Make the World a Better Place! - KDE End of Year 2014 Fundraising

€ 22 885 raised

The KDE End of Year 2014 Fundraiser has finished. Thank you everybody who supported us in this fundraiser. Go to the KDE donation page if you want to support us further.

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As we approach the end of the year we begin the season of giving. What would suit the holiday better than giving to the entire world?

Here is a unique way to give back to KDE allowing us to keep giving free software to humankind.

KDE is committed to improving technology and software to make the world a better place. We produce great quality free software that everyone is free to use or modify without any cost or restriction.

We want to bring the solutions we are offering to the next step. By participating in this fundraiser, you'll be part of the improvements we'll put into our educational software, so kids can have better tools for school; our office suite, so we have the best tools for the workplace; and our desktop so we can all experience a fun and productive experience when interacting with our computers.

Donating to KDE is not for you, it is for the entire world.

As a way to say thank you, starting with € 30 we will send a KDE themed postcard to any given address. You will get an extra card for every additional € 10 donation. Get cards for yourself and for your family and friends to show them you care for freedom. It's the perfect way to spread the festive cheer and donate to your favorite project at the same time.

Postcard Design #1 Postcard Design #2 Postcard Design #3

For those of you that are very generous and donate more than € 1000 we want to thank you by being the guides to our cities. We would like to spend an evening showing you the more interesting spots in the cities we live in, have a chat about KDE, life and everything. At the moment this offer extends to the following cities:

This campaign will end on January 15th 2015.

Where Your Donations Go

Last year KDE spent about € 30 000 on travel and accomodation of more than 100 contributors for various sprints throughout the year.

Sprints are in person meetings and are really important for a team of hardworking volunteers around the world to focus their efforts and discuss technical matters around the project. The amount of output we get from the sprints is really worthwhile for all users of the software.

Remaining money gets spent on our infrastructure, we have a large portfolio of servers hosting websites, code, continuous integration and a lot more. A full breakdown can be seen in our quarterly reports.


If you prefer to use international bank transfers please see this page.
Please write us an email so we can add you to the list of donors manually.

