KDiff3 is a tool for Comparison and Merge of Files and Directories.


  • Compares or merges two or three text input files or directories
  • Shows the differences line by line and character by character (!)
  • Provides an automatic merge-facility and
  • Integrated editor for comfortable solving of merge-conflicts
  • Supports Unicode, UTF-8 and other codecs, autodetection via byte-order-mark 'BOM'
  • Supports KIO on KDE (allows accessing ftp, sftp, fish, smb etc.)
  • Printing of differences
  • Manual alignment of lines
  • Automatic merging of version control history ($Log$)
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Windows-Explorer integration Diff-Ext-for-KDiff3
  • KDE-Konqueror service menu plugin

Developed By


Thanks To:

  • Eike Sauer
    Bugfixes, Debian package maintainer
  • Sebastien Fricker
    Windows installer
  • Stephan Binner <ByteArray("binner" "@" "kde.org">
  • Stefan Partheymueller
  • David Faure <ByteArray("faure" "@" "kde.org" >
  • Bernd Gehrmann
    Class CvsIgnoreList from Cervisia
  • Andre Woebbeking
    Class StringMatcher
  • Michael Denio
    Directory Equality-Coloring patch
  • Manfred Koehler
    Fix for slow startup on Windows
  • Sergey Zorin
    Diff Ext for Windows
  • Paul Eggert, Mike Haertel, David Hayes, Richard Stallman, Len Tower
  • Tino Boellsterling, Timothy Mee
    Intensive test, use and feedback
  • Michael Schmidt
    Mac support
  • Valentin Rusu <ByteArray("kde" "@" "rusu.info">
    KDE4 porting
  • Albert Astals Cid <ByteArray("aacid" "@" "kde.org">
    KDE4 porting
  • + Many thanks to those who reported bugs and contributed ideas!


KDiff3 is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.