This app is unmaintained and no longer released by the KDE community.

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  • User Features:
    • Speak any text from the KDE clipboard
    • Speak any plain text file
    • Speak all or any portion of a text file from Kate, including instances where Kate isembedded in another KDE application
    • Speak all or any portion of an HTML page from Konqueror
    • Use as the speech backend for KMouth and KSayIt
    • Speak KDE notifications (KNotify)
    • User-configurable filters for substituting misspoken words, choosing speech synthesizers, and transforming XHMTL/XML documents
  • Programmer Features:
    • Priority system for screen reader outputs, warnings and messages, while still playing regular texts
    • Permit generation of speech from the command line (or via shell scripts) using the qdbus utility
    • Provide a lightweight and easily usableinterface for applications to generate speech output
    • Applications need not be concerned about contention over the speech device
    • FUTURE: Provide support for speech markuplanguages, such as VoiceXML, Sable, Java Speech Markup Language (JSML), and Speech Markup Meta-language (SMML)
    • FUTURE: Provide limited support for embedded speech markers
    • Asynchronous to prevent system blocking
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