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KDE Sprints 2015 fundraising

€15191 raised of a €38500 goal

The Randa Meetings 2015 Fundraiser has finished. Thank you everybody who supported us in this fundraiser. We didn't reach the set goal but we collected quite some money and that means there will be more KDE Sprints thanks to your support! See for more information to come and go to the KDE donation page if you want to support us further.

[update] The fundraising campaign has been extended. We had intended to have ongoing updates from the Randa Meetings. However, developers were working rather than writing articles and blogposts. By extending the campaign, more information can be provided about what was actually accomplished. For the sixth year, the KDE sprints in Randa, Switzerland will include key projects and top developers, working concurrently under one roof, free from noise and distractions.

The week-long Randa Meetings have been intense and productive, generating exceptional results. Expectations are high again this year. Most importantly, the Randa Meetings have produced significant breakthroughs that benefit all KDE software users and developers.

Randa Meetings participants donate their time to work on important KDE projects. The Randa Meetings organizers prepare meals and arrange breaks to maintain energy and effectiveness. Volunteer staff people take care of details that can interfere with the highly productive software development. While the developers cover some of their own costs, there are still hard expenses like accommodation and travel to get the volunteer contributors to Randa. Having these expenses covered is a valuable incentive for Randa developers. The theme of the 2015 Randa Meetings is Bring Touch to KDE. Participants will be working to expand touch capabilities in KDE applications for tablets, smartphones and other touch-enabled devices. These efforts will augment Plasma Mobile, the Free Mobile Platform announced on July 25th at Akademy 2015. Some of the 2015 Randa projects are:

  • KDE Connect integrated communication for multiple devices
  • KDE apps on Android
  • digiKam photo management
  • GCompris educational software
  • Interface design
  • Personal Information Management
  • Kdenlive video editor
  • KDE and mobile integration with ownCloud user-controlled cloud storage and applications
  • Security and privacy

The organizers have included other top developers so that the Randa Meetings produce extraordinary results.

This year, the Randa Meetings fundraising campaign has been expanded to include all KDE sprints. In addition to the Randa Meetings, various KDE work teams gather for a few days throughout the year to make exceptional progress that simply would not be possible working only via the Internet and email. As one long-time Randa participant said:

In agile development, sprints are a very important element to push the project forward. While sprints can be done over the web, they are hindered by timezones, external distractions, availability of contributors, etc. In-person sprints are more productive as all the hindrances of the web meetings are eliminated and productivity is greatly enhanced overall.
The results of sprints are directly reflected in the quality of KDE software for users. Consequently, sprints and similar high impact get-togethers are one of the primary uses of funds within KDE. This means that the KDE Community consistently offers the best of Free and Open technology for anyone to use.

To support development sprints, we have set a fundraising goal of €38500. Would you make a donation to support KDE development? Any amount will help and is appreciated. The fundraising campaign has been extended until September 30 so that the participants at the Randa Meetings can report on what they accomplished.

Donors can choose to receive a memorable thank you from the Randa Meetings. If you want to receive such a thank you memento, please send an email to Include your name and full mailing address.


All money received during this fundraising campaign will be used for KDE sprints, including the Randa Meetings. If you prefer to use international bank transfers please see this page.
Please write us an email so we can add you to the list of donors manually.

