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Randa Meetings 2014 fundraising

€15397.06 raised of a €20000 goal

The Randa Meetings 2014 Fundraiser has finished. Thank you everybody who supported us in this fundraiser. We didn't reach the set goal but we collected quite some money and that means there is going to be Randa Meetings in August 2014. See for more information to come and go to the KDE donation page if you want to support us further.

For the fifth year, the intense sprints in Randa, Switzerland will include key KDE projects and top developers, all working concurrently under one roof, isolated from noise and distractions.

Previous Randa Meetings have been concentrated and productive, generating exceptional results; organizers and participants expect the same and more this year. And the meetings have produced significant breakthroughs for KDE software users and developers.

Participants donate their time to help improve the software you love and this is why we need money to cover hard expenses like accommodation and travel to get the volunteer contributors to Randa. If you are not attending, you can still support the Randa Meetings by making a donation. As in the past, the Randa Meetings will benefit everyone who uses KDE software.

We have a fundraising goal of €20000. Please donate what you can to help make the Randa Meetings 2014 possible. This fund campaign ends on the 9th of July (one month before the beginning of the Randa Meetings 2014).

Randa Meetings 2014 projects:


Read more about the Randa Meetings and the Fundraising on KDE.News where you can write your comments.

The costs for the Randa Meetings 2014 are composed of the following items:

  • International travel costs: EUR 10'000
  • Swiss train tickets: EUR 3'000
  • House rental: EUR 4'000
  • Expense allowance: EUR 2'000
  • Miscellaneous: EUR 1'000

Even if we don't reach our ambitious goal, the money received will be spent for the Randa Meetings (although with fewer participants) or other KDE purposes (like other sprints).

If you prefer to use international bank transfers please see this page.
Please write us an email so we can add you to the list of donors manually.

