[update] The Randa Meetings 2016 Fundraiser has finished. Thank you everybody who supported us in this fundraiser. We didn't reach the set goal but we collected quite some money and that means there will be more KDE Sprints thanks to your support! See Planet KDE for more information to come and go to the KDE donation page if you want to support us further.
Randa Meetings 2016 ‒ KDE technology on every device!


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About this fundraising campaign

KDE is one of the biggest free software communities in the world and has been delivering high quality technology and spreading the principles of hacker culture for nearly two decades. KDE brings together users, developers, maintainers, translators and many more contributors from across six continents and over fifty countries, all of them working with the bonds and spirits of a truthful community.

KDE has a vision:

A world in which everyone has control over their digital life and enjoys freedom and privacy

Randa Meetings is the largest sprint organized by KDE. Roughly fifty KDE contributors meet yearly at Swiss alps to enjoy seven days of intense in-person work, pushing KDE technologies forward and discussing how to address the next-generation demands for software systems. One of the biggest challenges we've historically had for KDE technology is that we haven't completely reached the platforms where all of our users work. Aligned with our vision and pursuing the delivery of KDE technologies to every user, Randa Meetings 2016 ‒ which happened from 12th to 19th June ‒ was centered on bringing KDE technology on every device.

This fundraising campaign aims at supporting the continuity of KDE efforts, over the year, towards the following goal:

KDE technology on every device; be it in your pocket, in your bag or perched on your table; with the clear intention to start delivering software that will empower its users regardless of the platform they use

Different teams worked in this direction at Randa Meetings 2016 and are still working on it. Making software work on the platforms is not everything that's needed. We'll also need to have the infrastructure that makes sure this effort will have continuity over time, maintaining the quality our users deserve. This also means investing quite some effort in the KDE DevOps technology such as the CI (Continuous Integration) system for the different platforms and mechanisms to properly distribute binaries.

How are we doing that?

Randa Meetings 2016 activities and subsequent efforts were centered around three important topics:

  1. Have a defined set of KDE Applications ported to specific platform of interest.
  2. Come up with a reasonably generic plan to distribute on each platform.
  3. Come up with a sustainability plan for keeping those applications and binaries up to date.

Here's a list of applications and platforms that were tackled by Randa Meetings 2016 participants: Marble on Android and Linux; Kdenlive on Windows; Artikulate on Android; Calligra on Android; KDE Frameworks on Android and Windows; Kate on OS X and Windows; KDevelop on OS X and Windows; Kube on Windows, OS X, and Android; KDE Connect on Windows; and LabPlot on OS X and Windows.

As for distribution efforts, we investigated the use of technologies such as AppImage and Flatpak to build distribution-independent bundled applications.

Randa Meetings 2015 ‒ Selected Pictures
Randa Meetings 2015 ‒ Short Presentations
Randa Meetings 2015 ‒ Final Report
Help make this vision come true!

Some examples of the direct connection between your donation and the realization of KDE technology on every device:

You + a friend support our CI and development infrastructure

€100 each

You keep the ball rolling by supporting other sprints by the end of the year


All donations to Randa Meetings 2016 Fundraising Campaign are one-time donations!

