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Aktualisierung der KDE-Anwendungen September 2020

A quiet month ahead of our big conference this weekend Akademy. Join us online from Friday 4th to talk all things KDE.

Neu erschienen

PBI 1.7.8

Plasma Browser Integration our addon for Chrome and Firefox got an update.

This fixes it working with Vivaldi and Brave browsers. It fixes video controls with iframes. Some websites set the album cover art through the Javascript Media Session API but for those which don't the video player’s poster is now used as an album cover. And it fixes the detection of short "new message" notifications that do not need controls with those which just report their length wrongly.



A new accessibility tool this month is Kontrast. It is a color contrast checker and tell you if your color combinations are accessible for people with color vision deficiencies.

KPhotoAlbum 5.7

KPhotoAlbum Light and Dark

KPhotoAlbum 5.7 got a new release with code tidying but also some new feature.

It added support for custom color schemes. KPhotoAlbum now also has a “Dark Mode”. There are experimental options for image search tuning. And it also added a command-line tool kpa-thumbnailtool to manage KPA’s thumbnail cache.



Collection manager Tellico got an update which improves access to French cinema collection Allocine, Russian Cinema collection Kinopoisk, Goodreads, the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations and our very own KDE Store.


Added to KDE Review this month is plugin SeExpr for Krita, a Fork of Walt Disney Animation Studios' SeExpr, for Google Summer of Code 2020.

App Store

There is an update on the KDE is All About the Apps goal at Akademy online conference, this Saturday 5 September at 09:30UTC.

A lightning talk on Flatpak, Flathub and KDE at 18:30UTC on Saturday.

Then Saturday has tutorials on Snaps, Neon packaging, Building your first flatpak and Make your App an Appimage.

Veröffentlichungen 20.08.1

Some of our projects release on their own timescale and some get released en-masse. The 20.08.1 bundle of projects was released today and will be available through app stores and distros soon. See the 20.08.1 releases page for details.

Some of the fixes in today's releases:

  • In Kontact, QR codes now work in the preview of contacts.
  • The setting for disk space gauge in Dolphin's status bar is again applied correctly.
  • Creating alarms from templates in the KAlarm event reminder has been fixed.
  • Audio-only streams can now be inserted into Kdenlive's video timeline.

20.08 VeröffentlichungshinweiseWiki-Seite mit PaketquellenInfo-Seite zum Quelltext für 20.08.1Vollständiges Änderungsprotokoll für 20.08.1