[update] The Randa Meetings 2017 Fundraiser has finished. Thank you everybody who supported us in this fundraiser. We didn't reach the set goal but we collected quite some money and that means there will be more KDE Sprints thanks to your support! Planet KDE for more information to come and go to the


Total backers


Pledged of €20,000 goal


About this fundraising campaign

Randa Meetings are annual KDE development sprints that have typically been dedicated to bringing our technology to different operating systems and form factors. This year, Randa Meetings are all about accessibility. But what do we mean by that?

At KDE, we understand technology is not always easy, and different conditions and abilities make our software harder to use. As we want Free Software to be universal, we must strive to put KDE apps into everybody's hands, including yours.

We want to focus on things that tend to fall by the wayside; problems that are annoying, but not for everyone.

How are we doing that?

During Randa Meetings 2017, we will gather in the quietness of the Swiss mountains and push several different projects in that direction. David Edmundson, for example, plans to spend his time on improving navigation on Plasma for those who prefer to use a keyboard over a mouse. This will help users with reduced mobility that find moving a mouse cumbersome. And Adriaan de Groot will be working on Calamares, an application that helps install operating systems. Adriaan will make Calamares more accessible to visually impaired users by improving integration with the Orca screenreader.

Apart from the two projects mentioned above, we will also have developers from GCompris, Kdenlive, Kubuntu, KMyMoney, Kontact, Kube, Atelier, KDEEdu, digiKam, WikiToLearn, and Krita, all working together, solving the most annoying accessibility issues.

About KDE

As one of the biggest Free Software communities in the world, KDE has been delivering high-quality technology and spreading the principles of hacker culture for nearly two decades. KDE brings together users, developers, maintainers, translators and many more contributors from across six continents and over fifty countries, all of them working with the bonds and spirits of a truthful community.

KDE has a vision:

A world in which everyone has control over their digital life and enjoys freedom and privacy.

To make Randa Meetings 2017 possible, we need your help. Please donate so we can make KDE more accessible for everyone.

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Randa Meetings 2016 ‒ What did we do?
Help make this vision come true!

Some examples of the direct connection between your donation and the realization of KDE technology on every device:

You + a friend support our CI and development infrastructure

€100 each

You keep the ball rolling by supporting other sprints by the end of the year


All donations to Randa Meetings 2017 Fundraising Campaign are one-time donations!