List of donations
# Date Amount Donor Name
36721st July 2016€25.00Jose Gonzalez Hernandez
36621st July 2016€35.00Anonymous donation
36521st July 2016€50.00Claus Christensen
36421st July 2016€10.00David Baum
36321st July 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
36221st July 2016€15.00Anonymous donation
36120th July 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
36020th July 2016€50.00Aitor Pazos Ibarzabal
35920th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
35820th July 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
35719th July 2016€50.00Domenico Perri
35619th July 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
35519th July 2016€30.00Joan Maspons
35419th July 2016€10.00Frank Dornheim
35319th July 2016€25.00Anonymous donation
35218th July 2016€40.00Arjen-Wander Hiemstra
35118th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
35018th July 2016€10.00Hugo Ideler
34918th July 2016€50.00Sebastian Nellen
34818th July 2016€100.00Sung Jae Cho
34718th July 2016€50.00Wade Olson
34617th July 2016€80.00Anonymous donation
34517th July 2016€50.00Adam Luchjenbroers
34415th July 2016€10.00Nathan Fieldhouse
34315th July 2016€100.00Anonymous donation
34214th July 2016€30.00?ukasz Piwko
34114th July 2016€30.00Anonymous donation
34013th July 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
33912th July 2016€20.00Alexander Louis Schlarb
33812th July 2016€100.00Nicolas Frattaroli
33712th July 2016€50.00Ramon Cahenzli
33612th July 2016€100.00Anonymous donation
33512th July 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
33412th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
33312th July 2016€50.00Kurt Hindenburg
33211th July 2016€100.00Anonymous donation
33111th July 2016€25.00Kevin Wilcoxon
33011th July 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
32910th July 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
32810th July 2016€20.00Ralf Willbacher
32710th July 2016€100.00Daniel Zeiter
32610th July 2016€20.00Pedro Rosado
32510th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
32410th July 2016€30.00Adrien Sentenac
3239th July 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
3229th July 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
3219th July 2016€50.00Yousuf Philips
3209th July 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
3199th July 2016€18.00Dawid Wolnik
3189th July 2016€150.00Anonymous donation
3179th July 2016€50.00Micha? Siedlaczek
3169th July 2016€30.00Anonymous donation
3159th July 2016€5.00Rafael Gomes da Cruz
3149th July 2016€25.00Anonymous donation
3139th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
3129th July 2016€50.00Julien Nguyen
3119th July 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
3109th July 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
3098th July 2016€30.00Cristian Adam
3088th July 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
3078th July 2016€10.00??????? ???????
3068th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
3058th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
3048th July 2016€50.00Maarten Becker
3038th July 2016€15.00Anonymous donation
3028th July 2016€8.00Anonymous donation
3018th July 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
3008th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
2998th July 2016€50.00Jan-Matthias Braun
2988th July 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
2978th July 2016€5.00? ?
2968th July 2016€15.00Andrei Borcoci
2957th July 2016€50.00Alexander Kern
2947th July 2016€15.00Anonymous donation
2937th July 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
2927th July 2016€50.00bradley noyes
2917th July 2016€5.00Northon Held
2907th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
2897th July 2016€5.00Jaakko Kuusela
2887th July 2016€2,500.00Anonymous donation
2877th July 2016€50.00Vincent de Phily
2867th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
2856th July 2016€42.00Anonymous donation
2846th July 2016€50.00Manuel Soukup
2836th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
2826th July 2016€20.00Denis Garcia
2816th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
2806th July 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
2796th July 2016€10.00Jan Krings
2786th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
2776th July 2016€1.00Michail Vourlakos
2766th July 2016€30.00Raffael Bachmann
2756th July 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
2746th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
2736th July 2016€25.00Juan Carlos Torres
2726th July 2016€20.00Wolfgang Mader
2716th July 2016€50.00Stefan Habetz
2706th July 2016€10.00Michael Weimann
2696th July 2016€10.00Svetlana Lammok
2686th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
2676th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
2666th July 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
2655th July 2016€80.00Daniel Lin
2645th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
2635th July 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
2625th July 2016€20.00Johannes Tiemer
2615th July 2016€30.00Christoph Herrmann
2605th July 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
2595th July 2016€30.00Silvan Jegen
2585th July 2016€30.00Filipe Saraiva
2575th July 2016€25.00Anonymous donation
2564th July 2016€125.79Johan Ouwerkerk
2554th July 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
2544th July 2016€200.00Anonymous donation
2534th July 2016€2.00Anonymous donation
2524th July 2016€25.00Anonymous donation
2514th July 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
2504th July 2016€15.00Matthieu Gallien
2494th July 2016€30.00Anonymous donation
2484th July 2016€10.00Wiktor Sztwiertnia
2474th July 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
2463rd July 2016€50.00Nicolas Frattaroli
