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Bomber Bomber
Arcade Bombing Game

Bovo Bovo
Five-in-a-row Board Game

Granatier Granatier
Bomberman clone

Kajongg Kajongg
Mah Jongg

Kapman Kapman
Pac-Man Clone

KAtomic KAtomic
Sokoban-like Logic Game

KBlackbox KBlackbox
Blackbox Logic Game

KBlocks KBlocks
Falling Blocks Game

KBounce KBounce
Ball Bouncing Game

KBreakout KBreakout
Breakout-like Game

KDiamond KDiamond
Three-in-a-row game

KFourInLine KFourInLine
Four-in-a-row Board Game

KGoldrunner KGoldrunner
Hunt Gold, Dodge Enemies and Solve Puzzles

Kigo Kigo
Go Board Game

Killbots Killbots

Kiriki Kiriki
Yahtzee-like Dice Game

KJumpingCube KJumpingCube
Territory Capture Game

KLines KLines
Tactical Game

Klickety Klickety
Strategy Game

KMahjongg KMahjongg
Mahjongg Solitaire

KMines KMines
Minesweeper-like Game

Naval Battle Naval Battle
Battle Ship Game

KNetWalk KNetWalk
Network Construction Game

KNights KNights
Chess Game

Kolf Kolf
Miniature Golf

Kollision Kollision
A simple ball dodging game

Konquest Konquest
Galactic Strategy Game

KPatience KPatience
Patience Card Game

KReversi KReversi
Reversi Board Game

KSame KSame
Board Game

KShisen KShisen
Shisen-Sho Mahjongg-like Tile Game

KsirK KsirK
World Domination Strategy Game

KSnakeDuel KSnakeDuel
Tron-like Game

KSpaceDuel KSpaceDuel
Space Arcade Game

KSquares KSquares
Connect the dots to create squares

KSudoku KSudoku
Sudoku Game

KTeaTime KTeaTime
Tea Cooker

KTuberling KTuberling
Picture Game for Children

Kubrick Kubrick
3-D Game based on Rubik's Cube

LsKat LsKat
Card Game

Palapeli Palapeli
Jigsaw puzzle game