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Plasma 5.8.4 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.8.4 Complete Changelog


  • Revert "[kstyle] Implement application unpolish to delete ShadowHelper". Commit.
  • [kstyle] Implement application unpolish to delete ShadowHelper. Commit. See bug #372001
  • [kstyle] Delay init of Wayland setup till next event cycle. Commit. Fixes bug #372001
  • Fix broken kcfgc files. Commit.


  • New in this release


  • Make sure the application delegate doesn't overflow when the view is narrow. Commit. Fixes bug #372561
  • Remove unused files. Commit.
  • Elide category names when they're too big. Commit. Fixes bug #372559
  • Make it possible to compile with the old and new App*treamConfig.cmake. Commit.
  • Move ifdefs to Discover instead of modifying Appstream. Commit.
  • Make it possible for 5.8 to compile against the last AppStreamQt. Commit.
  • Make screenshots visible when there's only one screenshot too. Commit. Fixes bug #371724

Plasma Addons

  • Font rendering in window/desktop switchers now follows anti-aliasing and hinting settings. Commit. Fixes bug #372218
  • Fix systemloadviewer tooltip. Commit. Code review #129309


  • [idletime] Tear-down Wayland objects before app quits. Commit.


  • Fix AbstractClient::sizeForClientSize. Commit. Fixes bug #370345
  • Ensure that all Effects honour the grab roles correctly. Commit. Fixes bug #336866
  • Unpolish QStyle on QApp prior to destroying internal Wayland connection. Commit. See bug #372001
  • [helpers/killer] Force to platform XCB. Commit.
  • Simplify the window title passed in from the window system. Commit. Fixes bug #323798
  • [desktopgrid] Don't manipulate virtual desktop of desktop window. Commit. Fixes bug #372037
  • Invert the scroll direction for wheel events on internal windows. Commit. Fixes bug #371999
  • Internal windows cannot be minimized. Commit. Fixes bug #372000
  • [autotests/libinput] Extend the Device test. Commit.
  • [autotests/libinput] Extend device test for scrol methods. Commit.
  • [autotests/libinput] Extend Device test case. Commit.
  • [libinput] Add scroll method configuration support. Commit. Fixes bug #371803
  • [libinput] Add natural scrolling support. Commit. Fixes bug #371791
  • [libinput] Add middle mouse button emulation support. Commit. Fixes bug #371756
  • Don't snap to auto-hidden panels. Commit. Fixes bug #365892
  • [scripting] Silence unused variable warnings. Commit.
  • [scripting] Fix export of WorkspaceWrapper in QtScript. Commit.
  • Support for workspace.clientList() in declarative script. Commit. Fixes bug #340125. Code review #D3185
  • Correctly set i18n suffix in mousemark spinbox. Commit.
  • [autotests] Add test case for snap to auto-hiding panel. Commit. See bug #365892


Plasma Desktop

  • Badges and progress display in task manager now works with more 3rd party applications. Commit.
  • [Task Manager] Pass local file to KService instead of stringified URL. Commit.
  • [Task Manager] Fix Unity launcher count badge rendering when task is created. Commit.

Plasma SDK

  • Use NO_POLICY_SCOPE on KDECompilerSettings. Commit.

Plasma Workspace

  • Disable Qt's high DPI scaling on shutdown/switch user dialogs. Commit. See bug #366451
  • Don't set PanelView visibilty when opening/closing config. Commit. Fixes bug #372248
  • Check KPluginInfo.service() returns a valid object. Commit.
  • Add plasma-discover to mappings. Commit.
  • [Windowed Widgets Runner] Don't access invalid KPluginMetaData. Commit. Fixes bug #372017
  • Load screenpool at the same time as we connect to screenchanged signals. Commit. See bug #372099. See bug #371858. See bug #371819. See bug #371734
  • Avoid connecting to screen changed signals twice. Commit. See bug #372099. See bug #371858. See bug #371819. See bug #371734
  • Sync app config in sync with applets config. Commit.
  • Make sure all outputs are known. Commit. See bug #372099. See bug #371858. See bug #371991. See bug #371819. See bug #371734
  • [taskmanagerrulesrc] Add Rewrite Rule for Google-chrome. Commit. Fixes bug #372211
  • [XWindowTasksModel] Check for service being empty before searching new ones. Commit. See bug #372211
  • Fix behavior of scrollable systray popups. Commit. Fixes bug #372050
  • Introduce new pre-layout script hook. Commit. Fixes bug #371704
  • Make sure we're looking both for json and desktop metadata. Commit. Code review #129276
  • Modified distance function to keep aspect ratio as close as possible. Commit.

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