2452nd July 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
2441st July 2016€50.00Bernhard Friedreich
2431st July 2016€19.80Martin Bednar
2421st July 2016€2.00Kieran Elmes
24030th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
23930th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
23830th June 2016€100.00Jure Repinc
23729th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
23629th June 2016€40.00Veikko Rytivaara
23529th June 2016€2.00Anonymous donation
23429th June 2016€5.00Benjamin Buch
23328th June 2016€25.00Anonymous donation
23227th June 2016€55.00Keith Zubot-Gephart
23127th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
23027th June 2016€50.00Thomas Steffen
22927th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
22827th June 2016€1.14Anonymous donation
22726th June 2016€20.00Nicolas Dietrich
22626th June 2016€0.76Anonymous donation
22526th June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
22426th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
22326th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
24126th June 2016€100.00Dominic Tubach
22226th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
22126th June 2016€25.00Antoine Poliakov
22026th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
21926th June 2016€15.00Anonymous donation
21825th June 2016€20.00Michael Sost
21725th June 2016€30.00Anonymous donation
21625th June 2016€15.00Anonymous donation
21525th June 2016€9.00Anonymous donation
21424th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
21324th June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
21224th June 2016€25.00Anonymous donation
21124th June 2016€10.00stephen donovan
21024th June 2016€20.00Sergiy Kachanyuk
20924th June 2016€5.00Vinicius Tinti de Paula Oliveira
20824th June 2016€25.00Vadim Lazarev
20724th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
20623rd June 2016€12.00Anonymous donation
20523rd June 2016€20.00Dieter Rogiest
20423rd June 2016€15.00Matteo Mori
20323rd June 2016€40.00Sylvain Leterreur
20223rd June 2016€30.00Anonymous donation
20123rd June 2016€50.00Oliver Nautsch
20023rd June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
19923rd June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
19823rd June 2016€32.00Stian Viskjer
19723rd June 2016€50.00Bardur Arantsson
19623rd June 2016€70.00Anonymous donation
19523rd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
19423rd June 2016€10.00Rouven Rastetter
19323rd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
19223rd June 2016€20.00federico german garcia ronca
19123rd June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
19023rd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
18923rd June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
18823rd June 2016€4.00Anonymous donation
18723rd June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
18623rd June 2016€20.00Christian Gmeiner
18522nd June 2016€20.00Joseph Chevarley
18422nd June 2016€50.00Marco Menardi
18322nd June 2016€10.00Andrew Morgan
18222nd June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
18122nd June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
18022nd June 2016€20.00Barry Carter
17922nd June 2016€20.00iSoftCloud
17822nd June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
17722nd June 2016€15.00Anonymous donation
17622nd June 2016€4.00Anonymous donation
17522nd June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
17422nd June 2016€25.00Mitchell Smolash
17322nd June 2016€10.00Adam Lyall
17222nd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
17122nd June 2016€50.00Robin Appelman
17022nd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
16922nd June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
16822nd June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
16722nd June 2016€15.00Anonymous donation
16622nd June 2016€25.00David Boosalis
16522nd June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
16422nd June 2016€10.00Brent Mendelsohn
16322nd June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
16222nd June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
16122nd June 2016€20.00Paulo Oliveira
16022nd June 2016€10.00Matthew Mould
15922nd June 2016€32.00Anonymous donation
15822nd June 2016€25.00Lisa Gornall
15722nd June 2016€30.00VideoScript
15622nd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
15522nd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
15422nd June 2016€20.00Marius Cirsta
15322nd June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
15222nd June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
15122nd June 2016€10.00Robert Sanders
15022nd June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
14922nd June 2016€15.00Corentin Rossignon
14822nd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
14722nd June 2016€15.00Jakub Dvorak
14622nd June 2016€50.00Jack Saffen
14522nd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
14422nd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
14322nd June 2016€15.00Anonymous donation
14222nd June 2016€25.00Jeffrey Dooley
14122nd June 2016€20.00Laurent Tromeur
14022nd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
13922nd June 2016€10.00Aleksi Johansson
13822nd June 2016€10.00Deni Jakac
13722nd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
13622nd June 2016€10.00Oliver Pabst
13522nd June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
13422nd June 2016€20.00Teet Talviste
13322nd June 2016€250.00Anonymous donation
13222nd June 2016€15.00Anonymous donation
13122nd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
13022nd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
12922nd June 2016€15.00Anonymous donation
12822nd June 2016€15.00Anonymous donation
12722nd June 2016€10.00Arne Brix
12622nd June 2016€10.00Michael Koschorrek
12522nd June 2016€50.00Robert Walker