List of donations

No.DateAmountDonor Name
45330th September 2015€ 25.00Anonymous donation
45227th September 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
45126th September 2015€ 70.00Anonymous donation
45023rd September 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
44923rd September 2015€ 40.00Malcolm Paul
44820th September 2015€ 1.00??????? ???????
44719th September 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
44618th September 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
44518th September 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
44417th September 2015€ 25.00Anonymous donation
44317th September 2015€ 10.00Marius Steffen
44217th September 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
44117th September 2015€ 20.00Kjetil Nes
44017th September 2015€ 24.00Jan Malik
43715th September 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
43615th September 2015€ 20.00Alexander Louis Schlarb
43515th September 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
45415th September 2015€ 30.00Jean-Jacques Finazzi
43413th September 2015€ 40.00Axel Dittrich
43312th September 2015€ 5.00Bartosz Bednarski
43212th September 2015€ 40.00Martin Steigerwald
43912th September 2015€ 100.00Wade Olson
43112th September 2015€ 100.00Sebastian Fleer
43011th September 2015€ 25.00Anonymous donation
42911th September 2015€ 40.00Peter Danek
42810th September 2015€ 40.00Stephan Theelke
42710th September 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
42610th September 2015€ 42.00Anonymous donation
42510th September 2015€ 40.00Mark Murphy
42410th September 2015€ 20.00Andrea Cavaliero
42310th September 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
4229th September 2015€ 80.00Anonymous donation
4219th September 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
4209th September 2015€ 40.00Alexander Schmiechen
4199th September 2015€ 40.00Bart Otten
4188th September 2015€ 60.00Anonymous donation
4178th September 2015€ 60.00Joan Maspons
4168th September 2015€ 2.00Federico Bacci
4158th September 2015€ 100.00Anonymous donation
4148th September 2015€ 40.00Andreas Erhart
4137th September 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
4127th September 2015€ 6.00Anonymous donation
4116th September 2015€ 15.00Ivan Radic
4106th September 2015€ 40.00Jasem Mutlaq
4096th September 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
4086th September 2015€ 30.00Anonymous donation
4076th September 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
4066th September 2015€ 20.00Teemu Erkkola
4055th September 2015€ 20.00Julien Nguyen
4045th September 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
4034th September 2015€ 30.00Anonymous donation
4024th September 2015€ 10.00Mike Petersen Odania IT
4014th September 2015€ 20.00Jan Krings
4004th September 2015€ 10.00Petre Tudor
3994th September 2015€ 4.00Anonymous donation
3983rd September 2015€ 4.00A Anton
3973rd September 2015€ 1.11Anonymous donation
3963rd September 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
3953rd September 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3943rd September 2015€ 30.00Wolnik Dawid
3933rd September 2015€ 40.00Kjetil Koksvik
3923rd September 2015€ 100.00Anonymous donation
3913rd September 2015€ 90.00Darin Miller
3903rd September 2015€ 20.00Jan Wiele
4383rd September 2015€ 300.00Nicolas Frattaroli
3892nd September 2015€ 50.00Sebastian Nellen
3882nd September 2015€ 100.00David Ross
3872nd September 2015€ 20.00soenke jensen
3862nd September 2015€ 90.00Jeff Massie
3852nd September 2015€ 20.00Alexander Wauck
3842nd September 2015€ 40.00Erik Fleischer
3831st September 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3821st September 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3811st September 2015€ 20.00Fahad Alduraibi
3791st September 2015€ 8.00ROGER ARAUJO
3781st September 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
3771st September 2015€ 67.89Sune Vuorela
3761st September 2015€ 54.00Caleb Johnson
3751st September 2015€ 15.00Anonymous donation
37431st August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
37331st August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
37231st August 2015€ 40.00Cristian Adam
37131st August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
37031st August 2015€ 60.00Anonymous donation
36931st August 2015€ 40.00Sergiy Kachanyuk
