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Plasma 5.8.1 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.8.1 Complete Changelog


  • Call updateButtonsGeometryDelayed on settings reconfigured, so that button sizes are updated immediately. Commit. See bug #368974


  • Focus back the applications list. Commit. See bug #370349
  • Fix warnings. Commit.
  • Fix test. Commit.
  • UI: Make sure all the delegates have the same size. Fix scrolling. Commit. Fixes bug #370173
  • KNS: Make sure we actually return a version. Commit.
  • KNS: Improve descriptions. Commit.
  • KNS: If we're reusing the first line, don't include it in the summary. Commit.
  • Don't list plasmoids by package name but by appstream id. Commit.
  • Don't specify addons as applications. Commit.
  • Make it possible to filter by appstreamids instead of package name. Commit.
  • Use the available package pkgid data as the origin. Commit.
  • Fix deprecated test. Commit.
  • Make property readonly. Commit.
  • Allow PackageKit enable/disable sources. Commit. Fixes bug #327178
  • Let sources emit passive error messages. Commit.
  • Also use passive message for updates. Commit.
  • Use proper API. Commit.
  • Let transactions emit messages into kirigami passive notifications. Commit. Fixes bug #369380
  • Don't require the TransactionModel to proxy every Transaction signal. Commit.
  • Wrap label so it can fit in different lines if required. Commit.
  • Let the parentapp be the default one. Commit. Fixes bug #369644
  • Simplify code, ensure data comes from appstream. Commit.
  • Integrate with the task manager decoration for global progress. Commit.
  • Unused includes. Commit.
  • Ensure we don't crash when requesting the progress without any transactions. Commit.
  • Make sure that the icon has the same margin on both sides. Commit.
  • Prioritize packages from the right architecture. Commit. Fixes bug #369521
  • Only show the application if resource opened explicitly. Commit.
  • Use a vdg-approved shadow. Commit.
  • Also notify about which appstream components are being removed. Commit.
  • Use Kirigami.Heading for titles. Commit.
  • Set a bigger size to banner.svg. Commit.
  • Remove unused function. Commit.

KDE GTK Config

  • More leveraging of KIconTheme for populating the icon themes model. Commit.
  • Let icon themes have cursors as well. Commit.

Plasma Addons

  • Quicklaunch: Listen to external configuration changes. Commit. Fixes bug #370285
  • Purpose is a runtime dependency, do not conditional on it at build time. Commit.


  • Test case for global shortcut Meta+Shift+w. Commit. See bug #370341
  • Add event filter for key press/release events while KWin grabbed keyboard on root window. Commit.
  • Only trigger mod-only-shortcuts if global shortcuts are enabled. Commit. Fixes bug #370146
  • Workaround xkbcommon behavior concerning consumed modifiers. Commit. Fixes bug #368989
  • Only repeat one key. Commit. Fixes bug #369091
  • Test case for mod only shortcut with global shortcuts disabled. Commit. See bug #370146
  • [autotests/integration] Add test case for global shortcuts with Fx. Commit. See bug #368989
  • [autotest/integration] Enable test mode for QStandardPaths. Commit.
  • Add support for resize only borders on Wayland. Commit. Fixes bug #364607
  • Destroy DebugConsole on hide of QWindow. Commit. Fixes bug #369858
  • Fix the build. Commit.
  • Check for EGL_KHR_platform_x11 in addition to EGL_EXT_platform_x11. Commit.
  • [autotests/integration] Add test case for repeating shortcuts. Commit. See bug #369091
  • [autotests/integration] Add a test case for closing DebugConsole. Commit. See bug #369858


Plasma Desktop

  • Set window state on QEvent::PlatformSurface on Qt 5.5+. Commit.
  • Notify prop when pager type changes. Commit.
  • Inherit from QQmlParserStatus and avoid busywork in Activity Pager case. Commit.
  • Fix moving windows to a different activity. Commit.
  • Fix circular logic causing Pager to remain hidden. Commit. Fixes bug #370324
  • Only switch between windows within the group when using the wheel above a group parent. Commit. Fixes bug #370163
  • Don't set margins by availableScreenRect in widget mode. Commit.
  • Don't create attached LayoutMirroring on non Item. Commit. Fixes bug #369836
  • Image has width and height properties, not "size". Commit. Fixes bug #369670
  • [CompactApplet] Set expanded line visibility to false when opacity is 0. Commit.
  • Fixing loading for the wallpaper thumbnails in the activity switcher. Commit.

Plasma SDK

  • Remove incorrect uses for add_feature_info(), output is already shown on cmake. Commit.

Plasma Workspace

  • Enable all preview plugins. Commit.
  • [DrKonqi] Update URL to Wiki page on how to create useful bug reports. Commit.
  • [SDDM Theme] Show caps lock warning. Commit.
  • Multiscreen bugfixes. Commit. Fixes bug #369665
  • Center the notification label on Breeze's lockscreen. Commit. Fixes bug #370281
  • Create new session if appropriate when hitting enter on lock screen. Commit.
  • Delete containments upon activity deletion. Commit.
  • [shell] Fix crash when moving panel between two monitors. Commit. Fixes bug #369228
  • [shell] Fix non-interactive panelview on non-primary screen. Commit. Fixes bug #368790
  • Fix switching between desktop and folderview. Commit.
  • [klipper] Move notification from tray to Klipper. Commit. Fixes bug #368808
  • [Notification Data Engine] Don't group notification if it should replace an existing one. Commit.
  • Make sure allTimezones is set. Commit.
  • Fix kcminit phase 1 and 2. Commit.
  • Set explicit minimum size on panelSpacer so that AppletContainer doesn't set one. Commit. Fixes bug #369823
  • [Digital Clock] Silence warning. Commit. Fixes bug #369734
  • Always connect to "Local" source. Commit.
  • Fix usage of qdbus variable in startkde. Commit.

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