KDE's Applications

KDE is a community of friendly people who create over 200 apps which run on any Linux desktop, and often other platforms too. Here is the complete list.

Development iconsDevelopment

Cervisia iconCervisia CVS Frontend
Cuttlefish iconCuttlefish Icon Viewer
Heaptrack iconHeaptrack Profiler Frontend
KAppTemplate iconKAppTemplate App Code Template Generator
KCachegrind iconKCachegrind Profiler Frontend
kdesvn iconkdesvn Subversion Revision Control
KDevelop iconKDevelop Integrated Development Environment
KDiff3 iconKDiff3 Diff/Patch Frontend
KImageMapEditor iconKImageMapEditor HTML Image Map Editor
Kirigami Gallery iconKirigami Gallery Widget Browser for Kirigami
Kompare iconKompare Diff/Patch Frontend
Lokalize iconLokalize Computer-Aided Translation System
Massif-Visualizer iconMassif-Visualizer Profiler Frontend
Plasma Engine Explorer iconPlasma Engine Explorer Plasma Data Engines Viewing Tool
Plasmoid Viewer iconPlasmoid Viewer Plasma Widget Testing Tool
Umbrello iconUmbrello UML Modeller

Education iconsEducation

Artikulate iconArtikulate Artikulate Pronunciation Trainer
Blinken iconBlinken Memory Enhancement Game
Cantor iconCantor Frontend to Mathematical Software
GCompris iconGCompris Educational Game
KAlgebra iconKAlgebra Graph Calculator
Kalzium iconKalzium Periodic Table of Elements
Kanagram iconKanagram Letter Order Game
KBibTeX iconKBibTeX BibTeX Editor
KBruch iconKBruch Exercise Fractions
KGeography iconKGeography Geography Trainer
KHangMan iconKHangMan Hangman Game
Kig iconKig Interactive Geometry
Kiten iconKiten Japanese Reference/Study Tool
KLettres iconKLettres Learn The Alphabet
KmPlot iconKmPlot Mathematical Function Plotter
KStars iconKStars Desktop Planetarium
KTouch iconKTouch Touch Typing Tutor
KTurtle iconKTurtle Educational Programming Environment
KWordQuiz iconKWordQuiz Flash Card Trainer
LabPlot iconLabPlot LabPlot
Marble iconMarble Virtual Globe
Minuet iconMinuet Music Education Software
Parley iconParley Vocabulary Trainer
Rocs iconRocs Rocs Graph Theory
Step iconStep Interactive Physical Simulator

Games iconsGames

Blinken iconBlinken Memory Enhancement Game
Bomber iconBomber Arcade Bombing Game
Bovo iconBovo Five-in-a-row Board Game
GCompris iconGCompris Educational Game
Granatier iconGranatier Bomberman clone
Kajongg iconKajongg Mahjong tile game from China
Kanagram iconKanagram Letter Order Game
Kapman iconKapman Pac-Man Clone
KAtomic iconKAtomic Sokoban-like Logic Game
KBlackbox iconKBlackbox Blackbox Logic Game
KBlocks iconKBlocks Falling Blocks Game
KBounce iconKBounce Ball Bouncing Game
KBreakOut iconKBreakOut Breakout-like Game
KDiamond iconKDiamond Three-in-a-row game
KFourInLine iconKFourInLine Four-in-a-row Board Game
KGoldrunner iconKGoldrunner Hunt Gold, Dodge Enemies and Solve Puzzles
KHangMan iconKHangMan Hangman Game
Kigo iconKigo Go Board Game
Killbots iconKillbots Strategy Game with Robots
Kiriki iconKiriki Yahtzee-like Dice Game
KJumpingCube iconKJumpingCube Territory Capture Game
Klickety iconKlickety Board Game
Kolor Lines iconKolor Lines Tactical Game
KMahjongg iconKMahjongg Mahjongg Solitaire
KMines iconKMines Minesweeper-like Game
Naval Battle iconNaval Battle Ship Sinking Game
KNetWalk iconKNetWalk Network Construction Game
KNights iconKNights Chess game
Kolf iconKolf Miniature Golf
Kollision iconKollision A simple ball dodging game
Konquest iconKonquest Galactic Strategy Game
KPatience iconKPatience Patience Card Game
KReversi iconKReversi Reversi Board Game
KShisen iconKShisen Shisen-Sho Mahjongg-like Tile Game
KSirk iconKSirk World Domination Strategy Game
KSnakeDuel iconKSnakeDuel A race in hyperspace
KSpaceDuel iconKSpaceDuel Space Arcade Game
KSquares iconKSquares Connect the dots to create squares
KSudoku iconKSudoku Sudoku Game
Potato Guy iconPotato Guy Picture Game for Children
Kubrick iconKubrick 3-D Game based on Rubik's Cube
LSkat iconLSkat Card Game
Palapeli iconPalapeli Jigsaw puzzle game
Picmi iconPicmi Logic Game

Graphics iconsGraphics

SymbolEditor iconSymbolEditor Cross Stitch Symbol Editor
digiKam icondigiKam Photo Management Program
Gwenview iconGwenview KDE Image Viewer
KColorChooser iconKColorChooser Color Chooser
KGraphViewer iconKGraphViewer Graphviz DOT graph viewer
KolourPaint iconKolourPaint Paint Program
KPhotoAlbum iconKPhotoAlbum Photo Album
Krita iconKrita Digital Painting
KRuler iconKRuler Screen Ruler
KXStitch iconKXStitch Cross Stitch Editor
Okular iconOkular Document Viewer
Showfoto iconShowfoto Photo Viewer and Editor
Skanlite iconSkanlite Image Scanning Application