36831st August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
36731st August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
36631st August 2015€ 40.00Martin Cantieni
36531st August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
36431st August 2015€ 10.00Christian Nobis
36331st August 2015€ 20.00Peter Emmerling
36231st August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
45531st August 2015€ 27.00Leo Barichello
36130th August 2015€ 22.00Anonymous donation
36030th August 2015€ 50.00Herve LE ROY
35930th August 2015€ 100.00Peter Dorman
35830th August 2015€ 40.00Michael Hall
35730th August 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
35630th August 2015€ 100.00Anonymous donation
35530th August 2015€ 10.00Santiago Aguirre Erauso
35429th August 2015€ 40.00shishir verma
35329th August 2015€ 40.00Sam Muirhead
35229th August 2015€ 20.00Stefanos Charchalakis
35129th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
35029th August 2015€ 20.00Xavier Corredor Llano
34929th August 2015€ 40.00Heiko Philippin
34829th August 2015€ 20.00Xavier Vello
34729th August 2015€ 8.00Anonymous donation
34629th August 2015€ 20.00Thomas Brix Larsen
34529th August 2015€ 40.00Scott Aiton
34428th August 2015€ 4.00Raffaele Barone
34328th August 2015€ 40.00Javier Jardon
34228th August 2015€ 10.00Shantanu Tushar
34128th August 2015€ 50.00Leonardo Salerno
34028th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
33928th August 2015€ 40.00Sandeep Raghuraman
33828th August 2015€ 30.00Anonymous donation
33728th August 2015€ 1.00Aram Grigoryan
33628th August 2015€ 100.00Steffen Ullrich
38027th August 2015€ 30.00John Byrnes
33527th August 2015€ 70.00Ian Stanistreet
33427th August 2015€ 5.00Ivan Onyshchuk
33327th August 2015€ 10.00Marco Cimmino
33227th August 2015€ 23.00Anonymous donation
33127th August 2015€ 2.00Silviu Marin-Caea
33027th August 2015€ 10.00Mykhaylo Avdonin
32927th August 2015€ 15.00Martin Bednar
32827th August 2015€ 30.00Anthony RENOUX
32726th August 2015€ 20.00Denis Zimmermann
32626th August 2015€ 10.00matthias gatto
32526th August 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
32426th August 2015€ 20.00Silvan Jegen
32326th August 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
32226th August 2015€ 40.00Jan Schnackenberg
32125th August 2015€ 40.00Clive Johnston
32025th August 2015€ 40.00Arthur De Kimpe
31925th August 2015€ 15.00Merike Sell
31825th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
31725th August 2015€ 40.00Fabien Valthier
31625th August 2015€ 20.00Carl Gressum
31525th August 2015€ 200.00Justinas Petravi?ius
31425th August 2015€ 40.00Carl Atnip
31325th August 2015€ 10.00Lukas Spies
31224th August 2015€ 10.00Leonardo Ferraguzzi
31124th August 2015€ 30.00Jean PRUNNEAUX
31024th August 2015€ 20.00Gauthier Guerin
30924th August 2015€ 50.00Andreas Keller
30824th August 2015€ 40.00Thomas Gufler
30724th August 2015€ 57.38Albert Astals Cid
30624th August 2015€ 20.00Jose Millan Soto
30524th August 2015€ 25.00Kieran McCusker
30424th August 2015€ 25.00Torsten Bielen
30324th August 2015€ 9.00Adam Geddis
30223rd August 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
30123rd August 2015€ 40.00Michael Abrahams
30023rd August 2015€ 40.00Nicolas GANDRIAU
29923rd August 2015€ 50.00Thomas Vergnaud
29823rd August 2015€ 87.00Kurt Hindenburg
29723rd August 2015€ 20.00Southern Web Developer
29623rd August 2015€ 20.00? ??
29523rd August 2015€ 123.00Marc-Andre Beck
29423rd August 2015€ 20.00Adriano Fantini
29322nd August 2015€ 7.00Marios Andreopoulos
29222nd August 2015€ 10.00Elvis Angelaccio
29122nd August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
29022nd August 2015€ 22.00James Teitsworth
28922nd August 2015€ 15.00Anonymous donation
28822nd August 2015€ 40.00Manfred Mislik
28722nd August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
28622nd August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
28522nd August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
28422nd August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
28322nd August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
28222nd August 2015€ 88.00Andrew Fisher
28122nd August 2015€ 23.00Ovidiu Bogdan
28021st August 2015€ 50.00Hugues Berthaut
27921st August 2015€ 50.00Andreas Lauser
27821st August 2015€ 10.00tanguy salmon
27721st August 2015€ 15.00Markus Mauder
27621st August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