12422nd June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
12322nd June 2016€20.00Mark Constable
12222nd June 2016€15.00carlos pinto
12122nd June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
12022nd June 2016€50.00Martin Jost
11922nd June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
11822nd June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
11721st June 2016€100.00Anonymous donation
11621st June 2016€10.00Niels Slot
11521st June 2016€5.00Spencer Brown
11421st June 2016€15.00Jan Sommer
11321st June 2016€12.00Anonymous donation
11221st June 2016€25.00Anonymous donation
11121st June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
11021st June 2016€10.00Adrian Kasprzyk
10921st June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
10821st June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
10721st June 2016€20.00Kjetil Nes
10620th June 2016€20.00Piotr Mierzwi?ski
10520th June 2016€35.00Anonymous donation
10420th June 2016€10.00Frank Schmuck
10320th June 2016€51.00Anonymous donation
10220th June 2016€10.00Nicolas Frandeboeuf
10120th June 2016€100.00Cornelius Schumacher
10020th June 2016€5.00Marcin S?gol
9919th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
9819th June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
9719th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
9619th June 2016€150.00Anonymous donation
9519th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
9419th June 2016€50.00Rainer Gievers
9319th June 2016€25.00Anonymous donation
9219th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
9119th June 2016€50.00Philipp Schmidt
9019th June 2016€30.00Anonymous donation
8919th June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
8818th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
8718th June 2016€10.00Danijel Drilo
8618th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
8518th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
8418th June 2016€0.01Anonymous donation
8317th June 2016€30.00Elvis Angelaccio
8217th June 2016€50.00Udo Hickmann
8117th June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
8017th June 2016€33.33Anonymous donation
7916th June 2016€1.21Oliver Warner
7816th June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
7716th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
7616th June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
7516th June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
7416th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
7316th June 2016€2.00Anonymous donation
7216th June 2016€25.00Anonymous donation
7116th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
7016th June 2016€25.00Anonymous donation
6916th June 2016€10.00? ??
6816th June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
6716th June 2016€30.00Frank Langer
6616th June 2016€15.00Linus Seelinger
6516th June 2016€10.00Stefan Schaberg
6416th June 2016€100.00Steffen Ullrich
6316th June 2016€50.00Rudolf Steiner
6216th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
6115th June 2016€5.00Alfeno Rodrigues
6015th June 2016€10.00Dave Lyon
5915th June 2016€25.00Anonymous donation
5815th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
5715th June 2016€25.00Bodo Stroeber
5615th June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
5515th June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
5414th June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
5314th June 2016€100.00Frederik Gladhorn
5214th June 2016€2.00Anonymous donation
5114th June 2016€20.00Harald Fernengel
5014th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
4914th June 2016€13.37Anonymous donation
4814th June 2016€26.00Dawid Wolnik
4714th June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
4613th June 2016€50.00maria teresa gonzalez alujas
4513th June 2016€5.00Anonymous donation
4413th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
4313th June 2016€100.00Philippe Cattin
4213th June 2016€100.00Anonymous donation
4113th June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
4013th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
3913th June 2016€25.00Jaroslav Reznik
3813th June 2016€50.00Thomas Kleindienst
3713th June 2016€25.00Jose Millan Soto
3613th June 2016€10.00Cord Horeis
3513th June 2016€25.00Darin Miller
3412th June 2016€25.00Anonymous donation
3312th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
3212th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
3112th June 2016€100.00pascal d'Hermilly
3012th June 2016€50.00Yuen Hoe Lim
2912th June 2016€10.00Vicente Salvador Cubedo
2812th June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
2712th June 2016€50.00Gijsbert van der Heijden
2611th June 2016€30.00Anonymous donation
2511th June 2016€10.00Bo Simonsen
2411th June 2016€50.00Anonymous donation
2311th June 2016€100.00Anonymous donation
2211th June 2016€20.00Johannes Hauck
2111th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
2011th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
1911th June 2016€30.00Anonymous donation
1811th June 2016€20.00Thomas Brix Larsen
1711th June 2016€20.00Anonymous donation
1611th June 2016€100.00Anonymous donation
1511th June 2016€100.00Boudewijn Rempt
1411th June 2016€7.00Anonymous donation
1311th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
1210th June 2016€100.00Anonymous donation
1110th June 2016€50.00Robert Zimmerman
1010th June 2016€100.00Christian Loosli
910th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
810th June 2016€50.00Christopher Baines
710th June 2016€10.00Anonymous donation
610th June 2016€20.00Valerio De Angelis
510th June 2016€2,660.18Gary Shearer
410th June 2016€50.00Xavier Corredor Llano
310th June 2016€100.00Karl Ove Hufthammer
210th June 2016€50.00Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen
19th June 2016€30.00Lamarque Souza