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Plasma 5.24 beta

Dijous, 13 de gener de 2022

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Dijous, 13 de gener de 2022

Com és tradicional, avui us presentem la versió de proves del Plasma 5.24 de KDE. El Plasma 5.24 beta està destinada als provadors, desenvolupadors i caçadors d’errors.

Per ajudar als desenvolupadors de KDE a corregir errors i solucionar problemes, instal·leu el Plasma 5.24 beta i feu proves de les característiques llistades a sota. Si us plau, informeu els errors al nostre seguidor d’errors.

La versió final del Plasma 5.24 estarà disponible al públic en general el 8 de febrer.

Exempció de responsabilitat: Aquest llançament conté programari no provat i inestable. No l’useu en un entorn de producció ni com a entorn de treball habitual. Us arrisqueu a fallades i a pèrdua de dades.


S’ha fet diverses millores al tema Brisa per fer el Plasma encara més agradable d’usar:

  • Folders now respect your accent color or the color scheme’s “Selection” color: LINK
  • The focus effect for buttons, text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, comboboxes, and spinboxes has been enlarged into a “focus ring” that should be much easier to visually distinguish at a glance: LINK
  • The Breeze color scheme has been renamed to “Breeze Classic”, to better distinguish it from the Breeze Light and Breeze Dark color schemes: LINK
  • The “Breeze High Contrast” color scheme has been deleted, as it actually offered lower contrast than the very similar-looking Breeze Dark. Existing users will be migrated to Breeze Dark: LINK


Critical Notifications

  • Critical notifications now have a little orange strip on the side to visually distinguish them from background clutter and help them stand out so that you will be more likely to notice them: LINK
  • Header and title text in notifications received better contrast and visibility: LINK
  • Notifications about video files now display a thumbnail in the notification, just like for image files: LINK
  • When sending or receiving files via Bluetooth, a system notification is now always shown: LINK
  • The “Annotate” button that appears in screenshot notifications has been moved to the same row as the hamburger menu button: LINK

Safata del sistema i ginys

Plasma Pass

  • The “Plasma Pass” password manager has a modernized design: LINK
  • Scrollable areas in the system tray now use a more consistent style: LINK
  • The Weather widget prompts you to configure it when first added and automatically searches through all available weather sources: LINK/LINK
  • We have added a “Date always below time” option for the Digital Clock to complement its “Date always beside time” and “Automatic” options: LINK
  • Battery & Brightness has had its user interface for blocking sleep and screen locking improved again for more clarity: LINK
  • Clipboard and Network management are now fully keyboard navigable: LINK
  • You now have the option to see network speeds in bits per second: LINK
  • The Kickoff Application Launcher’s sidebar no longer shows arrows, to be consistent with how sidebars are typically presented elsewhere: LINK
  • Battery and Brightness now turns into just Brightness controls on computers with no batteries: LINK
  • The Free Space Notifier no longer pointlessly monitors read-only volumes: LINK
  • The Audio Volume’s sliders highlight the part before the slider: LINK
  • Bluetooth calls a phone a phone: LINK
  • The Media Player correctly shows “nothing playing” when the last playing app is closed: LINK

Escriptori i plafó

  • It is now possible to set your wallpaper using the context menu of any image: LINK
  • You can now drag a panel from anywhere on its Edit Mode toolbar, not just from a tiny button, with a label making this even more obvious: LINK
  • Users of the “Picture of the Day” wallpaper plugin can now pull images from which is full of cool and creepy sci-fi images: LINK
  • There is a new “Configure Display Settings” item in the Desktop’s context menu and Edit Mode toolbar, replacing the “Open in Dolphin” item by default: LINK/LINK
  • Those of you who like really huge icons can now make your desktop icons twice as large as the previous maximum size: LINK
  • The previews in the wallpaper chooser now respect your aspect ratio: LINK
  • When you drag-and-drop widgets, they now smoothly animate moving to their final position rather than instantly teleporting there: LINK

Gestor de tasques

  • It is now possible to reverse the alignment of tasks, which can be useful for example for having a Task Manager next to a Global Menu: LINK
  • Tasks have a new “Move to Activity” context menu item: LINK
  • Task Manager tooltips for windows that are playing audio now show a volume slider under the playback controls: LINK
  • The “Start New Instance” context item has been renamed to “Open New Window” for clarity and no longer appears for apps marked as having a single main window or that already provide a “New Window” action of their own: LINK
  • The “More Actions” item in the context menu has been moved to the bottom and renamed to just “More”: LINK
  • Tooltips for large number of open windows for the same app are now significantly faster to load and much more responsive: LINK


  • There is a new inline help feature, shown by clicking on the question mark icon on its toolbar or typing “?”. While in Help mode, clicking a particular plugin will show you all the different search syntaxes for it: LINK