27521st August 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
27421st August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
27321st August 2015€ 50.00Fernando Moreira
27221st August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
27121st August 2015€ 10.00Santhosh T R
27021st August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
26920th August 2015€ 20.00Alexandre Moore
26820th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
26720th August 2015€ 40.00Sebastien Morenne
26620th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
26520th August 2015€ 37.62Anonymous donation
26420th August 2015€ 20.00Sylvain Leterreur
26320th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
26220th August 2015€ 1.00Anonymous donation
26120th August 2015€ 60.00Yves Mermoud
26020th August 2015€ 50.00Jan-Matthias Braun
25920th August 2015€ 20.00Tuukka Verho
25820th August 2015€ 21.63Anonymous donation
25720th August 2015€ 30.00Anonymous donation
25620th August 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
25520th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
25419th August 2015€ 13.37Beder Andreas
25319th August 2015€ 30.00Linus Seelinger
25219th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
25119th August 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
25019th August 2015€ 100.00Rolf Gottschling
24919th August 2015€ 40.00Arne Brix
24819th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
24719th August 2015€ 40.00Robin Appelman
24619th August 2015€ 1.00Anonymous donation
24519th August 2015€ 30.00Anonymous donation
24419th August 2015€ 20.00Pozzi Diego
24319th August 2015€ 40.00Vojtech Trefny
24219th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
24119th August 2015€ 20.00Marcel Meyer
24019th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
23919th August 2015€ 20.00Luciano Montanaro
23819th August 2015€ 100.00Anonymous donation
23719th August 2015€ 10.00Patrick Rifici
23619th August 2015€ 20.00Jakub Dvorak
23519th August 2015€ 30.00Anonymous donation
23419th August 2015€ 10.00Kevin Whitaker
23319th August 2015€ 9.00Ezequiel Coelho
23219th August 2015€ 10.00Doug McMillan
45619th August 2015€ 30.00Frank Dornheim FDo
23118th August 2015€ 20.00Thiago Bauermann
23018th August 2015€ 15.00Franck Moreau
22918th August 2015€ 10.00Alessandro do Nascimento Marques
22818th August 2015€ 25.00Dominic Lyons
22718th August 2015€ 20.00Jochen Hoff
22618th August 2015€ 40.00Matthieu Moy
22518th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
22418th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
22318th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
22218th August 2015€ 10.00Vicente Salvador Cubedo
22118th August 2015€ 10.00Emanuele Tartaglia
22018th August 2015€ 10.00Kevin O'Brien
21918th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
21818th August 2015€ 10.00Fabian Bornschein
21718th August 2015€ 40.00Michael Patris
21618th August 2015€ 12.00carlos pinto
21518th August 2015€ 200.00Anonymous donation
21418th August 2015€ 40.00Martin Riethmayer
21318th August 2015€ 20.00Victor Bouvier-Deleau
21218th August 2015€ 25.00Anonymous donation
21118th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
21018th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
20917th August 2015€ 10.00Guillaume ZITTA
20817th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
20717th August 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
20617th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
20517th August 2015€ 30.00Wolfgang Mader
20417th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
20317th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
20217th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
20117th August 2015€ 20.00Marcus Lucke
20017th August 2015€ 100.00Ronny Standtke
19917th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
19817th August 2015€ 20.00Janne Aho
19717th August 2015€ 25.00Anonymous donation
19617th August 2015€ 100.00pascal d'Hermilly
19516th August 2015€ 20.00Jim Cochrane
19416th August 2015€ 77.00Anonymous donation
19316th August 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
19216th August 2015€ 40.00Christian Gmeiner
19116th August 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
19016th August 2015€ 40.00Jakub Benda
18916th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