List of donations

DateAmountDonor Name
78815th January 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
78715th January 2015€ 30.00Dimitrios Arvanitis
78615th January 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
78515th January 2015€ 20.00Gianluca Montecchi
78415th January 2015$ 20.00Anonymous donation
78315th January 2015€ 8.00Klyaus Sergey
78215th January 2015€ 10.00Marco Ciarambino
78115th January 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
78015th January 2015€ 40.00Jan-Matthias Braun
77915th January 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
77815th January 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
77715th January 2015€ 100.00Anonymous donation
77615th January 2015€ 40.00Dan Jensen
77515th January 2015€ 23.45Anonymous donation
77415th January 2015€ 25.00Anonymous donation
77314th January 2015€ 10.00Harrison Lumia
77214th January 2015€ 40.00Michael Walser
77114th January 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
77014th January 2015€ 15.00Johannes Falke
76914th January 2015€ 15.00Almis Peter Salcius
76813th January 2015$ 10.00Anonymous donation
76712th January 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
76611th January 2015€ 30.00Anonymous donation
76510th January 2015€ 25.00Anonymous donation
7649th January 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
7639th January 2015€ 200.00Anonymous donation
7629th January 2015$ 5.00Anonymous donation
7619th January 2015€ 10.00Stijn Verwaaijen
7608th January 2015$ 40.00Robert E. Yawn
7597th January 2015€ 10.00Gauthier Guerin
7586th January 2015€ 40.00Franck WIATROWSKI
7576th January 2015$ 10.00Evg Barsukov
7565th January 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
7555th January 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
7545th January 2015€ 20.00John Arhin
7534th January 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
7524th January 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
7513rd January 2015€ 20.00Kókai László
7502nd January 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
7492nd January 2015€ 5.00Rotterdam
7482nd January 2015€ 50.00Bruno Coudoin
7472nd January 2015$ 10.00Tino Mehlmann
7461st January 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
7451st January 2015€ 10.00OTTO DUTRA
7441st January 2015$ 50.00Eric Schwarzenbach
74331st December 2014€ 20.00James Garrett
74231st December 2014€ 50.00Iñigo Salvador Azurmendi
74131st December 2014€ 50.00Vojtech Pavlik
74031st December 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
73931st December 2014$ 10.00CPR Computer Repair
73831st December 2014€ 10.00胡 锦标
73730th December 2014€ 50.00Børre Gaup
73630th December 2014€ 20.00Schwan, Robert
73530th December 2014$ 40.00Simon Bonnick
73430th December 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
73330th December 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
73230th December 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
73130th December 2014€ 50.00Markus Falkner
73030th December 2014€ 10.00Rodrigues Coelho Bruno André
72930th December 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
72830th December 2014€ 30.00daniele scasciafratte
72730th December 2014€ 350.00Anonymous donation
72629th December 2014$ 5.00Anonymous donation
72529th December 2014€ 50.00Bernhard Breinbauer
72429th December 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
72329th December 2014€ 20.00Peter Möller
72229th December 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
72128th December 2014$ 50.00Joshua Worth
72027th December 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
71927th December 2014€ 50.00Peer Frank
71827th December 2014$ 40.00Mario Zuzarte
71726th December 2014€ 10.00Tamás Csizmadia
71626th December 2014$ 5.00ronyclay barreto de souza barreto
71525th December 2014€ 10.00Korepov Alexey
71425th December 2014€ 20.00Gamall Ida
71325th December 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
71224th December 2014€ 25.00Nils Naumann
71124th December 2014€ 20.00Paulo Oliveira
71023rd December 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
70923rd December 2014€ 30.00Anthony RENOUX
70823rd December 2014$ 25.00Anonymous donation
70722nd December 2014€ 40.00Jimmy Richards
70621st December 2014$ 40.00chris collins
70521st December 2014€ 100.00Wade Olson
70420th December 2014€ 10.00Nikolay Semenov
70320th December 2014€ 13.37Anonymous donation
70220th December 2014$ 10.00Anonymous donation
70120th December 2014€ 100.00Christoph Henkelmann
