Simon is the main front end for the Simon open source speech recognition solution. It is a Simond client and provides a graphical user interface for managing the speech model and the commands.


  • Simon can execute all sorts of commands based on the input it receives from the server Simond.
  • Simon provides a unique do-it-yourself approach to speech recognition. Instead of predefined, pre-trained speech models it provides an easy to use end-user interface to create language and acoustic models from scratch.
  • The end-user can easily download created use cases from other users and share his / her own.
  • Command-and-control solutions especially suitable for disabled people.
  • Because of its architecture, the same version of Simon can be used with all languages and dialects. One can even mix languages within one model if necessary.

Developed By


  • Mario Fux <>>
  • Peter Grasch
    Former Maintainer
  • Phillip Goriup
  • Tschernegg Susanne
  • Bettina Sturmann
  • Martin Gigerl
  • Adam Nash
  • Frederik Gladhorn
  • Patrick von Reth
  • Alessadro Buggin
  • Mario Strametz
  • Vladislav Sitalo
  • Yash Shah

Thanks To:

  • Franz Stieger
  • Mathias Stieger
  • Phillip Theussl
  • Moacyr Prado
  • Michael Stieger
  • Ralf Herzog


Simon is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.