18816th August 2015€ 15.00Xavier Francisco Gilabert
18716th August 2015€ 150.00Anonymous donation
18616th August 2015€ 50.00Oliver Nautsch
18516th August 2015€ 15.00Jan Dolstra
18416th August 2015€ 40.00Markus Falkner
18316th August 2015€ 10.00sacha schutz
18216th August 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
18116th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
18016th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
17916th August 2015€ 2.00Anonymous donation
17816th August 2015€ 10.00Adrian Popirlan
17716th August 2015€ 100.00Anonymous donation
17616th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
17516th August 2015€ 20.00Robert Kratky
17416th August 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
17316th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
17216th August 2015€ 20.00Mahendra Tallur
17116th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
17016th August 2015€ 100.00Sung Jae Cho
16916th August 2015€ 10.00Roman Gilg
16816th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
16715th August 2015€ 25.00Stefan Schoenberger
16615th August 2015€ 10.00William Thorup
16515th August 2015€ 10.00Peter Nirschl
16415th August 2015€ 0.20Anonymous donation
16315th August 2015€ 10.00stephen donovan
16215th August 2015€ 20.00John Cleveland
16115th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
15815th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
15715th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
15615th August 2015€ 40.00Philipp Stefan
15515th August 2015€ 18.00Anonymous donation
15414th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
15314th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
15214th August 2015€ 10.00Anderson de Arruda Casimiro
15114th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
15014th August 2015€ 100.00Philippe Cattin
14914th August 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
14814th August 2015€ 40.00Jaroslav Reznik
14714th August 2015€ 15.00Oliver Pabst
14614th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
14514th August 2015€ 59.00Ariel Rosenfeld
14414th August 2015€ 10.00Martin Gysel
14314th August 2015€ 100.00Anonymous donation
14214th August 2015€ 20.00Ulrich Bogensperger
14114th August 2015€ 6.80Anonymous donation
14014th August 2015€ 25.00Anonymous donation
13913th August 2015€ 40.00chris fudge
13813th August 2015€ 40.00Josef Filzmaier
13713th August 2015€ 50.00Thomas Schyschka
13613th August 2015€ 40.00Yuen Hoe Lim
13513th August 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
13413th August 2015€ 20.00Alfred Panzer
13313th August 2015€ 15.00Heiko Geier
13213th August 2015€ 50.00Bernhard Friedreich
13113th August 2015€ 50.00Andreas Neumann
13013th August 2015€ 40.00Jonathan Foster
12913th August 2015€ 20.00Peter Kurtenacker
12812th August 2015€ 40.00Bernhard Geier
12712th August 2015€ 25.00Anonymous donation
12612th August 2015€ 60.00Anonymous donation
12512th August 2015€ 20.00Yevgeniy Melnichuk
12412th August 2015€ 10.00MR JONATHAN WOOLLARD
12312th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
12212th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
12112th August 2015€ 90.00Peter Hartmann
12012th August 2015€ 50.00Franz Pammer
11912th August 2015€ 10.00Christoph Langbein
11812th August 2015€ 10.00Florian Bauer
11712th August 2015€ 20.00Max Bruckner
11612th August 2015€ 10.00Christoph Hamann
11512th August 2015€ 10.00Christian Paulsen
11412th August 2015€ 30.00Sascha Zaluskowski
11312th August 2015€ 30.00Erwin Burema
11212th August 2015€ 80.00Michael Schier
11112th August 2015€ 50.00Jesse DuBord
11012th August 2015€ 20.00Jens Rauch
10912th August 2015€ 100.00Anonymous donation
10812th August 2015€ 20.00Pascal Mages
10712th August 2015€ 40.00Sebastian Mueller
10612th August 2015€ 100.00Anonymous donation
10512th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
10412th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
10312th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
10212th August 2015€ 10.00Jan-Philipp Schulze
10112th August 2015€ 40.00Christopher Marra
10012th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
9912th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
9812th August 2015€ 40.00Bodo Hinueber
9712th August 2015€ 20.00Johannes Felko
9612th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
9512th August 2015€ 10.00Alfred Fuss
