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Krita – digitaalimaalausta ihmisille

Ei kokeilujaksoja.
Ei tilauksia.
Ei maksumuurivärejä.
Ei rajoja luovuudellesi.

Art by Sonny

Krita is a professional free and open source program for painters and graphic designers. It is made by artists who work to provide open, affordable and privacy-respecting art tools for everyone. With Krita, you can develop concept art, use texture and matte painting tools, and create high quality illustrations and comics.

Krita tools

Join the community

Join the community to share your art with other artists.


Kdenlive allows you to use and arrange several audio and video tracks, each one can be locked or muted to your convenience.

Use any audio / video format

Being based on the powerful FFmpeg libraries, Kdenlive can use almost any audio and video formats directly without the need to convert or re-encode your clips.

Configurable interface and shortcuts

You can arrange and save your custom interface layouts to fit your workflow. Keyboard shortcuts can also be configured to match your preferences.


Professional Photo Management with the Power of Open Source

empty laptop with an overlay
Digikam support of raw files

Analyze color and exposure of images using histograms

Quickly find your best images using labels

KDE Plasma Desktop for Artists

KDE Plasma is the ideal operating system for you with native support for drawing tablets and many small features tailored for artists.

Color picker applet

Capture color from your screen and keep track of them

Neutral color support

Plasma allows you to use a desaturated dark theme.

Preview support for all your images

Preview your artworks Krita files directly from the file manager and image viewer

It is mainly about more options for the tablet settings, options to set up a neutral colored theme, thumbnails for your artwork source files and easier file type association and 'open with' menu, better support for multi monitor workflow and perfect desktop integration with my core application: Krita and Kdenlive.

David Revoy, Fedora 36 KDE Spin for a digital painting workstation


Make your design accessible, by making sure that the contrast is WCAG compliant.

Screenshot of Kontrast with a blue background and white foreground

Other open source applications for you

Here are some other applications from other open source organizations to complement your workflow. You should also check out our other graphic related applications.