70020th December 2014€ 20.00Joran Ahlback
69920th December 2014€ 10.00Alexander Lang
69820th December 2014$ 15.00Marcio de Siqueira Sales
69719th December 2014$ 10.00LEONARDO MARQUES NUNES DE MATTOS
69619th December 2014€ 20.00Eduardo Ferreira
69519th December 2014€ 20.00Rafael Gomes da Cruz
69419th December 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
69319th December 2014€ 10.00Simone Gaiarin
69219th December 2014€ 8.00Dominic Westreicher
69119th December 2014$ 30.00renato curcio viana
69019th December 2014$ 5.00Flavio Reis
68918th December 2014$ 20.00João Batista Amorim de Oliveira Junior
68818th December 2014€ 10.00Luis Fernando Gonzalez
68718th December 2014$ 20.00Fabio Henrique Lima Silva
68617th December 2014$ 20.00Alekseev Evgeniy
68517th December 2014€ 0.01Anonymous donation
68417th December 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
68317th December 2014$ 30.00Anonymous donation
68216th December 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
68116th December 2014$ 20.00Michael Rife
68016th December 2014€ 40.00Michal Humpula
67916th December 2014€ 2.00Anonymous donation
67816th December 2014€ 15.00Robert Fulton
67715th December 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
67615th December 2014€ 40.00Armand KOENIG
67515th December 2014$ 50.00Manuel Gysin
67415th December 2014€ 40.00Etienne Biardeaud
67315th December 2014€ 40.00Marcin Biernat
67215th December 2014€ 25.00Philipp Kälin
67115th December 2014$ 10.00Oksana Kovalevska
67015th December 2014€ 30.00André Marcelo Alvarenga
66914th December 2014$ 20.00Iouri Ponomarev
66814th December 2014$ 100.00Anonymous donation
66714th December 2014€ 2.00Anonymous donation
66613th December 2014€ 10.00Pavel Ziuzin
66513th December 2014€ 20.00Eric Veith
66413th December 2014$ 20.00Minh Ngo
66313th December 2014€ 12.00Wolnik Dawid
66213th December 2014€ 40.00Ralf Willbacher
66113th December 2014€ 40.00Henrik Stevn
66013th December 2014$ 20.00Minh Ngo
65913th December 2014€ 10.00Herbert Roider
65812th December 2014€ 10.00Yunhe Guo
65712th December 2014€ 3.00BABKIN ALEKSEI
65612th December 2014$ 20.00Pedro Rosado
65511th December 2014€ 5.00Felix Günther
65411th December 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
65311th December 2014$ 5.00Anonymous donation
65211th December 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
65111th December 2014$ 10.00luis lima prado
65011th December 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
64911th December 2014$ 20.00Kuznetsov Andrey
64811th December 2014$ 10.00Anonymous donation
64711th December 2014€ 8.00Zabegaev Andrey
64611th December 2014$ 10.00Efremov Andrey
64511th December 2014€ 100.00Кузин Денис
64411th December 2014€ 10.00Galickij Jurij
64311th December 2014€ 10.00Timur Samatov
64210th December 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
64110th December 2014$ 50.00Vyacheslav Kononenko
64010th December 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
63910th December 2014€ 30.00Jesus Torres
63810th December 2014$ 30.00Semyonov Alexey
63710th December 2014€ 5.00Lyapin Alexey
63610th December 2014$ 10.00Бондарев Алексей
63510th December 2014$ 10.00VORONKOV VLADISLAV
63410th December 2014€ 7.00Mehrad Mahmoudian
63310th December 2014€ 15.00Stancho Ivanov
63210th December 2014$ 1.00Anonymous donation
63110th December 2014$ 1.00Anonymous donation
63010th December 2014€ 15.00Evgheni Dereveanchin
62910th December 2014$ 10.00Алексеенко Андрей
62810th December 2014$ 5.00Pavel Ryapolov
62710th December 2014$ 10.00Zhdanov Sergey
62610th December 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
62510th December 2014$ 15.00Kitmanov Konstantin
62410th December 2014$ 1.00Anonymous donation
62310th December 2014€ 40.00Carsten Obel Mortensen
62210th December 2014€ 20.00Yashin Anton
62110th December 2014$ 20.00Панков Николай
62010th December 2014€ 30.00Danil Semushkin
61910th December 2014€ 50.00Шаповалов Иван
61810th December 2014€ 5.00Dmitrenok Anton
61710th December 2014€ 10.00KOSORUKOV OLEG
61610th December 2014€ 5.00Petrov Grigory
61510th December 2014€ 2.00Anonymous donation
61410th December 2014$ 10.00Мачулин Андрей
6139th December 2014€ 20.00Peter Hartmann
6129th December 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
6119th December 2014$ 5.00Anonymous donation
6108th December 2014$ 20.00Alekseev Evgeniy
6098th December 2014€ 15.00Anonymous donation
6088th December 2014€ 10.00Magno Torres
6078th December 2014$ 20.00Anonymous donation
6068th December 2014€ 40.00Jasem Mutlaq
