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Donate and support KDE

Help us create software that gives you full freedom, protects your privacy and be a part of a great community

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Supporting Member Programme for individuals

Show your love for KDE by donating 100€/year! Get Invited to attend the annual general assembly of KDE e.V. and get regular first hand reports about KDE's activities

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Supporting Member Programme for corporations

Are you part of a business or a corporation interested in sponsoring KDE development? In addition to making great software possible, supporting members also have their logos added to the KDE website and many printed promotional materials.

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Where does the money go?

Your generous donation helps to pay salaries for employees and contractors who participate amongst the wider KDE Community to create, document, and promote KDE software. It also helps to pay for the cost of hosting conferences and development sprints, server infrastructure, and legal fees incurred defending free software.

Support An Engaged Community

Naše komunita vyvinula široké spektrum aplikací pro komunikaci, práci, výuku a zábavu. Jsme velmi zaměřeni na nacházení inovativních řešení pro staré i nové problémy a vytváření pestré a otevřené atmosféry pro experimentování.

About KDE e.V.

KDE e.V. is the non-profit organization behind the KDE community. It is based in Germany and thus donations are tax deductible in Germany. If you live in another EU country your donation might also be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

Hardware and Services

You can also donate goods and services to KDE. We maintain a list of the organizations who made a significant contribution.