016€ 40.00Bastian Köcher
1653rd December 2016€ 5.00Alfredo Marco Moreno
1643rd December 2016€ 10.00Jose Alberto Jaehoo
1632nd December 2016€ 10.00Ruben Rojas Camargo
1622nd December 2016€ 20.00Marc Schöchlin
1612nd December 2016€ 20.00Thomas Kleindienst
1602nd December 2016€ 50.00Helio Castro
1592nd December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
1582nd December 2016€ 20.00Xavier Corredor Llano
1572nd December 2016€ 42.00Tim Van den Langenbergh
1562nd December 2016€ 60.00Anonymous donation
1551st December 2016€ 30.00Jorge de la Cruz
1541st December 2016€ 10.00Ignacio José Lizarán Rus
1531st December 2016€ 40.00Philippe Pfeiffer
1521st December 2016€ 30.00Kai Bojens
1511st December 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
1501st December 2016€ 40.00Wiktor Sztwiertnia
1491st December 2016€ 40.00Dan Jensen
1481st December 2016€ 5.00Anonymous donation
1471st December 2016€ 50.00Alexander Schmiechen
1461st December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
1451st December 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
1441st December 2016€ 40.00Jimmy Richards
14330th November 2016€ 60.00Johannes Hauck
14230th November 2016€ 110.00Anonymous donation
14130th November 2016€ 40.00Sylvain Leterreur
14030th November 2016€ 50.00Thorsten Knöller
13930th November 2016€ 50.00Anonymous donation
13830th November 2016€ 25.00Adolf J Winterer
13730th November 2016€ 100.00Michael Carney
13630th November 2016€ 5.00Anonymous donation
13530th November 2016€ 25.00Stefan Losch
13430th November 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
13330th November 2016€ 30.00Stefan Huber
13230th November 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
13130th November 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
13030th November 2016€ 20.00Eduardo Medina
12930th November 2016€ 19.00Pedro Rosado
12830th November 2016€ 150.01Patrick Götz
12730th November 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
12630th November 2016€ 5.00Alexander Vargas Pierola
12530th November 2016€ 500.00Oliver Sennhauser
12430th November 2016€ 10.00Rene Fertig
12330th November 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
12230th November 2016€ 50.00Rudolf Steiner
12130th November 2016€ 20.00Amaury Pupo
12030th November 2016€ 30.00Gerd Stolz
11930th November 2016€ 20.00Kristian Feijoo Oar-Arteta
11830th November 2016€ 30.00Catalina Oyaneder Hurtado
11730th November 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
11630th November 2016€ 40.00Thomas Gufler
11530th November 2016€ 40.00Xavier Codina
11430th November 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
11330th November 2016€ 40.00Raul Moreno Sola
11230th November 2016€ 5.00Erick I Jimenez Alvarado
11130th November 2016€ 30.00Torben Pasucha
11030th November 2016€ 10.00Jose Luis Dominguez Bonet
10930th November 2016€ 40.00Samwise Hansen
10830th November 2016€ 100.00Dirk
10729th November 2016€ 10.00Michael Grasegger
10629th November 2016€ 20.00Robert Menetray Caballero
10529th November 2016€ 20.00Andre Homberg
10429th November 2016€ 20.00Samuel Kron
10329th November 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
10229th November 2016€ 35.00Hugo Ideler
10129th November 2016€ 1.37Frank Quotschalla
10029th November 2016€ 30.00Gunther Strube
9929th November 2016€ 15.00Anonymous donation
9829th November 2016€ 1.00Anonymous donation
9729th November 2016€ 40.00Karl Ove Hufthammer
9629th November 2016€ 10.00Víctor Calvo Vilaplana
9529th November 2016€ 1.00Jesús Manuel González Meneses
9429th November 2016€ 20.00Stefan Janoschek
9329th November 2016€ 20.00Godber Kraas
9229th November 2016€ 0.01Josué Aquino Barrera
9129th November 2016€ 40.00Tilo Brückner
9029th November 2016€ 30.00Dominik Mautz
8929th November 2016€ 40.00Heiko Issleib
8829th November 2016€ 20.00Samir Derzic
8729th November 2016€ 150.00David de Cos Elices
8629th November 2016€ 20.00Thomas Bauer