6058th December 2014$ 40.00Sergey Trufkin
6047th December 2014€ 10.00Nikos Kourtzis
6037th December 2014$ 1.00Roman Kovalevskyy
6027th December 2014$ 3.00Benjamin Healey
6017th December 2014€ 50.00Martin Zahnd
6007th December 2014€ 0.01Terry Scannell
5997th December 2014$ 5.00Haridas N
5987th December 2014€ 100.00Mary Slater
5977th December 2014€ 10.00John Grieve
5966th December 2014€ 40.00Ondřej Vodáček
5956th December 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
5946th December 2014$ 1.00Anonymous donation
5936th December 2014€ 35.00Anonymous donation
5926th December 2014€ 30.00Edgar Klenske
5916th December 2014€ 10.00Maxim Melcher
5906th December 2014€ 30.00Jan-Philipp Schulze
5896th December 2014€ 40.00Sergey Shimkiv
5886th December 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
5876th December 2014$ 5.00Cyclical Web Development
5865th December 2014€ 10.00Filimonov Anton
5855th December 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
5845th December 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
5835th December 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
5825th December 2014$ 10.00Yuriy Frolov
5815th December 2014$ 10.00Лаврухина Александра
5805th December 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
5795th December 2014€ 1.00Никитин Филипп
5785th December 2014$ 10.00Сергеев Антон
5775th December 2014€ 10.00Dodonov Pavel
5765th December 2014$ 10.00Andrey Balabohin
5755th December 2014$ 10.00Blyudin Nikita
5745th December 2014€ 40.00Tobias Steinruecken
5735th December 2014$ 39.00Koblikov Aleksey
5725th December 2014$ 40.00Anonymous donation
5715th December 2014$ 10.00Савенко Денис
5705th December 2014$ 50.00Ievgen Zabolotnyi
5695th December 2014€ 5.00Брюханова Наталия
5685th December 2014$ 15.00Pavel Procopiuc
5675th December 2014$ 3.00Синявский Глеб
5665th December 2014$ 10.00Anonymous donation
5655th December 2014$ 10.00Дегтярев Михаил
5645th December 2014€ 10.00MARTYNENKO ALEKSANDR
5635th December 2014€ 10.00Fomenko Stepan
5625th December 2014$ 50.00Evgeny Brazgin
5615th December 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
5605th December 2014$ 10.00Багрецов Олег
5595th December 2014€ 99.00DMITRIY PERLOW
5585th December 2014€ 30.00Aliaksandr Stelmachonak
5575th December 2014$ 15.00Anonymous donation
5564th December 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
5554th December 2014$ 25.00Artem Strizhevsky
5544th December 2014€ 50.00Clemens Zeitlhofer
5534th December 2014€ 40.00Till Wegmueller
5524th December 2014€ 10.00Bartosz Debski
5514th December 2014€ 15.00Felix Jonathan Oppermann
5504th December 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
5493rd December 2014€ 50.00Christian Bay
5483rd December 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
5472nd December 2014€ 60.00Stanisław Trzmiel
5462nd December 2014€ 30.00Thorsten Tarrach
5452nd December 2014€ 20.00D. Roland Böhme
5442nd December 2014€ 40.00Bastiaan Koster
5432nd December 2014$ 200.00Balazs Kelemen
5422nd December 2014€ 10.00Juergen Grau
5411st December 2014€ 10.00Kai Li
5401st December 2014€ 10.00Nicolas Werner
5391st December 2014$ 50.00Ben Breard
5381st December 2014€ 52.00Marius Cirsta
53730th November 2014€ 10.00Reinhard Fischer
53630th November 2014$ 50.00Thiago Bauermann
53530th November 2014€ 40.00Etienne Pot
53430th November 2014€ 140.00Adrien Guichard
53329th November 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
53229th November 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
53128th November 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
53028th November 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
52927th November 2014$ 100.00Anonymous donation
52827th November 2014€ 50.00Kevin Krammer
52727th November 2014€ 10.00Lars Pontoppidan
52626th November 2014€ 100.00Alejandro Gómez Mancebo
52526th November 2014$ 5.00Paweł Dzidek
52426th November 2014€ 10.00Adrian Zaugg
52324th November 2014$ 18.00ROGER ARAUJO
52223rd November 2014€ 250.00Mischa Zschokke
52123rd November 2014€ 100.00David Ross
52023rd November 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
51923rd November 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
51822nd November 2014€ 50.00Steffen Ullrich
51721st November 2014$ 20.00John Way
51621st November 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
51521st November 2014$ 50.00Algot Runeman
51420th November 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
51320th November 2014€ 20.00Jean-Nicolas Artaud
51220th November 2014€ 25.00Steinar Hauge