List of donations

No.DateAmountDonor Name
42812th July 2014€ 10.00Ben Williges
42712th July 2014€ 30.00Philipp Doebereiner
42612th July 2014€ 100.00Ingo Kloecker
42512th July 2014€ 15.00Anonymous donation
42412th July 2014€ 6.66Anonymous donation
42312th July 2014€ 50.00Josep Maria Ferrer Puigdomenech
42212th July 2014€ 40.00Thomas Eckart
42112th July 2014€ 10.00M Robert Riemann
42012th July 2014€ 115.00Juliane Andereggen
41912th July 2014€ 50.00Dominic Tubach
4189th July 2014€ 40.00Marco Poli
4179th July 2014€ 100.00Marco Poli
4169th July 2014€ 40.00Michael Linksvayer
4159th July 2014€ 100.00Philippe Cattin
4149th July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
4139th July 2014€ 40.00Sune Vuorela
4129th July 2014€ 21.21Anonymous donation
4119th July 2014€ 10.00Joseph Marques
4109th July 2014€ 10.00Roland Schlenker
4099th July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
4089th July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
4079th July 2014€ 40.00Michal Hlavac
4069th July 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
4059th July 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
4049th July 2014€ 15.00Anonymous donation
4039th July 2014€ 100.00Jeffrey Trull
4029th July 2014€ 100.00Myriam Rita Schweingruber
4019th July 2014€ 50.00Anthony RENOUX
4009th July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3999th July 2014€ 50.00Lambert Martijn Otten
3989th July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3979th July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3969th July 2014€ 40.00Jos Poortvliet
3959th July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3949th July 2014€ 5.00Henrik Sonesson
3939th July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3929th July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3919th July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3909th July 2014€ 40.00Joffroy Urbain
3899th July 2014€ 10.00Valerio De Angelis
3889th July 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
3879th July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3869th July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3859th July 2014€ 20.00Riccardo Ciman
3849th July 2014€ 10.00Anderson de Arruda Casimiro
3839th July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3829th July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3819th July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3809th July 2014€ 10.00Andrew Blackshaw
3799th July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3789th July 2014€ 10.00Stefan Borggraefe
3779th July 2014€ 100.00Giles Turner
3769th July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3759th July 2014€ 20.00Jan Wiele
3749th July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3739th July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3729th July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3719th July 2014€ 10.00Sergiy Kachanyuk
3709th July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3699th July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3689th July 2014€ 40.00Tomasz Siekierda
3679th July 2014€ 40.00Nikolaos Chatzidakis
3669th July 2014€ 20.00Laurent Tromeur
3659th July 2014€ 10.00Silvio Kozasa
3649th July 2014€ 10.00Martin Gysel
3639th July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3629th July 2014€ 20.00Teemu Erkkola
3619th July 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
3609th July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3599th July 2014€ 7.00Tilman Priesner
3589th July 2014€ 40.00Christoph Baldauf
3579th July 2014€ 20.00Jason Hihn
3569th July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3558th July 2014€ 120.00Tore Havn
3548th July 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
3538th July 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
3528th July 2014€ 25.00Anonymous donation
3518th July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3508th July 2014€ 20.00Jan Sommer
3498th July 2014€ 50.00Frank Roscher
3488th July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3478th July 2014€ 80.00Carlo Jeffery
3468th July 2014€ 40.00Stefan Soyka
3458th July 2014€ 5.00Pablo Estigarribia Davyt
3448th July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3438th July 2014€ 40.00Pierre Salois
3428th July 2014€ 50.00Thomas Schyschka
3418th July 2014€ 40.00Luca Sartorelli
3408th July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3398th July 2014€ 25.00Vincent de Phily
3388th July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3378th July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3368th July 2014€ 20.00Aitor Morant Intxausti
3358th July 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
3348th July 2014€ 40.00Justin Geibel
3337th July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3326th July 2014€ 10.00Pedro Rodrigues
3316th July 2014€ 20.00Andrei Nistor
3306th July 2014€ 10.00Francois Delpierre
3296th July 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
3285th July 2014€ 80.00Jean-Baptiste Mardelle
3275th July 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
