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Plasma 5.8.3 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.8.3 Complete Changelog


  • The combobox needs to be 2 pixels wider for contents to fit. Commit.


  • Trivial: Fix terminology. Commit.
  • Fix elision of sources delegate text. Commit. Fixes bug #371658
  • Hide the page header overlay when on top. Commit.
  • Make sure the page header has a background when scrolled. Commit.
  • Make sure we never restore to a Hidden visibility. Commit.
  • Show the progress in the install button. Commit.
  • Improve update button looks. Commit.
  • Don't cap the icon minimum size. Commit.
  • Properly update packages state after transaction. Commit. Fixes bug #370901
  • Fix fetching. Commit.
  • Don't uncheck if the selected category is called again. Commit.
  • Be explicit on category navigation. Commit.
  • Clear search text field when reseting back home. Commit.
  • When requesting search, select the search text. Commit.
  • Compress packagekit getDetails requests. Commit.

Plasma Addons


  • [autotest] Add test case for window caption need to be simplified. Commit. See bug #323798
  • Send a pointer leave when triggering a move resize. Commit. Fixes bug #371573
  • [autotest] Make SlidingPopupsTest a little bit more robust. Commit.
  • [autotests] Extend SlidingPopupTests for Wayland windows. Commit.
  • [autotests] Extend SlidingPopupsTest::testWithOtherEffect. Commit. See bug #336866
  • [autotests/effect] Add test case for Sliding Popups effect. Commit. See bug #336866
  • Support for KWin.registerShortcut() in declarative script. Commit. Fixes bug #340225. Code review #129250
  • [decorations/aurorae] Fix typo in Plastik theme. Commit.
  • [effects/translucency] Cancel existing animations before starting new. Commit. Fixes bug #342716
  • Ensure the complete decoration texture gets repainted on recreation. Commit. Fixes bug #371735
  • Trigger resize of input window when deco size changes. Commit. Fixes bug #371284
  • [autotests] Add test case for translucency effect of dialog window. Commit. See bug #342716
  • [plugins/qpa] Properly clean up the created KWayland::Client::Outputs. Commit.
  • [platformx/x11] Add a freeze protection against OpenGL. Commit.

Plasma Desktop

  • [Task Manager] Return early if there's no launcherUrl. Commit.
  • Launchers set new bool in plasma-frameworks to toggle expanded. Commit.

Plasma Audio Volume Control

  • Mute volume when decreasing volume to zero. Commit.
  • Fix crash in application shutdown (alternate fix). Commit. Fixes bug #363291

Plasma Workspace

  • Actually remove the notification on swipe. Commit. Fixes bug #371488
  • [Logout Greeter] Add QtQuickSettings. Commit.
  • [Session Model] Show new session entry only if we actually can. Commit.
  • Update screen pool connector ID ordering before adjusting desktop containments. Commit. See bug #370711
  • Guard pointer. Commit. Fixes bug #371201
  • Fix translation catalog by Victor. Commit.
  • Remove unused import QtGraphicalEffects. Commit. Fixes bug #371493
  • Directly show the username/password textboxes when user list is empty. Commit.


User Manager

  • Do not ask for root permissions when it's unnecessary. Commit.

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