51120th November 2014€ 60.00Aleix Pol Gonzalez
51020th November 2014$ 20.00Sergei Danilov
50919th November 2014€ 50.00Claus Heidecke
50819th November 2014€ 30.00Mateusz Kopyto
50719th November 2014$ 10.00Thomas Bruno
50619th November 2014€ 20.00Samir Derzic
50518th November 2014$ 5.00Chris Niewiarowski
50418th November 2014$ 10.00Aliaksei Zhynhiarouski
50318th November 2014$ 20.00Che Dean
50218th November 2014€ 25.00Jean-François Lemaire
50118th November 2014$ 40.00Michael Skelton
50018th November 2014€ 2.00Anonymous donation
49918th November 2014€ 40.00Magnus Möckelind
49818th November 2014$ 20.00Aleh Kashnikau
49718th November 2014€ 30.00Paul Kies
49618th November 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
49518th November 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
49418th November 2014$ 20.00Anonymous donation
49318th November 2014€ 40.00Patrick Rifici
49217th November 2014€ 200.00Laurent Pointal
49117th November 2014$ 50.00Gabriel Morell-Pacheco
49017th November 2014€ 20.00David Baum
48917th November 2014€ 40.00David Largo Alvarez
48817th November 2014€ 5.00Marcelino Luna Espinosa
48716th November 2014€ 100.00Stefan Majewsky
48616th November 2014€ 50.00Arne Stäcker
48516th November 2014€ 142.00Marc-Andre Beck
48415th November 2014€ 20.00Giorgio Daino
48315th November 2014€ 50.00Steve Storey
48215th November 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
48115th November 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
48015th November 2014€ 30.00Konrad Renner
47915th November 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
47815th November 2014$ 25.00Pedro Rosado
47715th November 2014€ 22.00Shinjo Park
47615th November 2014$ 50.00Alberto Passalacqua
47514th November 2014$ 20.00Anonymous donation
47414th November 2014€ 10.00Michael Armbrecht
47314th November 2014€ 10.00Vinzenz Vietzke
47214th November 2014$ 25.00James Vaughn
47114th November 2014€ 10.00Mayuresh Kathe
47014th November 2014€ 30.00Florian Molnar
46914th November 2014€ 20.00Francesco De Marchi
46814th November 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
46714th November 2014€ 30.00Helio Castro
46614th November 2014€ 25.00Anonymous donation
46514th November 2014€ 16.00Michele Mazza
46414th November 2014€ 20.00Gerhard Dittes
46313th November 2014€ 30.00Joao Gomes
46213th November 2014€ 50.00Torsten Roters
46113th November 2014€ 5.00alexis bekhdadi
46013th November 2014$ 10.00Anonymous donation
45913th November 2014€ 20.00Emeric Letavernier
45813th November 2014€ 4.00matthias gatto
45713th November 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
45612th November 2014€ 100.00Albert Astals Cid
45512th November 2014€ 30.00Helene Kainz
45312th November 2014€ 100.00Philippe Cattin
45212th November 2014€ 20.00Ingolf Schäfer
45112th November 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
45012th November 2014€ 30.00Wolfgang Mader
44912th November 2014€ 10.00Vicente Salvador Cubedo
44812th November 2014€ 20.00Axel Braun
44712th November 2014€ 100.00Darin Miller
44612th November 2014€ 30.00Andrea Nicotra
44512th November 2014€ 10.00José Feliciano Cerdeño Pe
44412th November 2014$ 10.00Shi Shanshi
44312th November 2014€ 10.00Ferenc Gergely Szilágyi
44212th November 2014€ 5.00Michael Schwind
44112th November 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
44012th November 2014$ 30.00Anonymous donation
43912th November 2014€ 50.00Are Egner-Kaupang
43812th November 2014€ 5.00Samikshan Bairagya
43712th November 2014$ 30.00John Havlik
43612th November 2014€ 20.00Peter Fosseus
43512th November 2014$ 25.00Brendan Chandler
43411th November 2014$ 5.00Nayar Joolfoo
43311th November 2014€ 10.00Robert Kübler
43211th November 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
43111th November 2014€ 10.00Marko Stanković
43011th November 2014€ 10.00Heiko Becker
42911th November 2014$ 10.00Fabio Bonfante
42811th November 2014€ 10.00Enrique Ferrandiz Esteve
42711th November 2014€ 62.00Dany Pinoy
42611th November 2014€ 30.00Bartosz Mikucewicz
42511th November 2014€ 40.00Justinas Petravičius
42411th November 2014$ 20.00Marc Benstein
42310th November 2014€ 20.00Anssi Kolehmainen
42210th November 2014€ 10.00Fabio Giani
42110th November 2014$ 5.00oooES
42010th November 2014$ 10.00Anonymous donation
41910th November 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
41810th November 2014€ 20.00brunetto ziosi
4179th November 2014€ 10.00Dario Burattini
4168th November 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