Arranjament del sistema

  • The very minimal contents of System Settings’ own settings window have been moved into its hamburger menu for easier access: LINK
  • You can now pick your own custom accent color on the Colors page: LINK
  • System Settings pages that have a single big grid or list now use a more modern frameless style: LINK
  • The Formats page has been rewritten in QtQuick, which also improves the UI and prepares it for a future merge with the Languages page: LINK
  • The Keyboard page now respects the “Show Changed Settings” feature and supports more than 8 spare layouts. Also, the “add a keyboard layout” dialog has been redesigned for simplicity and ease of use: LINK/LINK/LINK
  • Night Color also now supports “Highlight Changed Settings”: LINK
  • The battery charge limit feature gained support for more than one battery: LINK
  • The speaker test sheet in System Settings’ Audio page has a better look: LINK
  • Display & Monitor shows the scale factor used for each screen as well as the proper physical resolution: LINK/LINK
  • Even when your language is not set to English, the System Settings' search field will still find results for English words: LINK
  • When you enable auto-login, you are now warned about some changes you might want to make to your KWallet setup: LINK
  • A new button on the “About this System” page lets you quickly access the Info Center: LINK

Gestió de les finestres

  • The new Overview effect, toggled with Meta+W, has a blurred background by default, lets you control your Virtual Desktops and find search results from KRunner all in one place: LINK/LINK
  • KWin lets you optionally set a keyboard shortcut to move a window to the center of the screen, which is also where they now appear by default: LINK/LINK
  • Windows now remember the screens they were on when those screens are turned off or unplugged, fixing many multi-monitor annoyances: LINK
  • The “scale” effect is now used by default when opening and closing windows, instead of “fade”: LINK
  • The “Cover Switch” and “Flip Switch” effects are back, rewritten in QtQuick for easier extensibility in the future: LINK
  • Fixed a major performance issue in QtQuick-based effects for NVIDIA GPU users: LINK


  • Added the option to automatically reboot after an update is complete: LINK
  • Discover now switches its home page to a two-column card view when the window is very wide and a bottom tab bar in narrow/mobile mode: LINK/LINK
  • The Update page is now less overwhelming by only showing progress bars for in-progress items and having a nicer design to select updates. Additionally, it tells you the source of the updates: LINK/LINK/LINK/LINK
  • A new “Report this issue” button takes you straight to your distribution’s bug tracker: LINK
  • The search tries to help users if they know an app exists but nothing is found and stops searching automatically if nothing is found after some time: LINK/LINK
  • You can now easily manage repositories for Flatpak and your distribution: LINK/LINK
  • Locally downloaded Flatpak apps can now be opened and installed, adding their repository automatically to your system: LINK
  • Application list items now have a more attractive and logical layout: LINK
  • A new safety feature prevents you from accidentally uninstalling Plasma: LINK
  • Checking for updates is much faster and installation error messages are more user-friendly: LINK/LINK/LINK

Pantalla d’inici de sessió/bloqueig

  • Fingerprint support has been added, letting you enroll and de-enroll fingers. Any of those fingers can be used to unlock the screen, provide authentication when an app asks for your password, and also authenticate sudo on the command line: LINK
  • The Lock screen now lets you Sleep and Hibernate (if supported): LINK


  • Colors greater than 8-bit are now supported: LINK
  • There is a new drawing tablet page in System Settings: LINK
  • “DRM leasing” support has been added, which allows us to re-add support for VR headsets with optimal performance: LINK
  • Spectacle finally has access to the “Active Window” mode on Wayland: LINK
  • We added the concept of the “primary monitor”, which works like in the X11 session: LINK
  • The “Minimize All Windows” widget now has Wayland support: LINK
  • The virtual keyboard now only appears when you explicitly focus a text-based UI control with a touch or stylus poke: LINK
  • When using a stylus, it is now possible to activate other windows from their titlebars and also just interact with more with titlebars in general: LINK
  • Restoring a minimized or maximized window now switches to the virtual desktop that the window was on before restoring it, instead of restoring it to the current virtual desktop: LINK
  • You can now use the default Meta+Tab shortcut to cycle through more than two activities at a time: LINK
  • The System Tray item for showing and hiding the virtual keyboard becomes active only in tablet mode: LINK

Comportament general

  • It is now possible for Global Themes to specify and change Latte Dock layouts: LINK
  • Changing the color scheme now toggles the standardized FreeDesktop light/dark color scheme preference, so third-party apps that respect this preference will be able to automatically switch to light or dark mode based on your chosen color scheme: LINK
  • Kate has been replaced with KWrite in the default set of favorite apps, since it is a bit more user-friendly and less programmer-centric: LINK
  • The odd behavior of middle-clicking on a panel to create a sticky note has been disabled: LINK
  • The screen layout OSD now indicates screens’ scale factors in it: LINK
  • Scrollable controls in Plasma and other QtQuick-based apps now only change their contents when you start scrolling on them, preventing you from accidentally changing things while scrolling the view: LINK
  • Plasma now shuts down faster by no longer accepting new connections after it has begun the shutdown process, which particularly helps when using KDE Connect: LINK

Si voleu aprendre’n més, reviseu el registre complet de canvis per al Plasma 5.24 beta.

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