KGraphViewer is a Graphviz DOT graph file viewer. Graphs are commonly used in scientific domains and particularly in computer science.


  • Zooming
  • Threaded loading of several graphs in tabs
  • Saving of the recent files list
  • Manual reload of files
  • Display of a bird-eye view of the graph
  • Moving of the graph by dragging
  • Full featured printing
  • Perfect drawing of all graphviz example graphs
  • Automaticaly choose dot for directed graphs and neato for undirected
  • Possibility to use an arbitrary layout algo as soon as it produces xdot format
  • Automatic reloading with user confirmation of (externaly) modified files (configurable)
  • Open new instances as new tabs in the old one (configurable)

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KGraphViewer is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.