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KPhotoAlbum is a tool which you can use to easily sort your images. It provides many capabilities to make sorting and viewing images easy.


  • Images and videos are supported
  • Searching feature
  • Annotation capabilities (identifying people, location, keywords, or other descriptions)

Developed By


Thanks To:

  • Will Stephenson <>
    Developing an Icon for KPhotoAlbum
  • Teemu Rytilahti <>
    Sending patches implementing (.) the "Set As Wallpaper" menu in the viewer.(.) Theme support for HTML generation
  • Reimar Imhof <>
    Patch to sort items in option listboxes
  • Thomas Schwarzgruber <>
    Patch to sort images in the thumbnail view, plus reading time info out of EXIF images for existing images
  • Marcel Wiesweg <>
    Patch which speed up loading of thumbnails plus preview in image property dialog.
  • Marco Caldarelli <>
    Patch for making it possible to reread EXIF info using a nice dialog.
  • Jean-Michel FAYARD <>
    (.) Patch with directory info made available through the browser. (.) Patch for adding a check box for "and/or" searches in the search page.
  • Robert L Krawitz <>
    Numerous patches plus profiling KPhotoAlbum again and again.
  • Christoph Moseler <>
    Numerous patches for lots of bugs plus patches for a few new features
  • Clytie Siddall <>
    Tremendous help with the English text in the application.


KPhotoAlbum is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.