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Play your entire gaming library with this portable console that has the flexibility of a PC. The Steam Deck runs KDE Plasma optimized to play the latest AAA games and your favorite emulators. You can even connect a screen, keyboard, and mouse for a full Plasma-based desktop PC experience.

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Proton eta ProtonDB

Proton is a new tool released by Valve Software and integrated with Steam Play. Proton makes playing Windows games on Linux as simple as hitting the Play button within Steam. Under the hood, Proton comprises several popular technologies, including Wine and DXVK among others that gamers would otherwise have to install and maintain themselves.

ProtonDB is a crowdsourced Linux game compatibility reports database containing reports about more than twenty thousands games.

More than3 000 gamessteam deck verified
More than10 000 gamesplayable


Not developed by KDE but, still very helpful, Bottles is a free and open source software that uses environments to help you easily manage and run Windows apps on Linux. You can have immediate access to the most popular game stores (e.g. Epic Games Store, EA Launcher, Battle.net etc.) and then play your favorite games, as if you were on Windows.

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Missing playing Solitaire? Not anymore, thanks to KPatience and the rest of the KDE Games. These games don't have DLC, ads, or trackers and are not pay to win. Let's enjoy games as they were meant to be.

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Plasma is completely moddable with various extension points. Create new styles, change the color scheme of your apps, write a custom task switcher, make your own Plasma Widgets and write complex wallpaper plugins or compositor effects.


Plasma is light on your computer resources, giving more power for your games. Monitor your system memory and CPU usage, with Plasma System Monitor.

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