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Kdenlive is a non linear video editor. It is based on the MLT framework and accepts many audio and video formats, allows you to add effects, transitions and render into the format of your choice.


  • Intuitive multitrack interface.
  • Many effects and transitions.
  • Color scopes
  • Basic DVD Wizard


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20.08.1 September 3, 2020


sha256: f99e3f22c3d5e41a3ca251299d010ac2bc44933091c25d360104d562a1090873
20.08.0 August 13, 2020

AppImage - x86_64 (210.56 MB)

sha256: 3e0174a00c0c0c6599b5de249947b32ce86bde5d0703273c7d5212f01743bb5c


sha256: 89914ee37f5bbdd16051b0db4a6cfb6f8c3d748f47c9e28e5349920ca133c0bd
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