8529th November 2016€ 5.00Patrick Fischer
8429th November 2016€ 30.00Bernd Hansen
8329th November 2016€ 10.00Torsten Martiny-Huenger
8229th November 2016€ 40.00Carlos Sousa
8129th November 2016€ 10.00Thomas Wegner
8029th November 2016€ 20.00Christian Gmeiner
7929th November 2016€ 10.00Thomas Pallmann
7829th November 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
7729th November 2016€ 30.00Yavorsky Alexandr
7629th November 2016€ 10.00Dustin Pyszka
7529th November 2016€ 10.00Christoph Maciejewski
7429th November 2016€ 25.00Anonymous donation
7329th November 2016€ 20.00Thomas Eimers
7229th November 2016€ 2.00Marcos Schnalke
7129th November 2016€ 40.00Knut Hansen
7029th November 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
6929th November 2016€ 20.00Michael Seifert
6829th November 2016€ 5.00D. Roland Böhme
6729th November 2016€ 20.00Alessio Adamo
6629th November 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
6529th November 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
6429th November 2016€ 20.00Jan Grulich
6328th November 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
6228th November 2016€ 20.00Gaston Martini
6128th November 2016€ 40.00Romuald POTEAU
6028th November 2016€ 40.00Thomas Brix Larsen
5928th November 2016€ 5.00Roy Speake
5828th November 2016€ 100.00Anonymous donation
5728th November 2016€ 5.00Jakub Zakrzewski
5628th November 2016€ 30.00Jose Alcalá Correa
5527th November 2016€ 40.00Josef Filzmaier
5427th November 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
5327th November 2016€ 20.00Ibon Toribio Angulo
5227th November 2016€ 10.00Luis Muñiz Valledor
5126th November 2016€ 4.00Anonymous donation
5026th November 2016€ 10.00Vicente Salvador Cubedo
4926th November 2016€ 15.00Ruben Müller
4825th November 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
4725th November 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
4625th November 2016€ 10.00Anonymous donation
4525th November 2016€ 4.00Aram Grigoryan
4425th November 2016€ 5.00Anonymous donation
4325th November 2016€ 30.00Martin Aschenbrenner
4224th November 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
4124th November 2016€ 40.00Anonymous donation
4024th November 2016€ 50.00Anonymous donation
3924th November 2016€ 1.00Santhosh T R
3824th November 2016€ 10.00John-Ivar Eriksen
3724th November 2016€ 20.00John Arhin
3624th November 2016€ 10.00Piotr Rogowski
3524th November 2016€ 100.00Sung Jae Cho
3423rd November 2016€ 25.00Jean-François Lemaire
3323rd November 2016€ 60.00Josep Ma Ferrer
3223rd November 2016€ 52.00Pedro Gomes
3123rd November 2016€ 20.00Arturas Matusak
3023rd November 2016€ 10.00stephen donovan
2923rd November 2016€ 20.00Johann Jacobsohn
2823rd November 2016€ 30.00Dirk Ziegelmeier
2723rd November 2016€ 100.00Adrián Chaves Fernández
2623rd November 2016€ 5.00Pedro Arthur Pinheiro Rosa Duarte
2523rd November 2016€ 75.00Mario Mahardhika
2423rd November 2016€ 10.00Bernhard Friedreich
2323rd November 2016€ 20.00Valerio De Angelis
2223rd November 2016€ 50.00Peter Leugner
2123rd November 2016€ 100.00Martin van Es
2023rd November 2016€ 50.00Anonymous donation
1923rd November 2016€ 40.00Petri Salmela
1823rd November 2016€ 40.00Gaël Beaudoin
1723rd November 2016€ 5.00Cristiano Rodrigues
1623rd November 2016€ 50.00Anonymous donation
1522nd November 2016€ 50.00Timothy Andrews
1422nd November 2016€ 11.00Anonymous donation
1322nd November 2016€ 21.00Radek Karaffa
1222nd November 2016€ 40.00Robert Zimmerman
1122nd November 2016€ 43.22Anonymous donation
1022nd November 2016€ 43.21Sune Vuorela
922nd November 2016€ 1,000.00Darin Miller
822nd November 2016€ 5.00Aaron Honeycutt
722nd November 2016€ 29.00Solerman Kaplon
622nd November 2016€ 8.00R Bos
522nd November 2016€ 20.00Laurent Tromeur
422nd November 2016€ 20.00Anonymous donation
322nd November 2016€ 10.00Martin Rüßler
222nd November 2016€ 10.00Sebastian Kügler
122nd November 2016€ 0.01Albert Astals Cid