4158th November 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
4148th November 2014€ 25.00Anonymous donation
4138th November 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
4128th November 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
4118th November 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
4108th November 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
4098th November 2014€ 15.00Anonymous donation
4088th November 2014€ 10.00F Javier Garcia Dominguez
4078th November 2014€ 40.00Pasi Timonen
4067th November 2014€ 40.00Yuen Hoe Lim
4057th November 2014€ 40.00Sandro Knauß
4047th November 2014€ 40.00Tomasz Siekierda
4037th November 2014$ 100.00Robert Zimmerman
4026th November 2014€ 40.00Sebastien Renard
4016th November 2014€ 20.00Angelos Skembris
4006th November 2014$ 40.00吴 俊涛
3995th November 2014€ 15.00Nandu Kiefer
3985th November 2014€ 50.00Frederic Mohr
3975th November 2014€ 50.00Matthias Arndt
3965th November 2014€ 20.00Andrew Lake
3955th November 2014€ 50.00Karl Ove Hufthammer
3945th November 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
3935th November 2014€ 50.00Reto Hasler
3925th November 2014$ 10.00Anonymous donation
3915th November 2014€ 50.00Armin Straub
3904th November 2014€ 30.00Timothée Briolet
3894th November 2014€ 15.00Anonymous donation
3884th November 2014€ 40.00Andreas Rohlfs
3874th November 2014€ 10.00Hernán Ramírez Salas
3863rd November 2014$ 40.00Anonymous donation
3853rd November 2014€ 30.00Risto Alanko
3843rd November 2014€ 10.00Nassos Kourentas
3833rd November 2014€ 10.00Elliot Maccarinelli
3823rd November 2014$ 20.00Dmytro Makovey
3813rd November 2014€ 50.00Geoffrey Métais
3803rd November 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
3793rd November 2014$ 5.00Anonymous donation
3783rd November 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3772nd November 2014€ 10.00Andreas Theodosiou
3762nd November 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3752nd November 2014€ 40.00JACOPO TORRINI
3742nd November 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
3732nd November 2014€ 30.00Matthias Klein
3722nd November 2014€ 10.00Alexandra Giardina
3712nd November 2014€ 50.00Alexander Dürnberger
3702nd November 2014$ 10.00Michael G Moore
3691st November 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
3681st November 2014€ 40.00Téssio Fechine
3671st November 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
36631st October 2014$ 40.00Andrew Schenck
36531st October 2014$ 40.00Rolandas Valteris
36431st October 2014€ 15.00Carl-Christian Gallon
36331st October 2014€ 40.00Christoph Wiechert
36231st October 2014€ 5.00Sampsa Laapotti
36130th October 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
36030th October 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
35930th October 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
35830th October 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
35730th October 2014€ 42.00Anonymous donation
35630th October 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
35530th October 2014€ 35.00Anonymous donation
35430th October 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
35330th October 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
35230th October 2014€ 12.29Anonymous donation
35130th October 2014€ 42.00Anonymous donation
35030th October 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
34930th October 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
34830th October 2014€ 100.00René Genz
34730th October 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
34630th October 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
34530th October 2014€ 36.51Anonymous donation
34430th October 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
34330th October 2014€ 200.00Anonymous donation
34230th October 2014€ 150.00Anonymous donation
34130th October 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
34030th October 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
33930th October 2014€ 25.00Anonymous donation
33830th October 2014€ 150.00Anonymous donation
33730th October 2014€ 33.42Anonymous donation
33630th October 2014€ 25.00Anonymous donation
33530th October 2014€ 10.00Sinisa Vujovic
33429th October 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
33329th October 2014€ 10.00Alexander Kollrich
33229th October 2014€ 30.00CF Carlo ROATTA - Ce.Va.
33129th October 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
33029th October 2014€ 40.00Jarkko Pöyry
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