Internet iconsInternet

Akregator iconAkregator Feed Reader
Choqok iconChoqok Micro-blogging Client
Falkon iconFalkon Web Browser
KGet iconKGet Download Manager
KMail iconKMail Mail Client
Konqueror iconKonqueror Web Browser, File Manager and Viewer
Konversation iconKonversation IRC Client
Kopete iconKopete Instant Messenger
KRDC iconKRDC Remote Desktop Client
Krfb iconKrfb Desktop Sharing
KTorrent iconKTorrent BitTorrent Client
PIM Data Exporter iconPIM Data Exporter Saves and restores all data from PIM apps
Banji iconBanji VoIP app
SieveEditor iconSieveEditor Editor for email filter Sieve scripts

Multimedia iconsMultimedia

Amarok iconAmarok Audio Player
Dragon Player iconDragon Player Video Player
Elisa iconElisa Music Player
JuK iconJuK Music Player
K3b iconK3b Disk Burning
Kaffeine iconKaffeine Media Player
Kamoso iconKamoso Camera
Kdenlive iconKdenlive Video Editor
KMix iconKMix Sound Mixer
KMPlayer iconKMPlayer Media Player
Kwave iconKwave Sound Editor
Plasma Camera iconPlasma Camera Mobile Photos

Office iconsOffice

Flow iconFlow Flowchart & Diagram Editing
Plan iconPlan Project Management
Calligra Sheets iconCalligra Sheets Spreadsheet
Calligra Stage iconCalligra Stage Presentation
Calligra Words iconCalligra Words Word Processor
KAddressBook iconKAddressBook Contact Manager
KBibTeX iconKBibTeX BibTeX Editor
KEuroCalc iconKEuroCalc Currency converter and calculator
KEXI iconKEXI Visual database apps builder
Kile iconKile LaTeX Frontend
KMail iconKMail Mail Client
KMyMoney iconKMyMoney Personal Finance Manager
Kontact iconKontact Personal Information Manager
KOrganizer iconKOrganizer Personal Organizer
Lokalize iconLokalize Computer-Aided Translation System
Okular iconOkular Document Viewer
SieveEditor iconSieveEditor Editor for email filter Sieve scripts
Skrooge iconSkrooge Manage your money
Tellico iconTellico Collection Manager

System iconsSystem

KHelpCenter iconKHelpCenter Help Center
Apper iconApper Software Management
Discover iconDiscover Software Center
Dolphin iconDolphin File Manager
ISO Image Writer iconISO Image Writer Write an ISO Image to a USB Disk
KDE Connect iconKDE Connect Connect and sync your devices
KDiskFree iconKDiskFree View Disk Usage
Info Center iconInfo Center Info Center
Konsole iconKonsole Terminal
KSysGuard iconKSysGuard System Monitor
KSystemLog iconKSystemLog System Log Viewer
KWalletManager iconKWalletManager Wallet Management Tool
Muon Package Manager iconMuon Package Manager Package Manager
KDE Partition Manager iconKDE Partition Manager Partition Editor
Yakuake iconYakuake Drop-down Terminal

Utilities iconsUtilities

Ark iconArk Archiving Tool
Filelight iconFilelight Disk Usage Statistics
KAlarm iconKAlarm Personal Alarm Scheduler
Kate iconKate Advanced Text Editor
KBackup iconKBackup Backup Program
KCalc iconKCalc Scientific Calculator
KCharSelect iconKCharSelect Character Selector
KFind iconKFind Find Files/Folders
KFloppy iconKFloppy Floppy Formatter
KGpg iconKGpg Encryption Tool
Kleopatra iconKleopatra Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI
KMag iconKMag Screen Magnifier
KMouseTool iconKMouseTool Automatic Mouse Click
KMouth iconKMouth Speech Synthesizer Frontend
KNotes iconKNotes Popup Notes
KRename iconKRename Batch File Renamer
Kronometer iconKronometer Chronometer
Krusader iconKrusader File Manager
KTeaTime iconKTeaTime Tea Cooker
KTimer iconKTimer Countdown Launcher
KWrite iconKWrite Text Editor
Okteta iconOkteta Hex Editor
RSI Break iconRSI Break Help prevent repetitive strain injury
Smb4K iconSmb4K Advanced Network Neighborhood Browser
Spectacle iconSpectacle Screenshot Capture Utility
Sweeper iconSweeper System Cleaner
Zanshin iconZanshin To Do Management Application

unmaintained iconsUnmaintained

Blogilo iconBlogilo blogging client
Jovie iconJovie text to audible speech
KAppFinder iconKAppFinder adds apps to menus
Karbon iconKarbon Scalable Graphics
KAudioCreator iconKAudioCreator CD Ripper
KFileReplace iconKFileReplace Find and replace
KFTPGrabber iconKFTPGrabber Powerful FTP client
Kiosk Admin Tool iconKiosk Admin Tool predefine desktop configurations
KLinkStatus iconKLinkStatus link checker
KMid iconKMid MIDI and Karaoke Player
KMLDonkey iconKMLDonkey MLDonkey peer-to-peer core
KNemo iconKNemo Blogging client
KNode iconKNode Usenet newsgroups
KPager iconKPager desktop pager
KPPP iconKPPP dialup app
KRecipes iconKRecipes Recipe manager
KRemoteControl iconKRemoteControl kremotedesktop
KSame iconKSame color matching game
KsCD iconKsCD Audio CD Player
KSig iconKSig signature app
Kst iconKst real-time large-dataset viewing and plotting tool
KUIViewer iconKUIViewer Qt UI File Preview App
KUser iconKUser User Manager
KWlan iconKWlan network
Simon iconSimon Speech Recognition

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