List of donations
# Date Amount Donor Name
14428th September 2017€50.00Philipp Schmidt
14328th September 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
14227th September 2017€20.00Matthieu Gallien
14127th September 2017€17.14Joan Maspons
14027th September 2017€15.00ROGER ARAUJO
13925th September 2017€10.00Nebojša Arežina
13823rd September 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
13723rd September 2017€100.00Anonymous donation
13621st September 2017€10.00Danijel Drilo
13520th September 2017€50.00Sung Jae Cho
13420th September 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
13320th September 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
13219th September 2017€20.00Till Schäfer
13119th September 2017€20.00Juan Jo Fernandez Monreal
13019th September 2017€100.00Erich Seifert
12919th September 2017€30.00Michal Klaus
12819th September 2017€10.00Jonathan Moerman
12719th September 2017€5.00Benedikt Geißler
12619th September 2017€10.00Daniel Schär
12518th September 2017€20.00Jack Ostroff
12418th September 2017€20.00Frank Dekker
12318th September 2017€100.00Daniel Vrátil
12217th September 2017€10.00Frank Dornheim
12117th September 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
12016th September 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
11916th September 2017€50.00Achim Bohnet
11815th September 2017€10.00Xavier Corredor Llano
11715th September 2017€50.00Wiktor Sztwiertnia
11615th September 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
11515th September 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
11415th September 2017€30.00Pedro Gomes
11315th September 2017€1,000.00Anonymous donation
11214th September 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
11114th September 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
11014th September 2017€30.00André Marcelo Alvarenga
10913th September 2017€50.00Vivek Prakash
10813th September 2017€50.00Martin Bednar
10712th September 2017€15.00Cord Horeis
10612th September 2017€20.00Gwenaëlle LABROUSSE
10512th September 2017€133.00Anonymous donation
10411th September 2017€200.00Andreas Geyer-Schulz
10310th September 2017€100.00Axel Dittrich
10210th September 2017€50.00Marcelino Villarino
10110th September 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
10010th September 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
9910th September 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
9810th September 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
9710th September 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
969th September 2017€25.00Mahendra Tallur
957th September 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
947th September 2017€50.00Thomas Kleindienst
936th September 2017€50.00Algot Runeman
926th September 2017€50.00Alexandre Faustino
916th September 2017€30.00Sam Muirhead
906th September 2017€15.00Anonymous donation
896th September 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
886th September 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
875th September 2017€50.00Sinny Kumari
865th September 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
855th September 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
845th September 2017€7.00Anonymous donation
835th September 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
825th September 2017€100.00Anonymous donation
815th September 2017€5.00Daniele Scasciafratte
805th September 2017€20.00Andrei Cimpean
794th September 2017€46.00Albert Astals Cid
784th September 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
773rd September 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
763rd September 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
753rd September 2017€50.00Marco Menardi
743rd September 2017€50.00Adrian Friedli
733rd September 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
722nd September 2017€45.00Jane Hadley
712nd September 2017€10.00Jonathan Verner
702nd September 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
692nd September 2017€20.00Mike Berger
682nd September 2017€50.00Christopher Tanner
672nd September 2017€25.00Nikolai Maziashvili
662nd September 2017€15.00Henrique Sant'Anna
652nd September 2017€25.00Roland Askew
642nd September 2017€100.00Denis Zimmermann
632nd September 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
621st September 2017€100.00Kevin Ott
611st September 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
6031st August 2017€20.00Philippe Pfeiffer
5931st August 2017€50.00Yves Mermoud
5829th August 2017€20.00Johannes Tiemer
5729th August 2017€18.00Dawid Wolnik
5629th August 2017€64.00Anonymous donation
5528th August 2017€40.00Jairo Alonso Benitez Cardona
5428th August 2017€44.00Anonymous donation
5328th August 2017€80.00Dominic Lyons
5228th August 2017€50.00Christopher Berlinger
5128th August 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
5028th August 2017€30.00Linus Seelinger
4928th August 2017€10.00Ferdinand Thommes
4828th August 2017€15.00Need Meditation . com
4727th August 2017€50.00Graham Perrin
4626th August 2017€50.00Matija Šuklje
4526th August 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
4425th August 2017€50.00Anonymous donation
4325th August 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
4224th August 2017€50.00Simon Heimbach
4124th August 2017€50.00Martin Schwinzerl
4023rd August 2017€25.00Mahendra Tallur
3922nd August 2017€50.00Johannes Felko
3820th August 2017€3.00Frank Quotschalla
3720th August 2017€50.00Romain Brouté
3620th August 2017€10.00Frank Dornheim
3519th August 2017€10.00R Bos
3418th August 2017€20.00Lamarque Souza
3317th August 2017€50.00Yuen Hoe Lim
3216th August 2017€40.00Anonymous donation
3115th August 2017€25.00Anonymous donation
3014th August 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
2913th August 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
2813th August 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
2713th August 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
2613th August 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
2513th August 2017€20.00Jose Luis Couto Vázquez
2413th August 2017€16.00Anonymous donation
2312th August 2017€50.00Cristian Adam
2212th August 2017€50.00Josef Filzmaier
2111th August 2017€20.00Anonymous donation
2011th August 2017€15.00Anonymous donation
1910th August 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
1810th August 2017€1.00Anonymous donation
1710th August 2017€25.00Martin Aschenbrenner
1610th August 2017€10.00Anonymous donation
1510th August 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
1410th August 2017€10.00Sebastian Schubert
1310th August 2017€1.00Anonymous donation
1210th August 2017€10.00Sebastian Reinhardt
119th August 2017€10.00Ingride Corrêa
109th August 2017€1.00Anonymous donation
99th August 2017€10.00Nicolás Alvarez
89th August 2017€5.00Thomas Pfeiffer
79th August 2017€50.00Robert Zimmerman
69th August 2017€5.00Anonymous donation
59th August 2017€100.00Karl Ove Hufthammer
49th August 2017€1.00Anonymous donation
39th August 2017€50.00Thomas Brix Larsen
29th August 2017€20.00Aleix Pol Gonzalez
16th August 2017€50.00Robert Zimmerman