3264th July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3254th July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3244th July 2014€ 72.00Christopher Fritz
3234th July 2014€ 50.00Thomas Schwarzgruber
3224th July 2014€ 10.00Shantanu Tushar
3214th July 2014€ 40.00Angus Mackenzie
3203rd July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3193rd July 2014€ 5.00Henrik Jensen
3183rd July 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
3173rd July 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
3163rd July 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
3153rd July 2014€ 120.00Etienne Biardeaud
3143rd July 2014€ 20.00Bogdan Mihaila
3133rd July 2014€ 50.00Kenneth Aar
3123rd July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3112nd July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3102nd July 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
3092nd July 2014€ 0.19Anonymous donation
3082nd July 2014€ 5.00Whitney Misja
3072nd July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3062nd July 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
3052nd July 2014€ 40.00Kees Boekhoven
3042nd July 2014€ 40.00Wolfgang Romey
3032nd July 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
3022nd July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3012nd July 2014€ 10.00stephen donovan
3002nd July 2014€ 30.00Ari Aviran
2992nd July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
2981st July 2014€ 25.00Claudio Desideri
2971st July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
2961st July 2014€ 5.61Evandro Pires Alves
2951st July 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
2941st July 2014€ 200.00Anonymous donation
2931st July 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
2921st July 2014€ 120.00Anonymous donation
2911st July 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
2901st July 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
2891st July 2014€ 30.00Johannes Tress
2881st July 2014€ 20.00Lars Johannes Hetland
28730th June 2014€ 20.00Thiago Bauermann
28630th June 2014€ 40.00Diego Figueroa
28530th June 2014€ 40.00Thomas Gufler
28430th June 2014€ 25.00Anonymous donation
28330th June 2014€ 10.00Waldo Web Design LLC
28230th June 2014€ 100.00Paul Eggleton
28130th June 2014€ 20.00Artur de Souza
28030th June 2014€ 50.00Afief Halumi
27930th June 2014€ 10.00Andreas Gustafsson
27830th June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
27730th June 2014€ 20.00EpiGeneticK9nz
27630th June 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
27530th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
27430th June 2014€ 100.00Rolf Gottschling
27330th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
27230th June 2014€ 25.00Anonymous donation
27130th June 2014€ 15.00Ritesh Sarraf
27030th June 2014€ 200.00Home
26929th June 2014€ 10.00Andrea Cavaliero
26829th June 2014€ 5.00Marcin S?gol
26729th June 2014€ 6.00Maximilian Wurster
26629th June 2014€ 80.00Philip Cohn-Cort
26529th June 2014€ 20.00Sebastian Schmitt
26429th June 2014€ 10.00Richard Dohmeier
26329th June 2014€ 35.00Anonymous donation
26229th June 2014€ 40.00Lambert Martijn Otten
26129th June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
26029th June 2014€ 10.00David Roth
25929th June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
25829th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
25729th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
25629th June 2014€ 40.00Aurelie Guidon
25529th June 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
25429th June 2014€ 30.00Stefan Hofbauer
25329th June 2014€ 20.00Roberto Araneda
25229th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
25129th June 2014€ 10.00Dr. Frank Lukas
25029th June 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
24929th June 2014€ 150.00Anonymous donation
24829th June 2014€ 30.00nicolas schumacher
24729th June 2014€ 50.00Hans - Walter Gardt
24629th June 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
24529th June 2014€ 20.00Kayra Akman
24429th June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
24329th June 2014€ 20.00Robin Guitton
24229th June 2014€ 40.00Kurt Hindenburg
24129th June 2014€ 25.00Magnus Lundborg
24029th June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
23929th June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
23829th June 2014€ 5.00Xavier Francisco Gilabert
23729th June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
23629th June 2014€ 5.00Yury Vidineev
23529th June 2014€ 10.00Damian Kaczmarek
23429th June 2014€ 20.00Morten Sjoegren
23328th June 2014€ 20.00Radek Novacek
23228th June 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
23128th June 2014€ 42.00Ian Stanistreet
23028th June 2014€ 80.00Carlo Jeffery
22928th June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
22828th June 2014€ 100.00Christoph Burger-Scheidlin
22728th June 2014€ 40.00Arien de Jongste
22628th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
22528th June 2014€ 40.00Yuen Hoe Lim
