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Plasma 5.8.5 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.8.5 Complete Changelog


  • Add top_left_arrow cursor symlinks. Commit.


  • Make sure we report changes in the size once advertised. Commit.
  • AppStream: Take stock icons into account. Commit.
  • Enable full screenshot smoothness. Commit.
  • Add missing tests. Commit.
  • Don't close if the input is wrong. Commit. Fixes bug #372277
  • Display an error if input URL was malformed. Commit.
  • Expose software-properties-kde if present. Commit.

KDE GTK Config

  • Make sure we check theme tarballs when they're set. Commit. Fixes bug #372927

Plasma Addons


  • Guard against nullptr-access to the OutputPtr. Commit. Fixes bug #372945
  • Apply config change after correcting invalid mode. Commit. See bug #356864
  • No use in setting modes on disabled outputs. Commit.
  • Correct possibly invalid current mode. Commit.


  • Align configure button consistently across delegates. Commit. Fixes bug #372685


  • Allow changing an output's modelist at runtime. Commit. Fixes bug #356864

Plasma Desktop

  • Title of Folder View plasmoid popup is now correctly shown. Commit.
  • [Kicker] Support drag from bookmarks runner. Commit.
  • Larger icons and stack windows above label item. Commit.
  • Ensure results are sorted by relevance. Commit.
  • [taskmanager] Limit GroupDialog size, stop highlightwindow effect when it shown, increase items readability. Commit. Code review #128038
  • Fix 2 RTL bugs. Commit.
  • [Kicker] Hide "Edit Applications..." context menu entry if system immutable. Commit.
  • Fix running of recent docs actions for runner match entries. Commit. Fixes bug #373173
  • [Folder View] Clear hover state when mouse leaves view. Commit. Fixes bug #373255
  • Select correct index without timer. Commit.
  • Select correct index without timer. Commit.
  • Fix "Move to Current Desktop" action moving to all desktops instead. Commit. Fixes bug #372873
  • Check whether the KServe is still valid before running. Commit. Fixes bug #372810
  • Publish delegate geometry when ChildCount increases. Commit. Fixes bug #372699
  • Fix config dialogs in ltr mode. Commit. Fixes bug #372721


  • Fix compilation with Qt 5.8. Commit.
  • Fix Plasma-QPA filedialog to show wrong directory with QFileDialog::selectUrl(). Commit.

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • Some captive portals seems to have problem redirecting from https. Commit. Fixes bug #374026
  • Revert "Pass protocol type to openconnect". Commit.
  • Pass protocol type to openconnect. Commit. Fixes bug #363917

Plasma Workspace

  • Notice when the only screen changes. Commit. Fixes bug #373880
  • Make sure applet is removed from stack when destroyed. Commit. Fixes bug #373812
  • [Lock Screen] Wrap OSD in its own ColorScope. Commit.
  • Move updating of primary screen in screenpool after fetching its id. Commit. Fixes bug #372963
  • Calendar: clear selection on opening. Commit. Code review #129308
  • Fix regression in last commit, don't show battery life as 100 when it's 0. Commit.
  • Fix "Unable to assign [undefined] to int" log. Commit.
  • Refresh the ScreenGeometry data role whenever a screen is added or changes its geometry. Commit. Fixes bug #373075
  • Systemtray: Don't propagate unhandled wheel events. Commit.
  • [Lock Screen] Add keyboard icon for keyboard layout switcher. Commit.
  • Remove categories not present on server anymore. Commit.
  • Select correct index without timer. Commit.
  • Expose rowCount as data role in TaskGroupingProxyModel. Commit. See bug #372699
  • [taskmanagerrulesrc] Add Rewrite Rule for chromium. Commit.
  • [SDDM Theme] Fix background in qmlscene by providing proper config dummy data. Commit.
  • [SDDM Theme] Add "lastUser" and "disableAvatarsThreshold" properties to dummydata. Commit.
  • Login screen now remembers the last user name for domain logins where the user list is unavailable. Commit.
  • Chromium WebApp windows are no longer treated as Chromium browser windows in task manager. Commit.
  • Fix config dialogs in ltr mode. Commit. See bug #372721

User Manager

  • Hide "automatic login" button in UserAccounts since is does absolutely nothing. Commit. See bug #363058
  • Revert "Do not ask for root permissions when it's unnecessary". Commit. Fixes bug #373276

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