9412th August 2015€ 50.00Gottfried Mueller
9312th August 2015€ 25.00Martin Aschenbrenner
9212th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
9112th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
9012th August 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
8912th August 2015€ 40.00Harald Fernengel
8812th August 2015€ 10.00Godber Kraas
8712th August 2015€ 20.00Christian Hartmann
8612th August 2015€ 20.00Johannes Jensen
8512th August 2015€ 40.00Heiko Gimbel
8412th August 2015€ 30.00Anonymous donation
8312th August 2015€ 10.00Lindsay Steele
15912th August 2015€ 385.00Anonymous donation
16012th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
8211th August 2015€ 20.00daniele scasciafratte
8111th August 2015€ 15.00Anonymous donation
8011th August 2015€ 20.00Dejan Noveski
7911th August 2015€ 20.00Christoph Baldauf
7811th August 2015€ 10.00Michal Klaus
7711th August 2015€ 5.00Benjamin Gutzmann
7611th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
7511th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
7411th August 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
7311th August 2015€ 40.00Phillip Rak
7211th August 2015€ 10.00Noble Hays
7111th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
7011th August 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
6911th August 2015€ 40.00Franz Senftl
6811th August 2015€ 100.00Anonymous donation
6711th August 2015€ 10.00Thomas Pallmann
6611th August 2015€ 50.00Udo Hickmann
6511th August 2015€ 15.00Wolnik Dawid
6411th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
6311th August 2015€ 15.00Anonymous donation
6211th August 2015€ 100.00Thomas Stein
6111th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
6011th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
5911th August 2015€ 30.00Thomas Eimers
5811th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
5711th August 2015€ 5.00Thomas Wegner
5611th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
5511th August 2015€ 10.00wolfgang geisendoerfer
5411th August 2015€ 40.00Arran Gems
5311th August 2015€ 25.00Anonymous donation
5211th August 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
5111th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
5011th August 2015€ 5.00Torge Dellert
4911th August 2015€ 50.00Geert Janssens
4811th August 2015€ 5.00Torge Dellert
4711th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
4611th August 2015€ 20.00Johannes Tiemer
4511th August 2015€ 40.00Andreas Grundler
4411th August 2015€ 10.00Frank Hess
4311th August 2015€ 50.00Stefan Schmid
4211th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
4111th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
4011th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
3911th August 2015€ 25.00Anonymous donation
3811th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3711th August 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
3611th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
3511th August 2015€ 5.00Anonymous donation
3411th August 2015€ 10.00AR Soft
3311th August 2015€ 100.00Urs Joss
3210th August 2015€ 10.00Enno Richter
3110th August 2015€ 100.00Kjetil Kilhavn
3010th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
2910th August 2015€ 40.00Guillaume AUDARD
2810th August 2015€ 10.00Anonymous donation
2710th August 2015€ 50.00Algot Runeman
2610th August 2015€ 50.00Anonymous donation
2510th August 2015€ 50.00Simon Heimbach
2410th August 2015€ 5.00Anonymous
2310th August 2015€ 20.00Kjetil Koksvik
2210th August 2015€ 40.00Thomas Kleindienst
219th August 2015€ 40.00Darin Miller
209th August 2015€ 100.00Anonymous donation
197th August 2015€ 5.00Kevin Volkert
186th August 2015€ 15.00Anonymous donation
176th August 2015€ 40.00Bartosz Mikucewicz
166th August 2015€ 15.00Anonymous donation
155th August 2015€ 10.00Adriano Fantini
145th August 2015€ 70.00Anonymous donation
135th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
125th August 2015€ 40.00Christos Lazaridis
115th August 2015€ 5.00Marcin S?gol
104th August 2015€ 100.00Robert Zimmerman
94th August 2015€ 50.00Karl Ove Hufthammer
84th August 2015€ 100.00Christian Loosli
74th August 2015€ 20.00Anonymous donation
64th August 2015€ 25.00Mateusz Kopyto
54th August 2015€ 50.00Markus Falkner
44th August 2015€ 10.00Georg Gadinger
34th August 2015€ 40.00Anonymous donation
24th August 2015€ 10.00Harald Sitter
14th August 2015€ 50.00Helio Castro