22428th June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
22328th June 2014€ 5.00Carlos Uribe
22227th June 2014€ 15.00Anonymous donation
22127th June 2014€ 5.00Smit Mehta
22027th June 2014€ 2.00Rahul Ghose
21926th June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
21826th June 2014€ 250.00Anonymous donation
21726th June 2014€ 12.50Mr S Drever
21626th June 2014€ 200.00Jo Christer Oiongen
21526th June 2014€ 200.00Mats Ake Simon Persson
21426th June 2014€ 25.00Keezhe Veettil Rajeesh
21326th June 2014€ 50.00Sebastien Morenne
21226th June 2014€ 4.00Anonymous donation
21126th June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
21025th June 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
20925th June 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
20825th June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
20725th June 2014€ 50.00Frederik Gladhorn
20625th June 2014€ 6.00Anonymous donation
20524th June 2014€ 40.00Sebastian Nellen
20424th June 2014€ 36.00Kevin Adler
20323rd June 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
20223rd June 2014€ 5.00Nadine Pfefferkorn
20123rd June 2014€ 25.00Anonymous donation
20023rd June 2014€ 15.00Anonymous donation
19923rd June 2014€ 34.00Kieran McCusker
19822nd June 2014€ 11.00MEHMET TOPSAKAL
19722nd June 2014€ 40.00Pedro Vaz
19622nd June 2014€ 50.00Andreas Cord-Landwehr
19521st June 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
19421st June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
19321st June 2014€ 40.00Geert Janssens
19221st June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
19121st June 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
19021st June 2014€ 15.00Monica Mora
18921st June 2014€ 5.00jason stanek
18820th June 2014€ 40.00Niklas Larsson
18720th June 2014€ 20.00Algot Runeman
18620th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
18520th June 2014€ 40.00Dainius Masilinas
18420th June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
18319th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
18219th June 2014€ 20.00Jan-Matthias Braun
18119th June 2014€ 10.00Carlos Carretero
18019th June 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
17919th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
17819th June 2014€ 40.00Arne Brix
17719th June 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
17619th June 2014€ 25.00Anonymous donation
17518th June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
17418th June 2014€ 50.00Vesa Muhonen
17318th June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
17218th June 2014€ 100.00Nuri Tanr?kut
17118th June 2014€ 15.00Ivan Radic
17018th June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
16918th June 2014€ 40.00Ronny Standtke
16818th June 2014€ 25.00Martin Imobersteg
16718th June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
16618th June 2014€ 6.00Anonymous donation
16518th June 2014€ 5.00Joshua Noack
16418th June 2014€ 42.00Jan Schnackenberg
16318th June 2014€ 10.00Carlos Diener
16218th June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
16117th June 2014€ 40.00Jose Figueres Alegre
16017th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
15917th June 2014€ 10.00Gonzalo Soler Fornes
15817th June 2014€ 30.00Shervin Emami
15716th June 2014€ 100.00Cho Sung Jae
15616th June 2014€ 15.00Alexis Jurdant
15516th June 2014€ 15.00Anonymous donation
15416th June 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
15315th June 2014€ 164.00Diggory Hardy
15215th June 2014€ 25.00Thomas Fischer
15115th June 2014€ 768.00Marijn Kruisselbrink
15015th June 2014€ 40.00Rolf Eike Beer
14915th June 2014€ 75.00Christoph
14815th June 2014€ 20.00Jan Hocker
14715th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
14615th June 2014€ 50.00Hr R Zweistra
14514th June 2014€ 20.00David Duelm
14414th June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
14314th June 2014€ 40.00shishir verma
14214th June 2014€ 50.00Christian Hausknecht
14114th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
14013th June 2014€ 10.00Gianluca Montecchi
13913th June 2014€ 50.00Luca Manganelli
13813th June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
13713th June 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
13613th June 2014€ 15.00Anonymous donation
13513th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
13413th June 2014€ 10.00Dominik Lutter
13313th June 2014€ 80.00Robert Zimmerman
13212th June 2014€ 19.00Ion Bulgar
13112th June 2014€ 10.00Rafael Gomes da Cruz
13012th June 2014€ 15.00Anonymous donation
12911th June 2014€ 100.00Wade Olson
12811th June 2014€ 30.00Wolfgang Mader
12710th June 2014€ 20.00Alexander Wauck
12610th June 2014€ 40.00Brett Cohen
12510th June 2014€ 20.00Malte Eggers
1249th June 2014€ 50.00Bruno Coudoin
1239th June 2014€ 5.00Simon Volkert
1229th June 2014€ 40.00Franz Senftl
1218th June 2014€ 40.00Nicolas GANDRIAU
1208th June 2014€ 40.00Mark Cohen
1198th June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
1187th June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
1177th June 2014€ 40.00Georgios Kiagiadakis
