KsirK is a computerized version of the well known strategic board game Risk. The goal of the game is simply to conquer the world by attacking your neighbors with your armies.


  • Support for 1-6 human or computer (AI) players
  • Multi-player gaming over a network
  • You can easily create new skins with SVG graphics and the skin editor
  • Hot New Stuff support. You can easily download and install new skins

Developed By


  • Gael de Chalendar aka Kleag <kleag@free.fr>
  • Robin Doer
  • Albert Astals Cid
  • Michal Golunski (Polish translation) <michalgolunski@o2.pl>
  • French students of the 'IUP ISI 2007-2008':
  •   Anthony Rey
      Benjamin Lucas
      Benjamin Moreau
      Gaël Clouet
      Guillaume Pelouas
      Joël Marco
      Laurent Dang
      Nicolas Linard
      Vincent Sac


KsirK is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.