1167th June 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
1156th June 2014€ 40.00bradley noyes
1146th June 2014€ 5.00Joan Pou Nogueras
1136th June 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
1126th June 2014€ 5.00Marta Maria Cuesta Bobes
1115th June 2014€ 2.30Anonymous donation
1105th June 2014€ 200.00Simon Winiker
1095th June 2014€ 20.00Juan Jo Fernandez Monreal
1085th June 2014€ 0.69Anonymous donation
1075th June 2014€ 0.20Gustavo Castro
1065th June 2014€ 42.00Stephanie Odok
1055th June 2014€ 10.00Stephen Clark
1045th June 2014€ 10.00Clemens Werther
1035th June 2014€ 6.70Anonymous donation
1025th June 2014€ 20.00David Baum
1014th June 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
1004th June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
994th June 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
984th June 2014€ 44.00Anonymous donation
974th June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
964th June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
954th June 2014€ 40.00Aleix Pol Gonzalez
944th June 2014€ 10.00Adriano Fantini
934th June 2014€ 25.00Giuseppe Lovarelli
924th June 2014€ 21.81Anonymous donation
914th June 2014€ 40.00Olav Reinert
904th June 2014€ 15.00Andrew Skripshak
894th June 2014€ 5.00Mauren Ribeiro Berti
883rd June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
873rd June 2014€ 35.00Filipe Saraiva
863rd June 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
853rd June 2014€ 20.00GUILLAUME AUDARD
843rd June 2014€ 15.00Anonymous donation
833rd June 2014€ 20.00Matthew Williams
823rd June 2014€ 40.00Stefano Avallone
813rd June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
803rd June 2014€ 20.00Kevin Funk
793rd June 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
783rd June 2014€ 40.00Bartosz Mikucewicz
773rd June 2014€ 20.00Dominik Cermak
763rd June 2014€ 50.00Helio Castro
753rd June 2014€ 40.00Justin Charles
743rd June 2014€ 50.00Joan Maspons
733rd June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
723rd June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
713rd June 2014€ 50.00Fabio Zottele
703rd June 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
693rd June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
682nd June 2014€ 20.00Cristian Adam
672nd June 2014€ 40.00Carlo Jeffery
662nd June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
652nd June 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
642nd June 2014€ 15.00Robert Welti
632nd June 2014€ 40.00Christian Bay
622nd June 2014€ 20.00David Leutwyler
612nd June 2014€ 20.00AR Soft
602nd June 2014€ 10.00Henrique Sant'Anna
592nd June 2014€ 20.00Lamarque Souza
582nd June 2014€ 20.00Sandro Santos Andrade
572nd June 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
562nd June 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
551st June 2014€ 100.00Kjetil Kilhavn
541st June 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
531st June 2014€ 40.00Sebastien Renard
521st June 2014€ 20.00Tobias Henze
511st June 2014€ 50.00Stijn Geuens
501st June 2014€ 100.00pascal d'Hermilly
4931st May 2014€ 100.00Anonymous donation
4831st May 2014€ 40.00Johannes Hackel
4731st May 2014€ 10.00Alfred Gebert
4630th May 2014€ 14.69Pedro Rosado
4530th May 2014€ 40.00Samikshan Bairagya
4430th May 2014€ 40.00Thomas Kerle
4329th May 2014€ 10.00Niels Slot
4229th May 2014€ 12.50Jose Millan Soto
4129th May 2014€ 20.00Lydia Pintscher
4029th May 2014€ 40.00Oliver Kellogg
3929th May 2014€ 20.00Xavier Corredor Llano
3828th May 2014€ 15.00Anonymous donation
3728th May 2014€ 40.00Sylvain Leterreur
3628th May 2014€ 40.00Alexander Schmiechen
3528th May 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
3428th May 2014€ 40.00Jarmo Koivunen
3328th May 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3228th May 2014€ 10.00Matt Williams
3128th May 2014€ 10.00Sergiy Kachanyuk
3028th May 2014€ 30.00Anonymous donation
2928th May 2014€ 50.00Anonymous donation
2828th May 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
2727th May 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
2627th May 2014€ 20.00Ilya Diallo
2527th May 2014€ 40.00Karl Ove Hufthammer
2427th May 2014€ 20.00Harald Fernengel
2327th May 2014€ 10.00Eugenio Accorsi
2227th May 2014€ 111.00Christian Loosli
2127th May 2014€ 50.00Philipp Schmidt
2027th May 2014€ 10.00Anonymous donation
1927th May 2014€ 15.00Anonymous donation
1827th May 2014€ 6.00MARIOS ANDREOPOULOS
1727th May 2014€ 50.00Michiel Schouten
1627th May 2014€ 10.00gael beaudoin
1527th May 2014€ 40.00Anonymous donation
1427th May 2014€ 50.00Andreas Lauser
1327th May 2014€ 25.00Gerry Gavigan
1227th May 2014€ 40.00Andrew Kingwell
1127th May 2014€ 100.00Gustav Widmark
1027th May 2014€ 40.00Christian Gmeiner
927th May 2014€ 25.00Torsten Bielen
827th May 2014€ 5.00Joel Bodenmann
727th May 2014€ 40.00Robin Appelman
627th May 2014€ 20.00Anonymous donation
527th May 2014€ 25.00Anonymous donation
427th May 2014€ 10.00Thomas Brix Larsen
327th May 2014€ 5.00Pascal Mages
227th May 2014€ 5.00Anonymous donation
127th May 2014€ 40.00Sune Vuorela